Stop monopolisation of quality goods

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I am all for quality goods. The distribution of throw-away articles, which are of bad quality and mass-produced and imported at great cost to the environment because of the carbon foot-print does a lot of damage to our environment.

Unfortunately quality goods as Рfor example Louis Vuitton Рare unaffordable for most. It is not possible to mass-produce quality goods and distribute them equally as fast as throw-away goods  because quality goods take much longer to produce.

However, they last longer. I think a Louis Vuitton bag can last not only for one but two generations, hence the carbon footprint of such a luxury item is very low indeed.

Louis Vuitton has just bought the luxury brand Tiffany for around £12.5 Billion. See original report here.

The luxury goods market is totally centralised and unaffordable for the majority of people.

What would be viable is, if more people get the skills and equipment to make high quality goods themselves and sell them for an affordable price or make themselves.

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I can knit a jumper or sew a dress and it will last for decades but if I buy a cheap one, it will be unusable within 2 years. Yet, I do have the skill to knit a jumper but how many people out there could do it? How many people even would have the time to craft something? They are all busy working on cheap products instead.

Crafts are dying out and what we need is crafts to slow the environmental impact that products production and transport has on our environment.

It is amazing that political leaders like Margaret Thatcher, who was the first major leader to address the UN on climate change, at the time when the Berlin Wall fell but who also failed to understand the correlation between mass production and carbon footprint. Luxury goods would have been right up her street.

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