Overview & Scrutiny Committee · Tower Hamlets

Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Tower Hamlets, 24. October 2022, see online screening Forthcoming Decision Plan - 27092022 Cabinet next committee for approval, not ready yet. Overview and Scrutiny 24.10.22 YJB Plan v.2 Talukdar. Delivering for our children committal. Investing in children, especially Mayor University grant. Welcome feedback from scrutiny committee. Objective priorities, youth justice service strategy partners 2022-23. HRMC… Continue reading Overview & Scrutiny Committee

Housing · Housing & Regeneration Scrutiny Sub-Committee · Tower Hamlets

Housing & regeneration scrutiny sub-committee

Tower Hamlets, 20. October 2022, online recording here Again, a late start, meeting starts at 18:38 Chair: Abdul Rahman 3. Open Actions Question on list from previous meeting on 14. July 2022. Cllr Francis. Invite for THH to speak about its performance, 24.000 council tenants and leaseholders, should be an annual invitation. Perhaps be coming… Continue reading Housing & regeneration scrutiny sub-committee

Strategic development committee · Tower Hamlets

Strategic development commitee

Tower Hamlets Council, 19. October 2022, online streaming version Amin Rahman, chair. recommendation to grand planning permission 5. Planning application for decision 51. Mulberry Place, 5 Clove Crescent and Lighterman House, 3 Clove Crescent, London E14 2BG Application. Demolition of existing building and build domestic homes. Second planning application to erect building as a data… Continue reading Strategic development commitee

Care in the Community · Health · Health and Adults Scrutiny sub-committee · Socio-economic · Tower Hamlets

Health & Adults Scrutiny Sub-committee

Tower Hamlets meeting 18. October 2022, see recording Again, a meeting that does not broadcast on schedule. Broadcast start 18:37 work program has been agreed 3a Integrated care system due to 2020 Health and Care Act, collective responsibility between agencies. NHS Northeast London, integrated care board, health and care partnership for Northeast London. 2 million… Continue reading Health & Adults Scrutiny Sub-committee

General Purposes Committee · Tower Hamlets

General purposes committee

Tower Hamlets council meeting, 13. October 2022, see online recording here 2. Elections Canary Wharf and Shadwell Wards had a re-count of votes. Island Gardens and Bethnal Green East no re-count, no reviews. Difference of 67 votes in the first count, second 50 votes, third 37 votes. Disparities in terms of reviews. 3. Workplan June… Continue reading General purposes committee

licensing sub-committee · Tower Hamlets

Licensing sub-committee

Tower Hamlets 11. October 2022, see online screening Cllr. Peter Golds chairs. 3 members in total taking part 3.1. Tower Hamlets Pizza, 479 Cambridge Heath Road, London E2 9BU. Proprietor does not present at meeting. License holder is present in person. Confusion about who is the license holder. Representative present does not represent the license… Continue reading Licensing sub-committee

Care in the Community · Communications · Health

Mental Health Day 2022

Yesterday, 10. October 2022 was World Mental Health Day. Md Maium Miah Talukar, wrote about this on his Facebook page. I looked and searched to find what Mental Health actually means. I have never been diagnosed with a Mental Health condition but hear the term a lot in the media lately. The official government definition… Continue reading Mental Health Day 2022

Education · Environment · Health · Johanna Kaschke · Mayor of Tower Hamlets Council · Tower Hamlets

Tower Hamlets LTN’s

Described by Elliott Weaver, Mayoral candidate in the 2022 elections as: "Tower Hamlets has surely had the most costly and poorly implemented LTNs in London. Local residents and businesses need a say in what works and what doesn’t. Community involvement is hugely important and can’t be ignored again". Twitter I remember Elliott's campaign very well-argued… Continue reading Tower Hamlets LTN’s

Council · Tower Hamlets


Tower Hamlets meeting, dated 5. October 2022, see online streaming here Speaker chairing the meeting, wants to show the council in the best possible light. 2-minute silence to remember our late Queen. Wishes the new King every success. Dispensation granted in relation to item no 8. Minutes of previous meeting, agenda was updated only the… Continue reading Council

Strategic development committee

Development Committee

Tower Hamlets 4. October 2022, see public TV stream Meeting hasn't started at 18:40 and shows two people sitting in the room having a conversation. start at 18:41 members' introductions. Minutes from last meeting vote result is challenged from the previous minutes, to amend. Consider reports on agenda and process for public speaking. 5.1. Langdon… Continue reading Development Committee