Prime Minister’s Question Time 8/1/14

Was able to watch some of it and it  became quite clear yesterday that the Conservative Party simply is trained to turn any criticism into something positive.

Simple example. An MP asked Cameron that in his constituency police officers now have to transport arrested suspects on public transport, what he thinks about this. Cameron immediately replied that in that constituency crime is down by about 25%.

Later in points of order the same MP asked what he could do to stop the PM from misrepresenting facts. The point he made that crime in his constituency had in fact gone up by 25% and not down and that amazingly seconds after the PM’s answer the wrong answer was published on twitter.

The speaker did not have a conclusive solution to this problem and asked MPs to persevere.

I could not say that I have heard once that any Conservative has shown any compassion towards the suffering that was portrait in the House of Commons by opposition MPs.

Unsustainable recovery

Unfortunately this latest publication proves me right in my thinking that the current trend of economic recovery is unsustainable. The figures make glum reading.

Public sector borrowing has risen to unexpected heights, the difference between exports and imports is record high. The chancellor is a brat and he knows it.

Public finances weakened in November, with public sector net borrowing – excluding the effect of bank bailouts – rising to £16.5bn, up from £15.6bn compared with the same month last year.

This is because Osborne thinks that government supporting private companies will help the economy and he thinks that companies re-invest the money in this country. How wrong can he be, if he does not raise taxes. Nobody, nobody will volunteer to HELP a country. Osborne fails to understand the fundamental principles of capitalism, which are sheer egoistic; it is the driving force behind it to get rich and not to give away.

Despite the strengthening economy, underlying public sector net debt rose to a new monthly record of 76.6% of gross domestic product.

It is also very disappointing BBC reporting, they describe a 0.3% increase in sales in November as encouraging. Considering that at this time of year people simply need new winter clothes and shoes, it is a very slight increase in sales. The statistics are not relating to previous and better sales figures to allow proper comparison.

Another cloud cuckoo land prediction is the latest publication on the BBC, that says Britain could be Europe’s largest economy by 2030, out-doing Germany.  This just completely ignores the weather-factor. Britain suffers increasingly bad weather, flooding, storms, where is this productivity supposed to settle in peace? This is just typical government-friendly propaganda, that the BBC spews out to support who else but David Cameron, the Great Pretender.

This government wants to collect less taxes and low taxes are supposed to attracts business. Yet taxes are needed to weatherproof buildings, especially public ones, build flood defences and help locals to cope in emergencies.

In this latest late 2013 BBC article it is stated that quality brands are cheaper in London than in China. However, that has to be weighed up against the lack of provision on our infrastructures and ability to withstand natural events as a nation. For the people that live here,providing sales services seems to be the only prospect. However this is not sustainable for long because if the houses sink in mud, the people can only go to work for a little while before the wet homes rob them of all their sleep.

More official nonsense

An official report by a government funded body has now officially declared that many government flagship programs are deemed to failure.

The Mayor Projects Authority (MPA) has declared 32 projects potentially unfit for purpose, this includes the Universal Credit.

I can see it in everyday life situations that the government policies frankly make no sense.

How can a government, that is serious about internal security hassle Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators into giving up their voluntary roles by threatening their benefit status if they happen to be unemployed.

Most watch coordinators have jobs but it can happen to anybody that unemployment strikes, especially these days in the recession; unemployment should never be a reason to stop anybody being a watch co-ordinator but unfortunately the DWP forced me to give up this entirely voluntary post.

Such stupidity on the side of the DWP shows they are not fit for purpose.

Whilst government has some grand ideas, in reality the government is unable to bring ideas into workable reality.

“[MPA’s] report warns that billions of pounds of public money could be at risk because of delays and inefficiencies in delivering key projects.”

Why are we told that this government wants to save money when it just seeks other ways to waste it in fancy ideas that channel money to their approved partners but is wasted nonetheless?

Good point Mr Afriyie

He has got a good point, he has got a very good point, this government is creating  jobs for the boys. Problem for David Cameron is, he has got too many rubbish ministers on his cabinet, like Iain Duncan-Smith for example, who messes up all his public profile.

The only person who knows what he is doing and doing popularly is Boris Johnson, and Jo Johnson, Boris’ brother,  is the next best thing to Boris. Boris is of course busy running London, so he can’t step in to save David Cameron’s bacon at the moment.

But generally yes, this government is not better but equally worst to all other governments before it to create jobs for its allegiances.

Of course there is no wonder that Adam Afriyie feels overlooked, there are few black faces in this government and David Cameron certainly doesn’t risk training on a few in the job.

Margaret Hodge is another person asking to ban insider dealing in respect of accountants, but she has got a nerve to do so, when it was a Tesco chief executive that sat on the previous Labour government advising them, since he is off the job, Tesco’s profits have started to falter.

What all those critics really mean, is that they only want their own friends in positions of power, not those who support the other side.

It seems

Thatched Mary

My only fascination with Margaret Thatcher arises from the fact that she reminds me very much of my own mother, who sadly died when I was aged 17. That attracted me to the Conservative Party at one point. Not only the looks of Maggie but also the dress and whole behaviour are very similar. Yet my mother only spoke German and was lovely. But Carol Thatcher is trying very hard to be a nice person too, she won by a long margin during her jungle spot.

What is also interesting now is the fascination about Maggie Thatcher that the Tories now have, it’s a bit like holy Maggie compared to “Holy Mary Mother of God” it’s ‘Holy Mary, mother of the Conservatives’.

The 10 Commandments

Look at the 10 Commandments and here it says in Commandment no 2 “You shall have no other Gods before me”. And  Lady Thatcher has been elevated to Godess like status, which is a Godly sin.

The whole way, in which this lady is elevated to special status reminds me of the personality cult we find in Communist countries. Incidentally the Conservative Party recently had a big Humanist renaissance.  I think her current rise and elevation will lead to a big fall in a couple of decades.

Others have also mentioned that Mrs Thatcher is often seen a lone woman surrounded by men, that no other women were given large scale support in the party.

A Thatcher museum is planned for her inventive politics. I can’t see anything especially good or inventive about them. Plainly she saw the whole world as one big shop and treated Britain as if it was for sale. She acted merely as the shop keeper of Britain, as she was a shopkeeper’s daughter. Now look who owns business in Britain. Even the once hated Russians now own football clubs and hand out free newspapers, which often enough denounce the Tories.

Perhaps the Tories of today do not want to show the world that they know they have been sold out and try to tactically keep cool by playing nice guy to a bad problem. The facts are that less things are British today than they were before Thatcher.

The most typically cynical twist on the Thatcher story is that £10 million are spent on her funeral alone and that more money is going to be spent on the memorial library, when ordinary libraries close and the country supposedly has no money for the needy. These Thatcher tributes are built on the suffering of the poor. It is a devillish plan to do this. The bible tells us to support the poor and not to exploit them.

The benefit caps about to start in London are supposed to be about fairness and to cut back the Deficit and they were brought on very sudden, too sudden for large families with lots of children. It could be argued that these benefit caps finance the Thatcher legacy. The death of Thatcher could be well anticipated and it is arguable that the benefit cap was introduced to finance Thatcher’s memory after the Olympics already depleted the public purse.

I think that the Thatcher cult is going to be the beginning of the downfall of not only the Tories but also of the Monarchy because the Queen is taking part in this funeral that is going to cause a lot of demonstrations and dissent. Ministers said they can easily afford the cost of £10million for the funeral but families are told they have suffer more child poverty with the new benefit caps coming in from today.

The problem is that centuries ago, when large-scale social problems arose like the potato famine for example,people could emigrate to foreign lands and start a new life. Today there are no unknown foreign lands people can emigrate to. That will leave no choice but internal revolt, which is simmering. I would recommend that people do not break the law and criminalise themselves as this is playing into the hands of the repression. Instead of making poor children suffer, they should use those £10 million and subsidise low wage worker’s families.

Fact is you cannot tell people to get jobs, jobs have to be created first. I do not think that either Liberals or Labour are going to be a good alternative because as previously said, Labour has not effectively reversed any of Thatcher’s policies but instead they sell them to us after people got fed up with the Tories each time. It’s the revolving door syndrome.

The lost society

Margaret Thatcher once said there is no such thing as society. This little sentence was the beginning of the end of sensible politics for Britain. It also shows the desperate lack of understanding of how society works.

Yet as the Conservative Party despises society as non existent, they put one of their biggest hopes for us in Building Societies, which by their very name are societies.  Societies are part of every culture; in fact cultures build societies. The Conservatives want us all to have building society accounts and build society around home ownership. Yet the politics of Baroness Thatcher, who doesn’t belief in societies is the biggest building block of today’s failing politics in Britain.

Britain is getting weaker by the minute. Scotland wants to break away, the Irish want Northern Ireland and the Welsh are only just hanging in there by a threat.

Maybe Margaret Thatcher saw us all as  toys that are put onto shelves, then into baskets and sold. She loved to surround herself with men. It is a trait of the Conservative Party that they traditionally only accept very few women into their top ranks; Anne Widdecombe used to fulfil that role beautifully. Margaret Thatcher seems to have been the political equivalent of her Majesty the Queen, who herself tries to beat the Empress Queen Victoria by staying longer on the throne than Victoria.

Obviously government currently is trying to re-create Victorian style poverty in Britain to facilitate that endeavour. But we are all in it together and we have to try to save our local little lives from the ruin that society steers to. Since Margaret Thatcher didn’t belief in society, there was every reason to ruin society as it existed.

What has happened since Mrs Thatcher disliked our society, is that China, India and other countries have enormously prospered whilst Britain has slowly faltered. Our services where sold to India and our manufacturing was sold to China. There is no way of arguing that away. Well there is one way, how comes that we are told that the British economy is weak when in London there are now more building sites then ever before?  How comes we are told Britain is poor when we see new tower blocks rising up in London everywhere. There are now countless building sites in London. Our transport infrastructure gets better each day. We have Overground going all around London, We get Crossrail, high-speed rail links to Birmingham, plans for bigger airports. Yet our unemployment is rising, homelessness is rising. Our credit rating remains critical. There are now more ready food shops in London than ever before, who are all these people who can afford to buy those expensive take-away foods? Instead of better home ownership we have enormous amounts of secret dwellers in the West London back gardens, where sheds have been converted into illegal living spaces for illegal immigrants.

Is it all a scam? Are we told the truth by the media?

Us little people we are losing our family structure and that is what makes society, the culture that develops out of working families lives. Yet working families are on the decrease but working singles are on the increase, perhaps from that aspect Britain has lost its society and tradition.

I think that the funeral of Baroness Thatcher should be a personal affair.She was a Methodist and her local church community is missing that special funeral the local person that was part of their community.  I do agree with the Bishop of Grantham that the £10 million for Mrs Thatcher’s state funeral could have been spent better, especially as her funeral will spark large social tensions. As a person Baroness Thatcher deserves the respect of her local community for her funeral proceedings.

Child entitlement for working parents only

George Osborne is desperate to grasp any opportunity to phase out an entitlement to have kids without a job completely, which gotten him into trouble, over his comments on the wicked actions of super criminal Philpott.

First of all it is ridiculous to assume that any system is bad just because a single individual or an extremely small group of depraved individuals commit a crime. Secondly but not of less importance is the fact that Osborne wants to achieve a society where only working people are entitled to have children. That is in fact what he wants to do.

The current changes in benefits already rob non working parents,  who are presumed to under-occupy their flats of the opportunity to pay for their children’s hobbies. Of course if any family or parent had to save hard to allow a child to participate in a sport, which almost always costs money, they will  have to stop this if they have to pay more rents or rates, as they are often already on the bread line.  I think that this robs children of poor benefit recipients from participating in extra-curricular activities.

Then to say that in principle the tax payer will not fund a lifestyle, means that the government wants to have the ability to rubber stamp certain lifestyles and forbid others, which severely restricts people’s right of a private and family life. Of course the current government already announced that they wish to get rid of the Human Rights Act as we know it.

Under their governance, we might need to seek approval whether we can continue with a pregnancy after a Social Services inspector or SS for short will approve the birth and if not approved because the government doesn’t fund that lifestyle  an abortion is required.

George Orwell would turn around in his grave if he knew what George Osborne is up to.

Bedroom hardship

I am very certain, that as soon as people get hit with their new rent demands, many will want to move to smaller accommodation. Yet they’ll find that the market is saturated and nothing is available. Even those who try their hardest to find a smaller flat will have to pay the bedroom tax without it being a fault of their own that they now cannot get a smaller place to live in.

In the privately rented sector, people will need to pay a deposit. I have not seen it advertised anywhere that people actually will get help with this. Therefore I do agree, that this Bedroom Tax, as Labour calls it is unfair to people. It will be unfair to landlords, who will find themselves facing large arrears and negative bank balances.

The government simply argues that they cannot afford to pay housing benefit for spare bedrooms and need to get the housing market moving and people into work.

It’s the ‘sink or swim’ approach and many will sink rather than swim. Tenants will see their housing benefit or universal benefit paid directly to them and if they have such hardship that they can hardly cope with the £500 cap per week, they will rather spend the money on food than on rent.

Many people will get eviction notices and register as homeless with councils and even then councils will find it difficult to secure enough small bedroom accommodation to give all homeless the size of flat they deserve under the new regulations.

That bedroom tax is going to cause a lot of problems but unfortunately people will have to put up with it unless a court decides it is unreasonable and perhaps it could breach Human Rights.  Else people have to wait until after the next elections and most likely that will see a Labour government who will need some time to change housing rules. But by then, and the government knows this most people will already have been evicted from their current flats.

So all rules governing tenancy security will be thrown overboard by the Bedroom Tax. It doesn’t matter how secure your tenancy is, if you can’t pay the rent, you still are going to get evicted.

This seems a contractual oddity because there is no clause in the secure tenancy agreements that the rules on size of property could be changed during the course of the contract.

But I also vividly remember how Labour Party members, when Labour was still in government, who screamed about under-occupation and it were Labour members who called for urgent changes to current housing laws, so who are they to complain now?

The reckless destruction of Britain’s economy

or what is austerity good for? Absolutely nothing.

I do not know what cloud cuckoo land, Osborne, Cameron and their Liberal counterpart live in. The Liberal Democrat website even sports the slogan, ‘stronger economy, fairer society’. And whilst the latest austerity cuts have been vigorously defended by Nick Clegg, it is quite clear that all that has increased in Britain is public borrowing. All expectations for borrowing have increased beyond the imaginable margins. The economy is shrinking defacto and Osborne makes absolutely no effort to reverse his policies. Will he not stop until Britain is grounded completely?

This government spends large amounts on first of all, dismantling public services and then making huge enquiries when they have gone wrong. Every day there is some horror story in the media that tells of old people dying of thirst or other public services atrocities. Now a number of hospitals is about to investigated. All those services including schools only fail because the new policies have put a stop to efficient service delivery.

The Queen just shaut stumm im ganzen Raum herum. The Queen has not got a clue and I suppose her long reign will be marked as one of the worst in the Royal history of Britain, after Richard III I suppose who lost his realm. What is Royalty good for, absolutely nothing. Forgot to mention she managed a pretend parachute descend for the Olympics, ho, ho, ho.

When I used to be a big defender of Monarchy in Britain, I now have changed my mind because the Queen just sanctions everything the government does.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies already says whoever wins the next election faces a huge deficit,yet is that taken to be as excuse to further make inefficient government. Why do we vote, if all we can achieve is more inability at the top? Even Mr Gove has turned out a huge disappointing flop. After all those promises and what does he want, he wants basic history lessons. What he forgot though is that the best history and truth of the matter can be found in the bible. Yet his government tries to turn the Bible upside down and ignore its wisdom by making laws that directly contradict the word of God.

All this turning upside down of education for example just disrupts successful education and disheveled people’s confidence.If one complains about Ofsted’d methods these days one gets threatened with legal action. The government was warned that the reorganisation of the NHS will not work, there were large demonstrations,nothing has been achieved. Hospitals gone broke with the results of further expensive enquiries to follow. Why do we have to put up with this, so that the civil servants in post now can keep their jobs?

But I quote from another article in which it says: “”TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The IFS is right. If the government does not change course, then there could be well over a million job losses in the public sector and savage cuts to vital services.”

Council support from Central government has been slashed, just Boris Johnson has sort of realised that his own party digs the ground away beneath any sustainable homes building program if stamps duty is not reinvested at the point of raising, namely in the city. It has always been the biggest sticking point in local council administration that councils cannot keep their rent revenue either but it all goes into a central pot and councils get back a fraction of the money raised through rents and sales.

Threats right, left and centre

Having made a few critical remarks about David Cameron, some of his ministers and indeed the royalty in this country, I suddenly get another legal threat from some authority department. The government really uses every trick in the book to silence opposition in this country nowadays.

Obviously I am unable to give any details. I have been barred from ever mentioning it.

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