Donkeys in politics

I think that Mr Blunkett should reflect a little about himself and think about it why others start to see political party activists as donkeys. Judging from my own experience I surely was treated as one and had to do exactly as told and if I wanted to spread out a bit and do my own thing I was practically character assassinated. Is there any wonder that people like Brand and Self encourage people not to vote?


Pensions blackmail

Previously David Cameron made it quite clear that he plans to force pensioners to ‘voluntarily’ work for their pensions. But now suddenly he promises people the triple lock pensions when pensioners will vote them in for another turn.

Even Miliband promises the same triple lock pensions, meaning pensions rising well above inflation.

Already opposing voices are being broadcast that call this pension unaffordable, implying that pensioners will have to endure cuts to their pensions sooner or later. Questions are asked by news readers, whether pensioners can keep on getting cold weather allowance or their free travel. As the poor young workers will have to pay for this.

I think it is just despicable that pensioners are being put under such pressures. They are told vote for us or lose your pension. When eventually there are already plans in hand to cut pensions and make pensioners do voluntary work.

It is quite ridiculous that rich pensioners get a winter fuel allowance or even any other perks. It is also quite ridiculous that rich workers can live in subsidised council flats. It seems to border on corruption that people are told that as long as they vote for one party they will continue to receive their unreasonable perks when the country is reeling from a continued recession.  This country continues to fail to means test for state subsidies and often uses a blanket approach, which results in poorer recipients losing the same perks as the rich ones. For example taking away free travel for all pensioners hits the poor ones very hard indeed.

I would find it impossible to vote for anybody that tries to get into government under pretences that pensions are only safeguarded if I vote for this or that party. Quite obviously only the House of Lords, the Queen and MP’s have been getting steady increases and now they want to cut the pensioners off to be left behind just like the rest of the country.

At the same time Miliband promises an end to undercutting of wages by foreign cheap labour. Obviously higher wages mean higher taxes and that should pay for pensions, yes Cameron does not want to raise taxes and chooses the Russian option of low taxes for the rich. I am just not going to vote and just watch which way the cookie crumbles.

Unacceptable despair

This government makes people starve, borrow money to buy food and scrounge from others to survive. This is totally unacceptable. A Which survey result shows that despite “official” statistics, that personal insolvencies are at a record low, people have to borrow to buy daily essential food.

Even here in East London we are always asked to give food to food banks, in church, Brownies and schools. The poor are asked to help other poor. I am just changing benefits to being unemployed again and have not been paid my benefits this week. I was not even rung back as promised, I got a reassuring call that somebody would call me on Tuesday morning.

That is little consolation for somebody who has a bank holiday weekend without money, a child to support.

This fuels exploitation and despair in people. Unfortunately this government just wants to punish people for being alive, it seems and not Conservative. Because all Conservatives do have plenty of money and do not suffer from their own policies. Even the dead ones, can enjoy luxury funerals whilst the rests are starving.

These are proper Aristocratic behaviour patterns, I did not know we would get from the Conservative Party.

The survey result covered within it the relatively settled age group between 30 – 50,who should be relatively comfy and of a thousand who took part 55% used credit to do the weekly shopping.

Unfortunately these policies do not bring people to love the monarch, they bring people to despise Aristocracy and have a very negative result on our leaders, on values that kept people of Britain patriotic and in good spirits.

In the latest council elections for England and Wales the Tories lost 335 seats and 10 councils. But they are relatively happy because their right-wing counterparts have gotten a relative stronghold and it is easier to gain back from UKIP who got 139 seats, rather than Respect or Labour, who got 291. The Liberals are totally expendable but they must not be too worried as they can always make up numbers for the next Labour government to come.

It’s rather worrying that the mainstream press, like the BBC does not make big reporting of Anti-Jewish demonstrations that took place yesterday and 2 anti-austerity demonstrations around Trafalgar Square. It would give us a better picture of people’s sentiments rather than read big headlines of sexually ancient inappropriate behaviour.

I am stupid

Something shouted at me some time ago in the street, saying I am stupid and now I agree with the lady.

Having just seen this movie that shows how rich politicians are, I feel a complete fool that I even paid for a place at Mervin King’s dinner table at a Conservative promotional event a few years ago. No wonder the raffle there had some amazing prizes like iPods and expensive bottles of Champagne.

I was under the illusion that politicians are fairly average people who want to earn a honest crust in our best interest but to see that Margaret Hodge with £18 million in her personal account. Why is she Labour? Most likely because somebody has got to be on that side from the rich list.

That of course explains why it is complete unnecessary to even sponsor those fund raising dinners with names as they are the ones who should be buying the tickets for others just so that they spend time with them.

Of course that also explains why Labour always continuous Conservative political inventions because they have their own business interest to protect with Tony Blair being worth £30 million. He has got something to lose then. That just means for me, no longer helping at elections  or even voting because all that just is, is slaving away for politicians who may give us a crumb or not, depends how they feel. There is no democracy, just controlled wealth.

The clown is out already

My biggest fear for the future is that we again, could have another lukewarm Labour government with clowns like Galloway dictating the agenda and keeping our minds busy with his well-spoken ludicrous lines.

It has unfortunately become the reality of today’s politics that we become victims of the political theatre that employs political entertainers like Galloway to keep our minds off the really important stuff.

No point in Labour

As usual, the Labour Party is already busy, thinking of ways, of selling the ordinary working folks, the latest Conservative policy changes, if and when they get into power next. Its’ always the same these days, Conservatives bring in new rules, laws, etc and when people are really upset, Labour puts them into better practise.

Labour has never reversed any Conservative policies. The latest remarks by Miliband proof completely that Labour has no plans to reverse caps or decrease taxes for the rich. Mr Blair urged against “tacking left on tax and spending”

If Labour has any guts whatsoever, then they would reverse the Trust policy of the NHS, re-nationalise the NHS and just privatise health care completely, so that each and every working and/or contributing person would pay their contributions via private health care insurance companies, who would share and finance the national resources via private contributions.

Yet Labour has not even hinted on abolishing health care trusts,which do not work and never will work, as no local area, can actually generate enough income to care for the patients in their catchment area from their own local resources.

There is no point in Labour who want to get people care in their homes, like health care by mailorder perhaps? There is nothing innovative about Labour, as home care is a by now very old concept, that was introduced by commercial retail companies and already exists in care for the elderly, disabled and dying.

Labour has not and never will revolutionise our society but always limp behind and besides Conservative inventions. It does need wealth to innovate and only wealthy people will want to protect wealth and society that revolves around it.

There is also nothing that hints on using new technology to revolutionise our lives and make production of goods more environmentally friendly.

There is this big myth of Free NHS services when nothing of the sort ever existed. Just because we do not have to pay at the point of treatment doesn’t mean that it is for free. NHS services can be paid for in either contributions from the employed, less benefits for those on handouts. A privatised NHS would merely mean that private insurance companies collect all contributions and pay for services instead of the state distributing services and taking payments of salaries. A privatised NHS that would collect payments from private insurance companies could deliver a truly equal service because all would pay contributions to private insurance companies who would collect contributions from the state for those on benefits and the rest through company collection. Currently stamp duty is paid to Inland Revenue but that could be paid directly to insurance companies instead.

Currently health services are too splintered to be effective, that is what makes it expensive.

Who is hard working?

Prime Minister David Cameron has launched his election campaign, asking for the votes of hard-working people.  I am officially still unemployed but used to volunteer for the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations. then Mr Cameron’s colleague, Mr Duncan-Smith, did not appreciate the hard work put into this but the DWP sued me for not doing enough to find a job. Apparently the judge did not agree with the DWP and let me win the case.

The Labour Party only wants to give preferential treatment to those who have paid enough contributions to qualify. Contributions are work related, though also some other activities like caring qualify for contributions. Even people who are signing on as unemployed qualify for contributions. However people who only just arrive in Britain won’t have paid contributions.

Yet whilst Mr Cameron only wants the votes of hard-working people, what do all the others who don’t have jobs or those who volunteer vote for?

Would anyone who works and vote Labour seem less hard working in the eyes of Mr Cameron or would they just be miss-fits?

I think the term hard working has become a bit abused because suddenly everybody who has not got a job and does not vote Conservative suddenly seems to be a third class citizen.

Already MPs lament the lack of continuation for volunteers, yet the DWP makes sure that people do not spend enough time on volunteering. That also reminds of a thought I had the other day when I sat in a speech by a former Olympic Gold medal winner. I thought would the DWP actually allow any sports person today to train a lot because then they won’t have a lot of time to look for a paid job. Sport is supposed to be voluntary and anybody who does not get sponsored will have to do it in their own time and look for work or work.

Many physical sports like swimming or athletics require hours of training each day. There is not enough support for young athletes as they are forced into long school days and then work programs. Mr Gove wants to make school days even longer, leaving less time for sports activities. That is something I would not support because for those who are sporting sitting around all day is not suitable.

Apparently it is the only aim of the DWP to reduce the number of claimants. So their press release on 17 April 2013 read: ”

Number of Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants falls

The number of people on Jobseeker’s Allowance has fallen again according to figures released today by the Office for National Statistics.

On the 17 April 2013, the Office of National Statistics reports that UK unemployment rises.

Christine Lagarde warned that the UK growth is not good enough on 19 April 2013.

I think this government doesn’t understand that a healthy economy just does not consist of pupils going to school for more hours or people not being on unemployment benefit.

Thatcher tributes

Spent some time today to listen to the House of Commons tribute session. It makes Conservatives more impressive that they were there and spoke. Every time Labour spoke, especially about the miners dispute it was very compassionate and deeply impressive. Yet, if there would have been more Labour speakers it would have impressed me more but because all I have to listen to is mainly Conservative speakers, their point of view impresses into my mind.

One thing I found very puzzling, it is that a Conservative MP said that Labour did not reverse Mrs Thatcher’s policies and that is very strange because they had lots of time in power to reverse her implementations, yet they chose not to. In fact Tony Blair is still one very big supporter of her.

It seems, that local communities, which relied on very specific industry like mining, and lost their jobs because of industrial disputes, are now still wanting to turn back the clock to find work in those old industries. It was also quite apparent that certain skills became obsolete in some industries because there was little training and practise to be had. It is very unfortunate that Labour MPs chose not to attend. I would have learned more listening to them.

Yet to think that each MP claimed £3.600 to attend on the day, perhaps it is cheaper for us all the less MPs attended today’s session.

Opinion forming

Just watched this discussion program on the TV and the audience was obviously primarily pro-gay marriage. The program was totally biased in that it was conducted in a way that made the one person that voted against it in the recent Commons look ridiculous.

Obviously if there are 50 Million people in the world against it and you fill a studio full of only 100 supporters then you give the impression to the world that there is huge support and that everybody has to be for it and not against. It takes only a small minority to be transmitted to the world to change opinion.

Fact is, the more people do it, the more proclaim it as good. Quite rightly the older generation is all against because the way you are brought up forms your opinion.

There are 2 different issues here, one is the issue of sexual health and that disease is not so easily transmitted if 2 people stay together in a monogamous relationship. That is good for us all because the more frequent people change sexual partners the easier disease is transmitted. On that basis, the spread of HIV has not declined or stayed steady, it is slowly on the increase despite widespread health education about the matter. HIV/AIDS also allows other diseases to flourish.

Yet we do make big health campaigns that smoking kills and causes cancer but we do not make big health campaigns that unprotected homosexuality and any unprotected sex potentially  kills and causes or transmits HIV/AIDS and other diseases.

Then there is the principle issue of homosexuality and whether that should be allowed and that is where many people have not gotten used to the idea. Gay men have become more careless by using less condoms, which has a huge impact on the rest of us; also in the light of the fact that blood donations can now be accepted from practising homosexuals.

I think  it is only responsible and the only option we have, is to encourage people, regardless of sexuality, to stay with one partner because it is safer for us all if people are not promiscuous. The dogging parties are the most dangerous because disease is rapidly transmitted and disease is getting more dangerous and deadly.  Especially now that antibiotics are getting less useful, we have to be especially careful.

I think the principle of marriage for all must not be the first issue to be discussed but the issue of homosexuality as a principle status has to be discussed.

I think the more health deteriorates in relation to sexual practises the more the world will get concerned and take issue with this.

What disturbed me with this discussion that the pro-gay lobby wanted to disregard the 1000s of letters an MP gotten from his constituents to railroad their opinion through against common sentiment. The gay minority doesn’t like to be overlooked so why do they want to ignore the opinion of others? It is frightening to see that gay people seem not to want to respect a democratic process and wanted to dismiss everything and everybody who objected as old-fashioned and crazy.

The general problem that exists is that the less people care for their health or whether they live healthy and long lives the more are those affected who do care for their health and want to live long and healthy lives.

If you read all those links above you might ask yourself what is more important, sexual promiscuity or sexual practises? But we do not really have a choice because the law dictates that we have to tolerate modernist thinking and modern practises around us.

The reckless destruction of Britain’s economy

or what is austerity good for? Absolutely nothing.

I do not know what cloud cuckoo land, Osborne, Cameron and their Liberal counterpart live in. The Liberal Democrat website even sports the slogan, ‘stronger economy, fairer society’. And whilst the latest austerity cuts have been vigorously defended by Nick Clegg, it is quite clear that all that has increased in Britain is public borrowing. All expectations for borrowing have increased beyond the imaginable margins. The economy is shrinking defacto and Osborne makes absolutely no effort to reverse his policies. Will he not stop until Britain is grounded completely?

This government spends large amounts on first of all, dismantling public services and then making huge enquiries when they have gone wrong. Every day there is some horror story in the media that tells of old people dying of thirst or other public services atrocities. Now a number of hospitals is about to investigated. All those services including schools only fail because the new policies have put a stop to efficient service delivery.

The Queen just shaut stumm im ganzen Raum herum. The Queen has not got a clue and I suppose her long reign will be marked as one of the worst in the Royal history of Britain, after Richard III I suppose who lost his realm. What is Royalty good for, absolutely nothing. Forgot to mention she managed a pretend parachute descend for the Olympics, ho, ho, ho.

When I used to be a big defender of Monarchy in Britain, I now have changed my mind because the Queen just sanctions everything the government does.

The Institute for Fiscal Studies already says whoever wins the next election faces a huge deficit,yet is that taken to be as excuse to further make inefficient government. Why do we vote, if all we can achieve is more inability at the top? Even Mr Gove has turned out a huge disappointing flop. After all those promises and what does he want, he wants basic history lessons. What he forgot though is that the best history and truth of the matter can be found in the bible. Yet his government tries to turn the Bible upside down and ignore its wisdom by making laws that directly contradict the word of God.

All this turning upside down of education for example just disrupts successful education and disheveled people’s confidence.If one complains about Ofsted’d methods these days one gets threatened with legal action. The government was warned that the reorganisation of the NHS will not work, there were large demonstrations,nothing has been achieved. Hospitals gone broke with the results of further expensive enquiries to follow. Why do we have to put up with this, so that the civil servants in post now can keep their jobs?

But I quote from another article in which it says: “”TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “The IFS is right. If the government does not change course, then there could be well over a million job losses in the public sector and savage cuts to vital services.”

Council support from Central government has been slashed, just Boris Johnson has sort of realised that his own party digs the ground away beneath any sustainable homes building program if stamps duty is not reinvested at the point of raising, namely in the city. It has always been the biggest sticking point in local council administration that councils cannot keep their rent revenue either but it all goes into a central pot and councils get back a fraction of the money raised through rents and sales.

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