Mao’s children

It cannot be ignored that these repeated attacks on school children in China are continuing and it must be most distressing for the people there to see this happening again and again. They send their children to school and they are subjected to the most brutal attacks and killings.

Here in the UK we have thankfully very few and far between of those attacks and try to prevent such problems with extensive therapeutic provision for all types of people, that is what our society always considered well. But that such incidences occur in such volume in China causes me great concerns.  There must be very deep-rooted problems in the Chinese society that such attacks go on and on from various people in various regions and that such disturbed and thoroughly psychotic individuals see fit to use innocent children to give some kind of message to the world is especially worrying.

In our society children are immune to even the most hardened criminals yet in China such valued don’t seem to exist. OK the Chinese have great pride and working ethos but what about the morality of living and the happiness of people?

I do not want to go on about the ethos of allowing China to be the world’s manufacturing hub on the backs of human suffering but what happened there was most likely what Mao not intended when he led his people into the long march that led to the abandonment of the mainly rural and  happy Chinese society in those days.

It seems that an international task force is needed to protect children around the globe.

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