Nice celebrities

If you want to let your kids learn good manners, let them watch the Celebs in the Jungle in Wales.

Nice people, personalities, can’t fault them. There is no hatred, no jealousy, just supporting each other and being helpful towards each other. Sooooooooooooooo sensible in all scenarios.

I would never have thought that British celebs are such wonderful people for real.

decision-making process

Emotional dependance is often the cause of people getting themselves involved with criminal people, who manipulate a person to commit to wrong-doing systematically.

On the other hand, quick thinking and getting involved would have saved me £10 on the Lidl Christmas jumper.

Yesterday it was in the shelves for £7.99, I walked past and today it wasn’t there was I wanted it. So I had to spend £18.10 to get it from eBay.

Since I do a lot of shopping in Lidl, which is just across the road from me, I didn’t realise how much I needed to get this jumper to make my Christmas feel OK. That’s a form of emotional dependance.

Whilst I now watch a Panorama film about an American woman going to Syria with her husband and getting back – after he had been killed in Syria – to the US and being prosecuted for terrorism. Title: “return from Isis”.

I am grateful that my emotional dependance, at it’s worst, only ever got me to spend extra money for a Lidl Christmas jumper, whilst otherwise I am much to do about law and order in Britain.

If it was against the law to go shopping in Lidl, as a former EU trading partner, I probably woulnd’t do it, but is is lawful and so its’ OK to do it.

Unfortunately not all people think whether their actions are lawful and get themselves involved in wrong-doing, that becomes unravelled over time and leads to imprisonment or worst.

Unfortunately the BBC serial East Enders is much more positive about involvement with crime in Britain and doesn’t show the pitfalls of doing wrong as clearly as they show the pitfalls of getting involved with Isis, ending up in death and imprisonment.

I think that American woman could raise the funds to get back from Syria with her children, whilst Shamima Begum, currently can’t raise the money or facilitate her return and she is being prevented from coming baack and also her children had died in Syria.

If young people only tought advice from their peers prior to making life-changing decisions, that would save them a lot of problems and prevent loss of life.

Shamima’s a loose woman

Just watching today’s edition of loose women and it’s simple. Shamima Begum has become a loose woman. She has gotten lost as well.

It’s an unfortunate example of how badly teenagers can miscalculate their options once they leave home.

Kids just cannot imagine what life is like without all the safety nets our civilisation provides for chilren who simply stay at home and get that central heating and the regular meals and that roof over their heads.

Some get hot-headed listen to groomers online and go off into the unknown to find they end up on sheer horror.

I alwas think schools should teach more life-style, essential life skills and relate it to their actual environments. Kids really lack the reality check of life in school. For some, they just think that all the mod-cons comes automaticlaly until they suddenly are no longer there. When children, who ran away find themselves in the streets, exposed to the dangers, then it is too late to turn the clock back.

It certainly is too late for Shamima.

Yes, they get taught the three r’s but some just can’t relate it to how their life evolves around their home and how their home keeps them safe and is a springboard to their own lives later in a civilised society.

I must admit it is hard for kids to learn what’s right or wrong if they watch programs like East Enders. Their storylines evolve all around how families commit crimes together. I stopped watching that now.

I allow my kids to use as much online as they like but they also then need to choose, which context is useful towards those A-levels and university later. Sixth form schools and universities use iPads, phones, tablets for course delivery and online learning. We just can’t forbit the children to go online.

The goal setting must come from the children as well as fom the adults. If a child doesn’t care about their own future, then they are either depressed or just cannot be helped. Today a child can be prosecuted aged 10 for murder; a 15 year old must know what they are doing.

I don’t agree with Janet Street-Porter about her just being groomed and she had no choice to resist the grooming.

Though as a society we tend not to accept failure how ever difficult a problem is with children.

Fed up with East Enders

I am not sure whether the BBC is trying to portrait all East Enders as potential criminal or inherent criminals or criminals regardless. It’s totally up-setting that they show criminals als charming family people who happen to think that robbing others is the thing to do.

From the story lines, for a child for example who would watch it, they would be shown that it is totally normal to feel symphaty for a robber boyfriend, who goes through a tough time, trying to escape police.

There is not even a hint of wrong-doing. Just as one of the most popular East Enders characters, Kat is shown vowing to stand by her robber boyfriend no matter what.

There is no ability of anybody to relate this as being wrong or showing how wrong doing in the long run leads to problems and that it would be better not to do it in the first place.

Even the local copper policeman is in a relationship with the son of the family mafia boss, Phil and does his best to help him escape because he loves him so much.

I am not complaining about the same sex relationship. I am complaining about the wrongdoing in law, in that a copper helps a robber.

There is nothing worst than a bad police officer.

I think that the BBC should not be showing such tripe.

It is very hurtful that East Enders are generally shown as criminals by the BBC.

flu vaccination

Haven’t had a flu vaccination for years. I tried it once but then got severe dandruff. I don’t know whether that is connected but it put me off.

Managed to cope with winter illness by exercising and keeping the body busy. Of course that is hard when we have lock-down, gyms and pools are closed. Apparently there is a debate in parliament about this on Monday, 23. November 2020 as a lot of people are cheesed off about gyms and pools being closed.

Just as Adam Peaty managed to set a new 100 m breaststroke short course record only last week. We are all fuming, we can’t get into pools.

That is me as official at the British summer champs.

Now I am gettting these letters, telling me that I need to book a flu vaccination because it is advisable

I go on one of the countless health apps. There is

My GP – NHS – Patient Access – NHS Covid and now also Healthily.

Why is it not possible to opt for digital letters from the NHS via the NHS app? Why do I need to go onto healthily?

Anyhow, when I tried to make an appointment for the flu jab, as those letters more than make people hysterical, I could not get one. The pharmacies are all out of flu vaccine. Doh.

So I can’t get access to the flu jab but I am promised a speedy Covid jap when it comes out. Doh again.

Emotional turmoil

I think the latest Eastenders could be more favourable towards the police’s efforts to root out crime. The investigating officer is shown in a bad light, using threats of intimitation towards a junior officer who is romantically inolved with the son of the most serious criminal, Phil Mitchell, head of the Albert Square family crime syndicate.

It makes it clear that it is impossible to have a deep relationship with a criminal whilst at the same time being a serving police officer.

Yet, the constant reminders in the media that we all have to stick to our family would not make it easier for those who wish to distance themselves from crime family backgrounds because if you are supposed to be part of your family but your family is deeply inolved with crime, how are you supposed to be a law-abiding citizen?

Please British media, put your thinking cap on. Change the constant dribble of family allegiance towards a more sustainable campaign that allows individuals to make a choice and choose lawful coexistance rather than allegiance to a criminal empire.

Business must make money but around Christmas time especially the idea the media help at the moment is making people buy more gifts for the family to help the economy at the cost of law and order in cases that stipulate supporting crime families rather than useful individuals who have chosen to buy less gifts for criminal family members.

In that context it is almost impossible for a young person who wants to move out of the family home to do so nowadays, as the laws have changed. There is no more support available. Bad lack for those who are forced to live in families with questionable taste for crime.

walking past the cake shelf

Of course those high-energy users like for example Amazon Prime delivery guys or builders etc., they need plenty of calories but myself, sitting in front of the screen a lot of hours, I really need to keep those cakes out of my shopping basket.

My concerns for Christmas are centred around getting enough fresh vegetables, salads and fruit. Having a nice and cosy home over the long winter break.

I won’t even bake a Christmas cake this year. Those cakes just give me an excuse to gorge myself on unnecessary carbs.

Whilst shopping I noticed some vitamins seems to be out of stock, especially cheap Vitamin D.

It is not easy to escape the constant dribble of having to buy gifts for Christmas. I remember the times when government was busy telling us to save our money, now we are being urged to spend it, to keep business going.

Fine, me buying stuff keeps someone else in employment but then, I also don’t need anything right now. Business will always try to find ways to make me want to buy something.

But if society was built on need to do rather than need to make a profit, we would change our ways of making things.

We spent a lot of money getting ready for school, buying tech to assist learning, paying for communications services is a very important part of spending the limited budget we have.

I think people shouldn’t fall into that trap, which tells them to buy a gift or be a dork. If you don’t have money, don’t buy a gift.

All cultures and religions have times when giving gifts is part of the celebratory regime. But in fact the life-cycle demands us to spend our money sensibly on choices, which further education, career and job prospects instead.

Advertisements are made for the few people who have lots of money because the many who have little money can’t possibly spend as much as they are expected to.

stange comparisons

Amazing how – when you go onto the Microsoft news front page today – you get 2 news next to each other

  1. Dominic Cummings to leave Downing Street by December
  2. The Yorkshire Ripper died aged 74.

It’s how news outlets can create associations in people’s mind. In this case it’s good riddance for both of them. Despite the involvement in society for Mr Cummings had nothing to do with criminality. But the press managed to associate the worst criminal with a political advisor in this context.

I think Mr Cummings is just a dad with a young family and he is vilified by the media and blamed for everything bad. The only thing he is perhaps guilty of is using langauge, which is not polished enough to be understood by today’s linguistic media patrols.

Joe Biden’s election will cause a rummage through the political world in Britain and as it just coincides with Britain leaving the EU and a turnaround in political agendas, it will be interesting.

I am not involved at all in politics these days, not at all.

Children to starve because of scum comment

It’s literally beyond belief that Nicky Morgan suggests Tory MP’s would have voted for Free School Meals during the half-term holiday break if a Labour MP hadn’t called a Tory MP Scum during a debate.

Is that really happening? Children have to starve because some adults used swearwords against each other in a British Parliamentary session?

Here is a link to a petition, which demands that MPs no longer get free or subsidised meals in the House of Commons.

Here is the petition for free school meals which has now received 3/4 Million signatures.

Save the hedgehogs

Please support this petition to give greater protection to hedgehogs. They are lovely animals, chubby!!!!

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