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The muddle of Covid status

Whilst I have a valid Covid Pass, as issued by NHS England, I live with someone who recently tested positive for Covid and has to self-isolate over Christmas. My NHS Covid App flashes green, does not tell me to self-isolate. My NHS App still shows a valid green Covid pass. I do not have to… Continue reading The muddle of Covid status

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Affordable hygiene

Of course, I support the banning of plastic wet wipes. I buy the Andrex washlets, which are purely made from paper, that dissolves when flushed. Whatever the government comes up with, it has to be affordable. Also they are saving time for busy parents who cannot spend a lot of it changing nappies as parents… Continue reading Affordable hygiene

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Got my NHS invite for the Covid Booster on the dot, six months after my second dose. I booked straightaway and went to my local vaccination centre. Despite having had an early Flu jab and the two Covid vaccines, I picked up a cold. Runny nose, a shiver and a slight, chesty couch. The runny… Continue reading Booster

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Grateful that protests are allowed

but using the resources of a nation, which allows protests to deal with protests and use resources, like police, which in fact plays into the hands of criminals, who have less police to catch them because of protests, is not really effective. Greta says, she tries to speak to activists in China, where such protests… Continue reading Grateful that protests are allowed

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More good websites please

All online, instead of onboard nowadays. When my optician refused to make me a pair of spectacles for the distance of ideally 1 meter, as that is the distance between myself and my computer screen, on the NHS because he said it is lifestyle, I thought, so why does the government force us to communicate… Continue reading More good websites please


Ban them

Quite astounded to learn that YouTube has allowed Nazi-occultists on their platform but has taken down my own little video about the Freemasons. Does this show how powerful certain groups are or still are or continue to be? I had noticed that the list of banned and danger listed groups from Anti-terrorist police has not… Continue reading Ban them

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The German weakness

The biggest one is wanting to equalise everything or make it the same. One party, one uniform, all looking the same, the odd ones out. Translate this to today, the EU suffered from laws about odd looking veggies or fruit and now it’s the turn of the iPhone charger, which is just different. Germans still… Continue reading The German weakness

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Complaint up-held

Sense at last. UK Visas & Immigration have decided to up-hold my complaint about treatment received via HM Government to do with the EU Citizenship procedure. Despite being a fully signed up British Citizen, with a British passport since decades, HM Government kept on sending me letters about EU Settlement. They said that I need… Continue reading Complaint up-held

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Organic contradiction

The new Abel and Cole TV ad must be music to all the nature lovers who just thrive of environmental issues. This ad personifies all the squabbles XR demos are trying to tell us and attempt to bring solutions. It describes how our need for greed is responsible for all our ills. Abel and Cole… Continue reading Organic contradiction

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The forward slant

it might be beneficial for my knee that this exercise bike I bought has a forward slanting cycle mechanism. Normally, the cycling pedals are straight underneath the seat, leaving legs and knees to put the weight and muscle action towards the feet pressing down. With this cycle the legs point forward and not downward, but… Continue reading The forward slant