All copyright for all written words on this blog are owned by Johanna Kaschke, the author. Legal action may be taken against you if you use pictures from this blog for your own purpose without seeking a licence to do so.

Some images used here are taken from Wikepedia or other sources, please if you like those copy them from Wikepedia (others) directly if appropriate for your own use.
Some images used in my header are Xara Webster sample graphices. Some pictures are my own and please do not use the haeder picture for your own purpose under any circumstance. I claim personal copyright for the Big Ben picture on the header as I took it and it is mine.

Legal action may be taken against you if you use quotes from this blog for purposes, which are criminal or libellous or otherwise indecent and immoral, offensive and defamatory of others.

If in doubt, please contact me and seek permission for the use of quotes from my blog for the purpose you require.

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