Going against the norm

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I’m born to be different. Going against accepted beauty norms is the biggest challenge anybody could face.

Currently, I have developed an aversion against artificial teeth. I am toothless so to speak. Anybody meeting with me, please note, I have become allergic against tooth implants.

What a shame, just as dentists had convinced us all that our lives need to be completed with the most perfect set of gnashers available, I cannot even tolerate any insertion of dentures or imprints.

This does not stop me and I have given up trying.

Please note, perfect teeth do not make a person actually more clever, they just appear intelligent if their teeth are nice.

prevent the wrong person election

It seems almost comical that in Tower Hamlets, they are running a referendum to prevent Lutfur Rahman from being re-elected as Mayor.

It’s like getting rid of democracy because people could vote for the wrong person.

But, that is not what democracy is about. Democracy is about making elections possible and not to prevent them. If we would devise electoral practises to get the correct person into place, we would almost already have fascism.

Hello Tower Hamlets. If people don’t like the Mayor, they can remove him. But you can’t stop a Mayor from getting elected. That is not what democracy is about.

Lutfur Rahman was removed before and any Mayor will be removed again, if they turn out to be unsuitable. People have to learn the difference between a good and a bad Mayor, they cannot learn if you do not allow them to have a Mayor because the Mayor is not sticking to t he rules.

What is at stake is the principle. Should there be a Mayor, which can be elected by the general public, regardless of his status as councillor or should be have a Leader of the Council, selected by Councillors from elected Councillors only, not allowing the people to choose from any candidate standing.

New shoes

A GP advised me some time ago to purchase an expensive pair of trainers to help my ailing tendons in my feet.

So far I’ve been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, tendon damage in the left knee and a funny bending right foot.

Apparently the strength of tendons around the ankle can weaken, which then makes the foot appear to slant inwards mostly when walking.

I bought myself those trainers, which fit like gloves around the foot and provide no support for ankles. They are very comfortable with soft, bendy soles and thin fabric material around the foot, but when I walk in them, my left knee and hip start to hurt after only a 3 mile walk. The softer the trainers, the stronger the pain.

I’ve now ordered myself a pair of trainers, which are much stronger made and harder in material. The sole is very rigid.

Just when I started to walk, I felt a different sensation in my right foot, the foot with the weak tendon around the ankle. It seemed quite uncomfortable on the right foot to start with but when walking along, and afterwards, I did not feel any pain in my left knee and hip.

I think that weight distribution and walking technique are responsible for the pain in my left knee because my right foot has a tendon weakness.

Old v. new

That’s progress I suppose; all the people who live in Tower Hamlets around those high-rise new blocks and in the high-tech environment constantly post on social media, stating how much they love their new environments.

Yet, I see those historical small old houses living people, who are in corners of low development, who constantly protest about somebody wanting to built a new house around where they live.

Beats me.

I just wonder how they ever gotten over the pyramid stage, surely there were people, even in Egypt, who protested about new buildings or old trees being in the way of progress.

There is always some important history in every plant, building, landscape, though live goes on.

I thought that in the age of online browsing, it should be easier for people to accustom themselves with things other than in their immediate environment. Of course I try to be appreciative of all sentiments.

We hear about a lack of new homes. Could that be that people are afraid to build because somebody always protests about those new housing developments in their neighbourhoods?

If you now try to prevent new homes from being built, you stop somebody from having a home and enjoying their life.

For the sake of saving some old crumbling buildings, you must not allow those who need homes to suffer.


Just gotten my first self-service Covid test delivered and didn’t hesitate to do it.

The thick stripe next to the C appeared after 2 minutes. A record time negative result. How long did it take for your result to appear? If anything changes after 30 minutes, I’ll let you know

Job-share in biblical times

Very interesting that Al finally solved the Dead Sea Scroll mystery. Al concluded that two different people worked on the same piece. So they worked in shifts and shared the job.

Very time-efficient.

But, dated third century BC, unfortunately the content of the scrolls, did not magically transform into modern technological advances.

Hence the bible being a bit of a riddle for many young people today.

watching the paint dry

Just started watching ‘The Joy of Painting’ on the BBC and it is very relaxing, watching this extremely skilled, very relaxing artist Bob Ross do his art.

It’s amazing. I don’t think I would find it relaxing to attempt painting myself. I would mess it up and not enjoy it at all. But I do enjoy watching this painter do his art and imagine that it would be so easy to do.

A trick of the mind, that serves me well.

culturally pre-occupied

I think it is wrong to use the term racism when accusing the UK of being institutionally racist. The UK is culturally pre-occupied. It’s about the culture not the race.

Literally the UK allows anybody who accepts the culture top-jobs.

UK not deliberatelly rigged against ethnic minorities. BBC source.


Watched this new series shown on ITV with interest. I generally now watch much more ITV than BBC. But what this Unforgotten series really shows is, and I really should post this on my Neighbourhood Watch blog instead, is, that those who ask you to ‘not grass’ are not your friends but your enemies.

Only wrongdoers ask you not to grass.

Even if you think that you have made it, nobody ever finds out about your sins, you are mistaken.

Then you set up your life, get into respectable ways of life, all with a crime hanging over you and you have kids, a partner and all rely upon each other, because that is what we do, we prop each other up in relationships.

But then, the wrongdoing comes out and everything goes up in smoke. Your kids, your partner, all who rely on you suffer from the previous wrong-doing, that you thought stayed undetected.

And talking of forgotten, from all the films I am watching it’s the criminals who kill and bury their own members in unknown locations, so that nobody ever finds them.

It’s those on the side of the law who get remembered.

So, as a principle, I fully support everybody who wants to report wrongdoing and crime, even anonymously as it has a chain-reaction, that wrong-doing and it ruins lives.

sense of humour

The latest Banksy is going to test the greed for money of the prison authorities. Whilst in the past whole walls were removed to preserve and sell the art-work, that won’t be easy with a wall that surrounds a prison. LOL.

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