Fighting off those nasties

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Still watching Criminal Minds and I have reached Season 8. We talked about abductions and it seems that making a loud noise in case of an abduction is the best tactic to avoid being killed.

If somebody holds a knife or gun to you and threatens to kill you unless you come along what chance have you got if you go along quietly? The chances of being found by somebody, or even missed, are remote but if you make a noise that is likely to frighten the assailant off and others will notice it.

If they are determined to kill you, they will do it there an then but the chances of getting away are greater if you fight them off straightaway and you have a chance to wriggle out of the firing or stabbing line by moving about.

But when an abductor has you completely in their power, they can position you as they  like, torture you and then kill you. So fighting them off immediately is the best chance of success.

Everbody’s first instinct should be self-preservation and survival. In some instances the threat that children’s lives are at risk of course takes prevalence on any decision making.

If you chance running away you are more likely to dodge the bullet than if you don’t.



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