Lost prophet prophecies child abuse

I am just wondering is this desire to rape babies new to our time or is this a long-standing problem and we are only just being made aware of it because our new technology brings such horrendous practises to light?

Surely the question begs to be answered, why is it that health visitors are not aware of such things happening to babies? Why are not all vulnerable women and their children being put on At Risk registers?

It is obvious that such abusers like Ian Watkins can only exist because women allow them to do what they want to do!!!

Incas sacrificed attractive or gifted girls


Young gifted girls were taken from their families, given rich food, cocoa leaves and alcohol and were left to die in a tomb 6000 miles above sea level.

Childish inspections do not allow improvements

I watch this debacle about OfSted inspections and think they are only used to get insight into local communities for the purpose of monitoring them. What is the point of the government trying to achieve devolution and giving more power to local authorities if in the matter of education, the government can just enter local schools and impose failure notices to boards of governors?

Michael Gove himselfs laments about teachers moaning and not being constructive but Mr Gove should ask himself why this is. Are his inspection reports constructive, do they give teachers guidance that can be used or are they just compositions of moaning?

One local OfSted report used sentences like, “the lessons are boring”. That is something a 3-year old would say. Where is he constructive criticism in this? How can an adult OfSted inspector even make such a judgement.

In one local school, a child had died of cancer. When the whole class was grieving, a oouple of days after that death, the OSted inspector arrived, just to announce that in the class, where this child had tragically died, the lessons were boring and insufficient. There is no compassion in OfSted, there is no understanding about human feelings whatsoever.

Of course Mr Gove will only achieve reactionary refusal of his inspections if the inspections are perceived as widespread nuisance

Universal credit will slowly eradicate humanity

Universal credit, if applied around the globe would result in the eradication of the human race as it will severely affect people’s ability to have children. But whilst I previously argued that over-population is one important factor in earth warming, it is only so because we burn fossil fuels.

There is no point in shutting down humanity to stop global warming at all. We need to ensure that people can have children, even if there are no jobs. What this government is doing is a crime on humanity as it blames locals for the fact that no jobs are available and I think this government is paid probably by foreign forces to slow the multiplication of westernised individuals.

A lot of jobs have been out-sourced to eastern countries and they are the only people to benefit from economic growth.

I think this government should be tried for treason.

Clever poor

To be able to manage on a small budget for the poor, you need to be really clever, able to maintain a strict budget, control their emotions and have extensive cooking and craft skills together with a lot of equipment that enables making things for yourself, as well as a lot of local shopping facilities.

The BBC article referred to here is about as good as journalism gets, good journalism. Unfortunately many reported things are sheer trash and meant to sell papers or get readers, are misleading and just part of the propaganda machine. We are currently terrorized by the Freedom of Speech gurus, who say that unless you are allowed to say anything and everything, you are not free. But this freedom is used to distort facts and give us rubbish.

I just wonder why not one journalist has made a connection between the recent gruesome child murders and the benefit cuts, that families have to endure. Mothers and fathers have simply slain their beautiful children and then killed themselves or been prosecuted for murder.

The recent cuts in benefits especially hurt those with many children, that also affects the Jewish and Muslim communities, who find strength in numbers. In the dysfunctional former Christian communities life isn’t so simple and it isn’t as easy to copy with hardship.

Philpott makes benefit changes look good?

Just watched this TV documentary about this most sad and extremely tragic case of the death of six children in a house fire that was apparently started deliberately according to the latest media reports and that 3 people including the children’s mother are up for sentencing for only manslaughter today. I say only because if one looks at the financial implications one must wonder whether manslaughter was in fact enough to charge them with.

Learning that Mr Philpott gotten all the money from benefits for the kids and his partners straight into his account, he must have gotten loads of money for up to 2 women and 11 children. That was a source of income for the man who allowed his best friend to share his women.

With the new benefits restrictions coming into force, a bigger house would not have solved Mr Philpott’s problems it would have increased them because less benefits and more rent would not be profitable at all. For somebody who is so financially suave, starting a fire for a bigger house, does not make sense when it is quite obviously clear that less money is going to come in.

Remember all those TV shows about his lack of living space were made prior to benefit changes in regards to maximum benefits a family can get.

I think manslaughter is too lenient!!!!

But still I think the utmost consideration when looking at benefits is the quality of life it brings for families and responsible parents would always try to make the best out of what they got. I cannot comment on the quality of life for the Philpott children, what they did as extra-curricular activities if any.

But for parents who want well for their children, the withdrawal of benefits can mean no ability to pay for out-of-school clubs for example. But then the Philpott case looks as if the reduction of benefits was justified because people can just produce children as their sole source of income.

Remember, always put your kids first. Children are not a commodity.

The big Take-away

The government should theme their current policies as “The Big Takeaway”, instead we get policies like “The Big Lunch” to bring communities together. But what really brings communities together this spring is the Take-away politics of this government.

The politics also remind me of a knitting pattern. Knit 1 row on the right and take every other stitch away on the left. Whereby the Left is left reeling in agony.

That is about the first time in decades that I support a strike, namely that of the teachers, that is planned from June this year. All those inspections seem to be geared on taking teacher’s confidence away to then reduce their salaries by making them feel unworthy of decent pay.

Whilst ordinary parents are slowly reduced to rag and bone through bedroom taxes and others get deprived of basic food by a reduction in overall benefits, it is time that all of us stick together because it could hit any one of us at any time.

Poor people in poor areas are asked to donate to Food banks, even Brownie groups and shoppers and ordinary church goers.

Parents should not oppose teachers striking but perhaps work out a system that some homework on strike days can cover some curricular activity. Teachers try really very hard to prepare their pupils for a good future and take a lot of pride in teaching well. It is almost criminal to deprive the dedicated teachers of their livelihood.

All our lives are being turned up-side down, not just the teachers’ are suffering.

Unfortunately politicians like Gove and Duncan-Smith enjoy their negative popularity it is going to bring them fame for decades to come, as they will always be remembered as being especially mean. Whilst Sir Michael Wilshaw, is another Catholic with a heart of stone. Wikipedia quotes him as saying that he wants low staff morale. I can’t quite understand where he is coming from as our local Catholics are big supporters of the Living Wage.  It can hardly be the promised land, that the followers of Jesus expect to get, when a Catholic entertains them with austerity.

Personally I am only affected by the bedroom tax in so far that I am already sharing any empty bedrooms with people who need space. I however am sympathetic with tenants who find it impossible to move to smaller accommodation because there is non available. To ask such people to pay more rent because there is nothing smaller is also totally unjust. At least there should be a rule similar to that of the DWP, that all people who genuinely look for more suitable accommodation must get exemption from paying the bedroom tax.

Is it the D(G)ove of peace?

Now there is going to be a conference about the trustworthiness of Michael Gove and his chief inspector Mr Michael Wilshaw. [He has been asked to resign. ]

I do agree that a lot of the recent inspections seem to serve a political aim rather than a practical solution to eduction needs. I come to ask, how much can I trust in inspection results? As said in my previous blog, one of the most trusted schools in my locality has suddenly slipped from good to in need of improvement.

But can I as prosepective parent for any school simply ignore a recent inspection report because that would give education authorities the answer, but why did you send your child to this school if you knew that they had a pointed out weakness?

What any local inspection reports I have seen lack in my opinion is the result by example. Most OfSted reports are rather generalised; they would say, the lessons are boring, teachers speak too much or the school is weak in supporting talented pupils. But the reports do not say why they are weak in supporting talented pupils.

It is off-putting to read that a school should have a severe divide of achievement between free school meal pupils and paying pupils. That reeks of and implies discrimination, as if poor pupils get less well taught just because they don’t pay for their dinners.

Both of our best established religious local schools got frankly completely rubbished by recent inspection reports.  It then seems to fit in well with the accusation that Christians are being marginalised by the current government.

The Ofsted reports I have seen are rather generalised and wishy washy.  They are as if the inspectors just want to leave their mark on a school.

I ask the question, how can any school be called a bad school if there are children within that school that do very well. The fact that some children can do very well and above national average shows that this school can deliver a service.

The problem with too many seemingly unreasonable bad OfSted reports will result in people just not paying a lot of attention to them, unless they have to if schools are being put under special measures of course.

I think that education strategies lack a clear direction. How can Mr Gove possibly pretend that he wants to improve education when he allows schools to operate in back-yard buildings and offices or shops? Less permanence for school buildings and school teachers will inevitably ruin the long-term prospects of education through the very fact that the basic amenities like good facilities and happy teachers are removed from the service?

One local and very recent OfSted report criticised that a fast teacher turnaround ruins the school’s quality of education but isn’t this just what the current government does? They move people on all the time. Teachers that leave in one school for being criticised will find a job in another school, and so the vicious circle will keep on turning.

Off the Sted

There was once a time when people would move into the vicinity of a good school to get a place for their child but since we have the frequent Ofsted inspections the status of schools can change very rapidly.

I recently applied to move my child to a school when it was classed as good but by the time the place was offered the school had become inadequate in a matter of weeks. Additionally the old Ofsted report remained on the school’s website well over a week after Ofsted changed their grading and published this fact.

In a shop you get a fine for selling misleading products but in schooling the amount of accountability is not so strict.

Well, it is good that schools get inspected and weaknesses are pointed out but schools should have a duty to publish the fact that they are being inspected and new reports, especially if they differ significantly from the old one, should have to change their web propaganda immediately and not days or weeks later.

I can’t see an end to the problems with education especially as areas are getting more volatile and not less. Changes are brought on by housing benefit rules and also people have to change jobs more often. Teaching staff are turning around faster than you can flip you toast under the grill.

The question is can anybody run a good school in those uncertainties we have to cope with these days?

Teachers unions have officially declared a status of no confidence in the Secretary of State for Education.

Frankly the Free school system that allows setting up of schools in backyards is totally not what pupils need. But can anybody force a change in education quality by frequently imposing declarations of low quality on teachers and schools?

I think it is good that schools are frequently inspected but what is really important that schools need to be more transparent and accountable to prospective or existing parents when they apply for places because it is completely dishonest to pretend to be a good school and refuse parents further explanations on request knowing that there is a negative report lurking around the corner.

Schools should allow parents to see where a school actually proposed to educate a child an not just say, well once your child has started here you can talk to a teacher and not before. It’s a bit like, if you buy a loaf of bread, they do not print the ingredients but you have to find them out by tasting the slices.

Actually also just made an official complaint to my local Education Authority that the school in question, did not bother to notify me, as prospective parent that they were given a negative Ofsted report and in fact published the old report from 2007 still by 28.3.13 when a new one was published by Ofsted on 22.3.13.

swimming for all ages

I had this amazing conversation about swimming fins and it is worth mentioning this. My child’s competitive swimming club does not carry out fin training till they are about 10 roughly. Though the age classification is not a good one as children can have wildly varying shoe sizes.

In the Better swim school the fins start at size 2 1/2. So I went to a large sports shop and asked for swim fins smaller than 2 1/2. I was told that 2 1/2 is the smallest they do because children’s feet are still growing and it would damage their feet if they did fins training before.

Then my child found a pair of swimming fins in size 1 – 2 1/2  and that at least resulted in a blushing sales assistant. We then had to take a pair in size 10 1/2 – 13 because there are no smaller sized regular swimming fins available.

Yet the size and age argument is highly unreliable.

Firstly everybody still grows till they are age 18,  secondly in my child’s class is a girl aged 8 with size 5 shoe size. So that girl aged 8 with size 5 shoes size could easily get a pair of size 5 fins and nobody could argue there are no fins for that age.

Isn’t it just the case that swimming fins are not manufactured smaller than size 1 because the industry thinks that kids just can’t swim properly till they reached about that show size? Yet in our latest club championships the winner of the under 10 category in 1 discipline was 6 years old.

I think that sports equipment manufacturers don’t do enough for kids that want to do competitive sports. I could not find one child size sports watch in the whole store.

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