Tv – misleadingly disturbing

Like so many of us, I spent a lot of time watching TV during lock-down and I am pretty terrified.

The days when TV programs acted as good role models seem to be truly over.

When the whole nation bemoans the steep rise in domestic violence, Eastenders comes up with Gray, the wife murdering solicitor , who seems to get away with his crime, the crime family boss Phil now has a serious contender in the Asian female boss, helping her son who murdered someone else’s child. The whole purpose of Eastenders seems to be, is showing the nation how easy it is to get away with crime.

But the BBC doesn’t stop there misleading the nation. The latest instalment of Inspector Montalbano portraits it as somehow OK if a man shoots his seriously learning disabled brother in the head after blindfolding him as a game. Quit alarming that this sense of Italian justice seems to get condoned.

Whilst the Swedish female sex made detective SAGA demands intercourse or she won’t mix with male colleagues.

Surely freedom of expression has come a long way to get away from wanting to display good examples.

Let’s not say that historical moral values of heterosexual matrimony like we see it in Lewis or Midsomer Murders are even valued in today’s moral climate, Grandchester sees to that. What is important is that TV programs should have an easy to understand message of what is wrong and right , at least in law but that is no longer the case.

It must be very difficult for young people these days to find role models from the media.

It’s shocking that we have to pay a license for TV when the content is not what we can choose.

The fastest growing economy?

I have taken it upon myself to listen and watch the weekly Prime Minister’s Question Time, both prior and after the David Cameron’s appearance in this show. It is quite easy to open the Parliament Channel window in the background, and listen to the proceedings whilst I do my job search.

I am quite relieved that I never gotten elected or chosen as parliamentary candidate when I once tried because that type of conversation is very refined and must be acquired and learned.  The speaker delivers superb compositions of tit for tat arguments, even personally tailored to the occasions when he delivers them.

It is just a little repetitive to hear always the same answers to often the same questions. It is said that Britain now has the fastest growing economy to shut up protestations about poverty and high costs of living.

But when I last visited the Imperial War Museum, in the history section about World War I and II there is a display that clearly shows that Germany prided itself to have the fastest growing economy in Europe prior to both world wars.

Now it is Britain that has the fastest growing economy in Europe. And the government laments any rise in taxes and will not provide any relief to those suffering from cut-backs. Quite obviously many do not even answer the lamentations of council tax rises in Labour boroughs as it is obvious that without taxes there will be no service and services is what people need.

The most popular answer though is that we have inherited this mess from Labour. That is said in response to almost 75% of complaints. A little bit stale and bitter, this answer has become.

I am about to go on holiday to Germany, in the hinterland, the rural area of Germany, where there is little public amenity in vast areas of land that used to be farmed by many small holders but is now farmed by larger farmers. There is little but houses and farm land, broken up by little bits of forest here and there. Perhaps that is what the UK government wants to achieve?  In the area of Germany where my relatives live, they own several houses and large swats of land, there is no council housing up for rent, all housing is privately owned, there is little public amenity and the biggest entertainment is the small shop per village and the village pub.

All the people work hard for a living, the land is worth nothing, the houses cost money to up-keep and nobody can afford to lose their low wage job as otherwise they would have to sell their house to be able to survive.

Most people are either self-employed or work in the public service like driving a bus or working at the local hospital, many still farm.There is a lot of care in the community as the elders are looked after in the family, and the elders in turn look after the children. All help each other. But still those houses there are big, they have plenty of bedrooms.

Cameron cannot reasonable try to copy this as city flats in London or elsewhere are very small, we have the spare bedroom tax with many families being already so splintered up that many have lost contact with their peers or elders.

chartered surveyors want and end of rented housing

This is a typical manipulation of the parliament, trying to squeeze out the rented sector altogether and get parliament to give the go-ahead to rob the poor tenants of their homes. I am disgusted with this article that demands more homes for sale, so that they can become cheaper. Apparently the Chartered Surveyors Instituted blames cheap homes for rent for house prices to rocket and comes up with the brainless idea to demand less homes for rent and more to buy so that homes becomes cheaper.

Fact of the matter is, that because there is an unlimited amount of capital available worldwide, any rich person can join the monopoly game that currently helps tycoons to disperse with property among them to buy houses, build hotels and manipulate the English property market to their liking.

There is a very unhealthy tendency to strip the poor of their statutory rights, housing is one of them. It all started with a disintegration of the employment rights, e.g. more nil hours contracts, less long-term employment, went onto schools, e.g. free schools in temporary buildings.

It wants to keep workers on the move without permanent abodes, so that the rich can shift workers around the globe on demand without permanent housing or jobs.

Incas sacrificed attractive or gifted girls

Young gifted girls were taken from their families, given rich food, cocoa leaves and alcohol and were left to die in a tomb 6000 miles above sea level.

Support grass-free bio-diverse lawns

I completely support this approach, it is also much more interesting for children. Please click through to watch the video as unfortunately the code does not work on WordPress.

Against genetic modification of our food

I think it might be possible that some medications become ineffective not only because the viruses get used to it but also because genetic alteration of food will change the way our genes and bodies work. May be wrong but look what David Suzuki has to say about this:

Fact is that if genetically modified foods can cause cancers in mice then it might also be bad for us. We are all part of the same food chain.

I almost always read the label and found to my dismay that my favourite foods now have genetically modified grain and starch in them. I am changing my food habits and switch to other foods, which is hard as we always want to eat what we love.

The equality conundrum

The UK reels under strain from an attempt to get everybody equal. That principle suffers in law and it suffers in human terms as well. In law it is impossible to get equality between parties that are of different wealth and in personal terms it is impossible to treat everybody equally on various terms.

With gay marriage now going to be legal in the UK, we hear those more older and/or conservatives amongst us moaning about it. I am especially surprised about the stance of Lord Carey and Reverend Welby, as those are the representatives of the Church of England, the religion as has preached liberalism and did the least to enforce church and religious discipline.

Prior to the gay marriage debate was the gay adoption debate, with the Catholic church shouting the loudest against.

Lets put it into context. If all those heterosexual people who produce the children would do an exemplary good job of looking after their offspring no adoption would be necessary. It is merely that ‘normal’ people produce children, they are either incapable or unwilling to care for.

The church had abandoned their flock generations ago when it became a matter of choice whether to be religious or not.

We have even heard a comment that because Boris Johnson produced a child with an unpaid volunteer whilst working with the Mayor of London, the fitness of the Mayor to do his job would be reflected upon under the circumstances of that extra-marital affair. Yet when gay people have sex during working relationships, they could not possibly produce a child doing so but that does not mean that they are better suited to do the work just because their affairs cannot become so evident as gay couples do not conceive.

As a society we have to look at values and what we want to achieve. At the moment laws are passed all over the ‘civilised’ world, trying to avoid disaster through casual sexual disease by introducing gay marriage. Of course the next worst disaster would be a spread of aids and other diseases because of frequent partner changes.

The statistics make grim reading in  that same sex people feature worst for wear for instance:

  • 60% of all drug abusers, that sought help were elder members of the lesbian, gay and trans-gender scene.
  • 57% 0f all new gonorrhoea cases and  81% of syphilis cases are among gay men.
  • HIV/Aids is prevalent among gay men.

Yet straight people do their utmost to tolerate if not encourage gay relationships. Yet homosexuals are not so happy if somebody wants to turn away from the habit and become straight, ads that direct such people to a charity that wants to help them were banned from TfL buses.  Yet it is possible in every other walk of life to turn a corner and get help doing so but gay people seem to be trapped in that situation.

Even in the USA there is a call to get more women involved into work just as in Japan. Even the UK follows the international trend for female employment.

It’s like this magic formula being used internationally that more homosexuality and more women into work makes less babies.

To bring this back to the equality issue, we have to ask ourselves why people always want to have sex and that it is this addiction that causes problems. We need to ensure people find other values in life rather than skin-contact.

Obviously it is a G8 strategy to promote those lifestyles. The people on top of governments are stupid and we need to stop voting for the same old idiots.

The Catholic church teaches that sexual contact is only used for wanting to reproduce. That is a good rule. Also people must first of all calculate exactly that they are in a position to care for the child(ren) made.

But what is happening is that caring about the results of physical contact has ceased and that either people use their children to make war or don’t care for them at all.

Make love not war is a stupid slogan.

Bash your head against a wall

Lord Carey has a very good point when he refers to persecution of anti-gay sentiments. Stonewall of course condemns the church leader’s remarks.

But Stonewall does not quarrel with the latest government initiatives that systematically persecute ordinary, poor families who see their livelihoods withdrawn from them under the pretence of benefits reforms, which are supposedly beneficial but do nothing but force people into soup kitchens and food banks. Poor families were supported previously by generous welfare programs that gave their off-spring social housing and benefits that paid per child produced.

Lord Carey fears polygamy and sibling marriage, a tendency highly supported by overcrowding and poverty. Especially when poor people do not get any money, how are they supposed to progress into life. Would they not then be stipulated to shrivel into previously outlawed personal practises?

Unfortunately the systematic quashing of breeding instincts in the poor people of this country coincide with a drive to promote homosexuality, so Stonewall is just in the right place to allow those wanting to continue as they were to bash their heads against a wall.

Forgotten to say, of course the government pretends that there are lots of jobs around that people can do to better themselves to put the icing on the (illusive) cake.

Perhaps it is no coincidence either that latest scientific research is published that suggests that a proportion of humans have ape like feet, perhaps the thought springs to mind that those not able to find a home revert to more primitive ancestral habits?

I think our culture has reached a turning point.

Responsible messaging

Residing next to Victoria Park brings more events than planned.

I didn’t realise a drama was unfolding right around the corner, opposite the south entrance and near the London Chest Hospital. I later found out that apparently armed police had cordoned off the whole area because some man in Reynolds House, Approach Road, E2, shot at passers by with an air gun from his window.

All I heard was a helicopter overhead and that sound is nothing new as we frequently get helicopters hovering over the area. There are lots of concerts in the park with even more people coming to visit. A lot of those travelling by underground go through Approach Road and passed Reynolds House.

The incident seems to have happened during evening, when it was still light. But then around 22:00 somebody posted on Facebook that a man was shooting a gun wildly in Victoria Park. Of course anybody responsible picking up such a message would immediately inform police about this.

What would help is if people were to relate such remarks to the correct time or even state to say that they have heard that this had happened.

But if you message somebody is actually doing this then it appears as if that really happens there and then. Of course police would have to dispatch armed units to this ‘incident’ and that is wasting valuable police time.

So please if you tweet, tweet responsibly and state times and places and if you see something criminal happening call 999 and if you heard something then tweet that it is a rumour.  The incident was captured by a ITV reporter who lives around the corner on Twitter. East London Advertiser reports on 28 May 2013 that it is not certain what weapon was discharged and where and that no arrests were made.

Obviously this area near Victoria Park has seen several criminal incidents with stabbings and shootings. It is questionable that this area is adequately secured.

Such incidents result in a lock-down of the area, so residents can neither go in or out of their residences. Please keep tweeting to the absolute facts and do not exaggerate and preferably always call police first rather than tweet if some crime is actually going on.

Cameron dismantles the state

This Conservative government, assisted by the Liberal Democrats, systematically dismantles the state.

We see

  • reduction in police officers
  • reduction in fire services
  • reduction in A & E and health services

Yet the government constantly asks for more volunteering but if you do volunteer you get no benefits.

It is impossible to volunteer without a job and without benefits. Fact is the state cannot rely on volunteers, services cannot rely on volunteers, we are left with nothing but a stronger EDL.

Volunteering  is essentially a private function but the government interferes with your right to do this private activity by stopping benefits for volunteering.

When e-mails get snooped on, all we actually will be able to do safely is visit government website, e.g. Directgov jobmatch and exchange e-mails with employers. Everything else is going to be suspicious and gives them reason to suspend our benefits. We are going to be unable to have any private communications.

The recent Woolwich attack is not reason to snoop on private communications, as the security services themselves said, that unplanned actions cannot be monitored and they said the Woolwich attack was unplanned. But that nonetheless gives Boris Johnson the idea to call for more monitoring of private communications.

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