My beliefs

I believe that we need to concentrate on the wellbeing of our planet and people in the living world.

Steven Pinker’s book “Enlightenment now” explains clearly that our whole planet currently is in a phase of overall improving the living standards of all.

Even the income of the poorest in society rises though the richest do get much richer and the gap widens.

Life expectancy rises in almost all regions of the world

That book is however a completely noncritical defence of current systems to show that only if we a allow wealth for the leaders, we achieve an improvement for our poor.

You can agree with this or not but currently in the world, I suppose we have managed to stay world-war free since about 80 years.

Yet I think that everyone must have the leisure to improve their own life to excel in what they are good at may that be being astronauts, artists, sportsters, crafts persons, parents, farmers.

It is very important that we want to improve the situation of the living world around us and ensure that we are always striving forward.

It seems to me that all cultures who concentrate on the afterlife or who are death cults all perish. That is equally true for the Egyptian Pharaoh cults and the Mayas.

The Egyptians spend a vast amount of their available resources to build pyramids for their dead king. Looking at the state of technology at the time, this must have used all available resources, which left no strength to do anything else but build those pyramids, hence that Egyptian culture could not survive.

Mayas equally build pyramid like structures with equally fatal consequences. They also self-harmed and sacrificed to adore gods.

Most cultures who used adoration of one leader coupled with the destruction of swaths of their population didn’t survive for long.

In the modern world all fanatic religious persons who want to sacrifice a human life for a better after-life or paradise usually use the poverty of their followers to achieve their goals and that is to the detriment of us all. Daesh and Al-Qaeda are modern examples. It is self-destructive and destroys others and must be countered by positive action.

Here in the western world we see that all those churches built to adore a Christian god have proven too many and are getting used in other ways, which is a good thing. The effort used to erect buildings for the purpose of adoring spiritual beings must be proportional to the efforts used to improve our lives on earth.

I believe that everyone must be allowed to do the best they can and be able to improve their own life and the life of others. However, keeping people in servitude and coerce them into obedience is not helping individuals, nor the society they live in, to evolve.

Many world leaders coerce their people into work to improve their countries world ranking.  There is nowhere in the world where we do not influence the environment of the whole planet with what we do. Whilst it is desirable to keep people busy with work, it can on the other hand have detrimental impact on the personal development to do so.

Religion and music are the usual historically used mediums to achieve obedience in a people but now we have also added democracy to engage with each other. This however depends on various factors from country to country.

We are in a dilemma. Whilst we see our standards of living generally rising, we add the problems of environmental destruction.

When people were hunter-gatherers, their brains were surprisingly large. Now, since we developed agriculture and grain cultivation, humans tend to be less nomadic and more stationery. Our brains’ repetition parts have become larger and we also get more obese. Many variants of produce have been reduced to the highest yield bearing varieties.

Humans now no longer have to able to be all-rounders to include hunting, fighting, gathering, making and preserving.

Our modern religions were established around the time that we established our modern Gods, which happened world-wide around the same time, around 2 – 2 1/2 thousand years ago. Since then humans have produced religious leaders who specialise in religiously steering people.

Such specialising led in my view to the problem of widespread child abuse as those who were adored in the public perception could exploit the vulnerability of others. Of course as the religious leaders lived relatively comfortable lives, they could not find enough work to do to support their physical needs and tended to enjoy their desires unchallanged for a long time until recently laws changed and forbade it.

Religions often have a lack of scientific basis and tend to explain all questions with Godly admiration.

The Christian bible is a great example of how well meant beliefs can become out of date. There are no doubt many great parables, which are as true today as they were 2.000 years ago but the explanation of the creation has sadly not been updated within the religion and so the gap between mystique and reality widens. Also many moral and ethical views have completely changed over the years and views the bible has, are outlawed these days.

With the progression of science everything we do today is evidence based, that flies in the face of msytical beliefs.

Unfortunately throughout history leaders whether as Kings or Gods were allowed to lead astray their people with an emphasis on the supernatural afterlife. I put this down mainly to a lack of exercise and ‘down to earth activities’. Being served and waited upon does that to a human being.

It might have to do with a mental condition that allows the human brain to become numbed into following rather than challenging. But of course the ability to sustain life is probably the more important reason why people blindly follow rather than challenge. During the Hitler era for example people were prevented from questioning the regime by simply removing food rations if they did. Al-Qaeda and Daesh exploit poverty stricken people in areas of low productivity.  They promise paradise for self-destruction and destruction.

It is essential that all people have access to nourishment and water at all times and that they can protect their life with shelter and get adequate medical treatment on an equal basis.

I think that will become very difficult the more earth warming changes our climate, when water levels rise and the factual area that people can live on reduces. It is most important that repression will stay at a  minimum.

This is a work in progress and changes and additions can and will happen

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