The heal of time

Watched the John Profume and Christine Keeler film last night and felt sorry for Dr. Ward. He could have made the most of it and sold his story and wrote some books to make money out of it like everybody else.

As someone said in the film, the papers made millions out of the story and he became the victim. His parents encouraged him to become an Osteopath and he was just loving the Bohemian lifestyle. Perhaps he failed to draw the line between Osteopathy and sexual services. Though he most likely achieved stress relief.

Then switched over to Love Island and that is the anti-dote to the morals of the 60s. The court in the Keeler case was amazed that 2 couples shared the same room. Whilst the sharing of beds was condemend in the 60s in Love Island the couples, who didn’t know each other were strongly encouraged to share beds and not only 2 couples per room but a whole lot of them.

Marvin Gaye wanted sexual healing and perhaps Dr. Ward could have convinced the court that he is advocating alternative whollistic therapy and employed the 2 girls. When Christine told her mum that she is not doing much else but giving her body in sertitude; just like her mum who happens to be married to one bloke but that she, Christine just wasn’t married to anyone particular.

Morals and rules are strange things, they are always just enforced to serve the many and ridicule the few.

Whichever way the media talks about body sharing, they do talk about it. But why not portray a world where people don’t think about sharing bodies as first and last thought of the day but find solace in other things instead like saving the planet?

It’s this obsession with sex that brought the world population to the point it is now and until we learn to overcome it, we’ll have more problems than we bargain for.

Personally I am very happy abstaining, life is much better that way.


Wrestling with the washing machine

washerI have a rare Kenwood washing machine. It was just in the shop and the cheapest model at the time. I often buy odd brands when they are cheap and on offer.

Today, I wanted to put on a wash and the water inlet didn’t work. OH, my, I panicked. I filled with the spout of the watering can but that didn’t get me far.

I remembered that when in doubt check the filter. Trying to open the filter wasn’t a good idea with water in the machine. I was very happy to realise that the spinning still functioned.

Once empty, I opened the filter and a lot of water came out together with 2 large coins and half a lolly stick.

Once cleared the machine water-fill function works again.

Always check the filter first. I already looked online for washing machine prices and there seems to be a shortage at the moment. Prices are quite high, especially if you include installation and recycling and the waiting time is about a week on an average delivery.

Doesn’t surprise me that some families can’t afford one. Come to think I had to wash all the washing for a family of 7 in the bath tub, wash, wring and dry manually. I gotten quite strong through that activity and not realising how strong went to a local Kung Fu club at the time and some muscle men were surprised when I was able to push them over. Not the master though, he was just unreal.

Now, as I am nearing 70 – well I like to make myself older rather than younger – and I just had a severe gout attack, I enjoy my washing machine and I am happy I got it working again.

Oh, no, it was just an illusion. Apparently only part of the electronic circuit board is still working but the programs do not. The machine will not fill up with water.

Whilst there are repair programs in place, I have had years of experience with that, I think that it is better to buy cheaper machines and change them rather than expensive ones and keep them for decades.There is always a lot of grime building up inside the machine, even though I use cleaners and Calgon. It’s those hard to reach places, where germs breed inside the machine.

On our council estate, there used to be a laundry community area where residents brought their washing to do communally. Nowadays we all have our own flats with our own machines. I appreciate that this mass production of machines has a considerable carbon foot-print. Yet, I can see no attempt of town planners to change our life-styles in a hurry.

Communal laundries with extremely sturdy machines are one idea, but they need to be kept clean professionally constantly, perhaps with steam cleaning or something like it. It is just too much for individual householders to have all tha equipment. Our living spaces get smaller and smaller, we cannot store a plethora of gadgets on individual bases.

So another new machine it is for us.

Do NHS dentists and GPs still exist?

pain armchair dentist suffering

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Whilst many people cannot find any dentist the ones who have will find it increasingly difficult to get any NHS treatment from that dentist.

My practise is called NHS and cosmetic practise. It seems though that they are more interested in selling treatment than providing the NHS treatment that is available.

At my last visit my dentist convinced me that I need to spend £52 on a tooth clean. Further enquries then revealed that one can get a free tooth clean on the NHS when the plague has reached a stage 4. My teeth were only at a stage 2 but my dentist didn’t tell me that at the time.

Unfortunately one cannot get the money back when one has paid that to a dentist. So where is the consumer protection there? Is ther any at all?

It seems to me that a dentist now actively refuses to refer patients for NHS dental treatment, even where that is possible, when they also sell the treatment on a private basis. Of course a dentist would damage their business prospects if they referred people for NHS treatment instead.

So why do we even get this illusion of NHS dentists running NHS services from half-private half-NHS practises?

Isn’t that just another attempt to phase out NHS dental services instead?

Even one of my GP’s from a church related medical practise wanted to convince me at my last visit that American style health care is the only viable solution to provide the services patients needs.

What patients are they talking about? The rich ones, who can afford it? Certinaly not the poor ones who could not afford any services if we get the expensive ones only.

Unreliable health

Whilst I thoroughly believe that the NHS is the best organisation to supply health services, I would also like to press for timely health services.

But because many NHS services now also provide dual private services, especially dentists, I find it difficult to get proper treatment plans.

I always find myself on the back-burner of attention.

Before I got a NHS dentist, the practise I used to attend, always fitted me in between the paying patients with very little time allocated for my treatment.

Now currently, with the NHS, I have been given a date to extract a very important tooth in my mouth, the tooth holds a denture in place but no plan whatsoever for the replacement of the denture.

I have now had to pull out of volunteering both for the British Swimming Championships and the UEFA World cup as volunteer because I do not get NHS treatment plans and/or predictions on how my health treatment will be progressed.

Some organisations do not mind using older volunteers, but also the older you get, the more health needs you may have.

Last year I felt invincible and worked on many national and world class events without any problems.

Since then I developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot, and Gout all over my body and also have dental problems.

Gout comes and goes in attacks but I made the doctor aware 3 years ago that I feel this is a problem for me but then gotten no treatment for it. Now it has taken a turn for the worst and Internet research shows me that Gout will never go away but will progressively get worst if untreated.

It is only now that I have been given some tablets, which need several weeks to establish.

Yet the competitions are held in April to June but I cannot be expected to go there without teeth and work as volunteer when nothing is agreed on how they plan to replace my denture.

The NHS knows that my lower jaw has been deformed through previous medical treatment, yet they do not want to give me dentures that are suitable for that condition. They keep on giving me dentures which are made of metal or plastic and constantly break.

Of course that forces me to pull out and give the organsations a chance to replace me with somebody else.

All these things take time to arrange.


Keep out of religion

Having been raised next to a Catholic Cathedral but as a Lutheran Protestant, I never found my peace with God. I don’t believe that there is a God.

Even at my Confirmation, aged 14, I thought the vicar didn’t like me and I didn’t fit in.

Unfortunately the media is full with quite a lot of negativity about religion too. Stories of exorcisms going wrong, mothers with children being killed. Most recent case in Panama, but there was also a similar story in Ireland . Religion plays an important part in both cases.

Living here in East London without much money and raising children, I felt compelled to use the church schools. But they force parents to attend masses and participate in religious rites, which are always connected to various money collections, no matter how poor you are.

I also heard (non proven rumour) that a Catholic school allowed an expelled pupil to stay on when the parent agreed to pay £200 bribe money to keep the child in school, I felt betrayed. Betrayed for all those poor people who could not afford to pay that much and whose children were forced to drop out of mainstream school. This offends my sense of equality, fairness and justice.

I never felt really part of the church community unless I paid money to someone.

Whilst I don’t oppose churches providing education, I am opposing the obligation of parents to attend their church services in return. After all the education is paid for by the state and only a small amount of voluntary contribution is required by parents, which should not be connected to church attendance.

I thoroughly reject the idea that exorcism is a valid form of treating anybody and I am very uneasy about this.

If you have a choice, stay away from church communities. Only take part if you have no other choice. Never agree voluntarily that you need exorcism, it makes you more vulnerable.

I would go so far as to say that I would not stay in any kind of relationship that involves me receiving any type of injury, accidental or not.


Privacy to Royalty equal to leasehold on council estates

My mind is probably not working properly at the moment. With this medication I am on, it reduces the amount of Uric Acid in my body, I am starting to feel very relaxed and couldn’t even get out of bed this morning.

I cannot help reading those stories about Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, her claim to privacy and the relationship to public interest as part of the Royal Family.

If you purchase a home on a council estate, you are still getting billed for the costs of up-keep of the whole block and not just your flat. Similarly if you are a Royal, you are always treated as matter of public interest.

That all this is interwoven with privte individuals makes life complicated for everybody.

The Royal family has ceremonial value and some say brings in a lot of tourists. But does it really protect the human rights of royal family members if they are born into this situation and have no option but to be part of it. Until at least they can opt out, by which time they may not have explored all opportunities open to them.

There is no point to Royalty if it is inherited and not chosen because the individual members of any royal family do not have the same freedoms of choice than the rest of us have.

The concept of Royalty was one of power and ruling but now they simply have become actors and charity advocates and ceremonial performers.

We don’t need Royals to promote mental health or support charities. Any awards could be civic rather than royal. People who get Honours, get them for services to the country and not to the Royal family.



Not so free after all

Having watched Charles I: the killing of a King, I got a sharp reminder how unfree Britain really is. Remember Extinction Rebellion have been listed as terrorist organisation and ‘order, order’ is the most important value Britain has.

I grew up in the 70s in Germany, the time of the student revolt. Despite never having even taking part in anyone of the many student demos, I was arrested and locked up for 3 months just because the security services felt like it. Of course they eventually came round to admitting that it was all a mistake.

My arrest came about because I was sofa-surfing and one address I stayed at for a few days was under the watchful eyes of the security services.

So, any individual can become over-scrutinised if a national security situation becomes frightful through activities such as XR these days do. Thankfully, XR has not committed any terrorist offences yet.

I saw it coming and I mentioned previously, do not get involved in those street demos of XR or XR as they will suffer the same fate.

Of course I am not certain whether they will eventually grow into a radical movement just as German students did with the Baader-Meinhof gang but the radical ideology is not dissimilar. Yet XR is funded by Western Billionaires and Baader-Meinhof were German rich kids too who gotten trained by Gaddafi and the like.

It shows ‘the being in 2 minds uncertainty’ Western power figures are. On one hand they are really powerful and on the other they want to throw it all over.

So what is the point in having even a monarchy. Either you have a monarch, who is a real ruler with all the power that comes with it or you don’t. Monarchs tend to be despots with no regard for the rights of their subjects. They just rule and abuse.

Today’s monarch seems more like a display of puppets who do a function, which looks good but has little power.

In fact looking at the reality of it, they can’t do much at all without being constantly watched, criticised and controlled.

Some would call it stalking. Yet, it is their job to be stalked and written about and having their photos taken and being discussed. If that was a private individual, they would have better rights.

Who is really pulling the strings in Britain. It can’t be the monarch, who despite having use of an impressive real estate portfolio has very little actual power but a mere ceremonial function.

Boris Johnson seems to have been selected into post only because of his personality. He comes across as somber and believable. You can hardly resist his voice. When he is together and has his suit on, on TV, Boris is a great actor.

The people of Britain are tightly controlled. Made to work all hours. Kids are taken from their parents at the earliest opportunity and stuck into schools for about 8 hours a day, making the influence parents actually have over their children negligible.

There is really no other way of making it in the public domain other than through kinky affiliations or by being a useful tool and doing what you are told by the ruling elite. And who are they?

I think Britain has a superb publicity machinery, which gives the impression that there is an actual democratic process but if you really look at it, its all talk and no input.

I won’t even go into how proper elections are but think people have not much real choice who to vote for. The public broadcasters and the press are all set to promote private ownership at present.

Whilst that is the mood of the moment, remember please once they stop making a profit from their businesses, we are on our own.

Whilst Labour with a nationalisation strategy gets ridiculed by the press, it seems the only viable solution to guarantee continuation of services when the going gets tough.

There is a general consensus, I would always support that we do like our basic strategy of personal freedom, and liberty of individuals, we should always defend it, that we do not enslave women and that we allow people the right to choose whether to have a religion or not but what seems the complicated part is how our life-styles affect our planet and those questions will rule our minds for some time to come.

We do need an army to defend ourselves from freakish countries like Iran and Northern Korea or Daesh because they are real dictatorships.

Yet so much relies on how our societies are run. Personal freedom often is only possible because we have the luxury of relying on services being available.

One always has to look at the greater scheme of things.

Were bendy buses good for London?

Having read that Birmingham wants to stop through-traffic for their city centre, I thought that the articulated buses the former Mayor of London Ken Livingstone invented were probably just about right to do that job.

Yes those buses slowed down traffic but as it happens, that is what we now need. The route-masters, replacing the bendy buses has turned out to be a romantic notion for better travel.

The original route masters had only a back jump on and off platform and then Boris Johnson used that concept for buses with three entries and without bus conductor, which of course was shamelessly exploited by many.

The idea now is to only allow entry at the front on a bus with 3 entry and exit doors.

Is that going to work? I think not. I regularly see people get into the buses at the back entrance without paying, even on routes, that already introduced the front entrace scheme only.

On this morning’s program the BBC was very busy to promote Boris Johnson and let him lull us with his sincere and relaxed sounding bariton voice into thinking that it will all be alright.

With now the third airline, Flybe, serving the UK in trouble again, I fear that Britain’s commuters have problems, which will not be mended with the consistent refusal of our Conservative government to nationalise transport.

Does it really help that we keep on getting entrepreneurial firms coming up with new, expensive solutions, rather than putting a great national structura into play that actually works?






Talking about age

doctor sitting in front of his desk

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Doesn’t all that publicity about increase in age of the population and more dementia and Alzheimers and so on just lul service professionals into thinking that our older people are not so sharp anymore and they can slack in service standards?

I have undergone recent IQ testing, it is publicly available on theBBC website at the moment, and in one of the categories I am in the top 5% of participants.

My regular games results show me I am regularly in the top 10-20% of those taking part.

So my GP is now getting used to the idea that they actually have to try very hard to give me the best treatment available on the NHS and I am also currently working with my dentist to convince them that I am no push-over when it comes to service standards.

When I walked along Stratford Shopping centre one morning, and just turned around to look for my daughter, who was walking much slower behind me a gentleman approach me enquiring whether I lost my way and asking whether I knew where I was just because I looked around me.

It seems that the perception about older people is now that we are all a bit dumb and need help just walking around.

Let me assure you readers that this is not so.

Of course it depends how much a person drinks and how their general attitude is but I think there is no case for health services to think there are lower service expectations from older residents.

Dentists by default now think that removing teeth from older people and replacing them with cheap plastic dentures is the norm. I thoroughly oppose that stance. People should be able to get tooth implants on the NHS to enable better dental treatment. People need to be able to chew food.

Emily Thornbury

I was very impressed about what Emily had to say about the Royal Family and the Prince Harry and Megan situation.

She rightly said that Prince Harry has spent all his life for the country, served in Afghanistan and now must have the right to do what he thinks is right for his family and get protection from our nation for his family.

What I do not understand is that, whilst we have all these privacy laws for normal people, royals don’t seem to have the same rights.

As a member of a royal family the public practically owns you. Where is their right to privacy?

I think that this odd situation about being unable to enjoy freedom of movement like anybody else or privacy seems to make a case for not continuing royalty.

Why should a nation of people have the right to discuss the movements of a member of the royal family and why should a member of the royal family have to ask permission from the nation about whether they can move to Canada or not?

Everybody else has the right to emigrate or immigrate or engage in business arrangements of their own chosing.

It seems to me that the Royal family in Britain is now very much enslaved to the media and public opinion rather than having actually any decisive role in this country.

Not even the fact that they have a large property portfolio makes a case against this being a case of modern luxury slavery.

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