Another child bitten by a fox

I take up this story because it concerns me that so many people under-estimate the role of wild animals, namely that wild animals and even tamed animals can turn predators on humans and the latest fox bite on a child that innocently stroked a tail that stuck out from under a building found himself attacked by a fox.

It is often and especially in cities that people perceive cute looking animals as something to be protected and animal wardens have to go out of their way to cull pests without attracting protests of animal rights activists.

Surely from the view of the animal, the animal acts according to his instinct and attacks the human intruder but we have to ascertain beyond reasonable doubt that our allegiance is with the humans and not with the animals. We need to take sides in such a conflict and protect human life, especially small children from fox attacks.

On my own estate I frequently see quite a lot of foxes and wonder why they are allowed to grow to such numbers. Maybe they are happy and leave humans alone as long as they find food easy enough but without a doubt they will turn on humans when their feral nature commands them to.

Quite recently we heard of an attack by pet dogs who killed their owner in the USA because the dogs developed the pack mentality, also an elderly woman was killed in France in 2000, a man was mauled to death by his dog here in London a short while ago too. Only a couple of weeks ago, twins were attacked in their cots by a fox too.

Here are other similar stories from around the world. South Africa, Adelaide Australia.
The fact is that all animals have no morals other than their own survival instinct and basically see us for food, unless we pamper them so much that they do not need to worry about it. There are exceptions where animals are reported to have saved their owners and stayed with them after they died, but those are occasions where the animals were well disciplined and not allowed to develop that dangerous pack mentality or foster wild instincts.
Unfortunately those animals that attack humans are either dangerous breeds or wild animals that are allowed to roam free amongst humans without any type of discipline enforced onto them.

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