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Look at it at very basic principles. The Conservative government wants to get rid of any government led service provision and shift the responsibilities for everything onto the private individual.

That principle is what led to a recent tribunal decision whereby leaseholders of a block of flats lost and have to foot the bill for £3.000.000 worth of cladding removal, fire patrols and developers legal fees.

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It is simply this principle of transferring everything from government to individuals, the principle of personal freedom and less taxes for all, that makes the indivduals pay.

Previously and post-war we had council estates, provided by local authorities, maintained and paid for and rented out.

I remember on our estate, the first flats for sale went for £5.000 for a 2 bedroom flat. Crazy prices. After that prices went gradually up to £5.000 for a 3-bedroom flat and now the prices are at £300.000 and rising for small flats.

But the difference is that every leaseholder is still responsible or all the costs of the block.

When I go to a residents meeting, most attendees are leaseholders and proud to be so but all are complaining about their costs. Apparently most of our Labour councillors are also all leaseholders of flats. So there is little difference in the Labour and Conservative activities.

It used to be Labour pro council housing and pro renting out. Now it’s all a mish-mash of ill-thought out policies and practises.

It simply is not working and people are deeply unhappy about the whole situation.

Nobody seems to practise what they preach anymore. There are no clear lines.

Obviously the sale of council flats has made living more expensive for everyone and raised the stress-levels. So why do it?

The Tower Hamlets wager

Councillors in Tower Hamlets earn a lot per minute

Councillors in Tower Hamlets earn a lot per minute

Just read on Cllr. Phil Briscoe’s blog that in Tower Hamlets a councillor earns up to £800.06 per minute to chair a committee meeting. Lets all become councillors then and live on the expenses.
Unfortunately I myself cannot stand at the next elections for the Conservative Party because of all my libel claims still ongoing, and unfortunately they involve members of the opposition.
I shall however bring it to the attention of the court how much earnings I potentially have to forfeit to clear my name from the Labour slurs.

The lowest wage Councillor Briscoe comes up with is £24.87 per minute for one Labour Councillor just sitting on a committee.
Unfortunately I have to sit on my board meetings completely for free and as volunteer. Just shows how much this Labour council values its voluntary workers and pays its elected Labour councillors. Such lucrative work is not easily cast aside to let others have a go.

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