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Johanna Kaschke a judge at London Swimming Regional Champs

Just decided to air this blog again, after I had been hiding it for years because of the shame of losing this libel trial. But history is what it is and we just have to live with it. Apparently we are now being defined by our online history and seeing that employers now choose employees by their public profile, I can well now understand that it is absolutely hopeless for me to ever get a well paid job.

What has happened so far?

I am a pensior now and I volunteer a lot to keep busy. I volunteer with

  • my local community centre
  • my local Safer Neighbourhood team and Neighbourhood Watch
  • for British Swimming at competitions as a swimming judge/starter

I am not active in politics at all. It is just amazing how small local activities of a female to do with political parties or interest groups get blown out of all proportions. Does it have to do with power-sharing?

Just having watched Dragon’s Den this week, there is now an online business that offers to clean up people’s public internet profile for a yearly membership of £70, so that it is easier to get the well paid job.

I think I will pass on that and allow the people who so completely and utterly bullied me online to live with their own conscience.

In the meantime, after having left the Conservative Party and been politically abstinent for years, I tried to re-join the Labour Party but was refused membership by my local association apparently just a year after I applied, apparently when I posted a picture of  being at a Jewish synagoge durinng a multi-faith celebration of the yearly Holocaust commemoration, which also included Councillor Islam for Bethnal Green. I declined an inviation to appeal the refusal.

Somehow I have the feeling I just don’t fit into political parties and will give that a miss in future.


New rumours surrounding Jack of Kent

I think Jack of Kent has only contributed to further confusion in the blogging community by spreading rumours about me suing him now for libel. It is totally untrue and further jeopardises a fair determination  of  the case. It is outright irresponsible by Jack of Kent to even mention this in his blog as he did, see the result of it here. in a blog of the JREF.

There is a legal determination about “without prejudice” correspondences and Jack of Kent is more interested in sensationalist reporting rather than keeping to the rules. Frankly all advances achieved so far by Jack Singh and Osler are not irreversible and the more irresponsible blogging follows on  now, the less it is likely that those rulings will stand for long.

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