Dinosaurs blew up the earth

It was long my theory that Dinosaurs created so much methane through their huge farts that it all became so concentrated one day that it ignited and literally blew up the earth and all Dinosaurs with it. I don’t belief that it was a huge comet, just the methane would do.

A story from Germany proves that cow methane in a shed of 90 cows blew up the shed when the methane became concentrated and was set off by static electricity. Just imagine if cows can create that much gas how much gas the much bigger Dinosaurs created around the globe.

Fewer children? Where?

Sir David Attenborough’s ideas would definitely work out if it were only possible to get all people throughout the world to have fewer children. Yet it is those child-rich countries that keep on hassling us for aid and then overtake us economically that cause the mayhem.

Childcare costs are only high in our region, and that is where Sir Attenborough’ theory has a serious hole. It would only be us to reduce child numbers but those with no child care costs they keep on having them and then in the end we – as a people – will be completely dying out.

Populations in Asia and Africa will still be rocketing when we Europeans are down to 1 child per family to reduce our high child care costs. Sir David doesn’t seem to know how the world works.

Earth warming in 2013

The latest round of public Earth Warming consultation through the IPCC Climate conference, showed that the results are widely published here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-24292615

The findings are nothing new and do not change a lot from the Sunday newspapers revelations already published in my blog a few years back.

Then the Chinese were shown as a prime example of bad policies. In fact the world uses China to get cheap goods and little was thought either in China or the world about the impact this has on the worldwide environment.

Until now the Chinese delegate spoke of the bad impact it has when the Chinese also have 5 cars per family as the Americans do.

It is just a sign of people’s inability to practise what they preach. Government still hails new car manufacturing jobs to keep the workers happy, they forget that the production of steel and more and more cars and burning of fossil fuels is the cause for our demise.

The government wants to extract more oil, more gas. The IPCC suggests a price on carbon, that means live will become unaffordable for the poor.

Once land becomes more scarce the poor are going to be perched into camps, and he rich will take all good land.

Women do benefit from employment and if jobs were to go from manufacturing then women would feel the brunt. Government should change living habits to more environmentally friendly instead of investing in fossil fuel based industries.


Royalty is thicker than gas

I can smell a total royal knees up in the matter of the sour gas contract being awarded to Shell rather than Total. The Royal connections of the Dutch to the Royal House of Abu Dhabi could be playing a role and explain why the French republic got left out in the cold.

Just as I gotten myself a new gas cooker, I can now rest assured that there will actually be the gas to cook my dinners.

What worries me slightly with all excavations, whether gas or oil is what it does to the earth’s crust when those layers of material are sucked out of the earth and a vacant space is created underneath. Seeing that the earth’s core is ca. 6000 C, about as hot as the sun, we can do with any bit of bolster to shield us from the heat. Surprisingly little is written about this subject but I can imagine that in generations to come they may regret that this material has been extracted for some reason or other.

That just reminds me to ask myself why we have heard so much about various gas explosions in all types of countries, even as far away as Prague

Normally we rarely hear about gas explosion and now suddenly they seem to turn up everywhere? Are we being told the truth or had the media only just started to tell us about gas explosions that happen all the time?

I would urge anyone who smells any gas, to call 999 immediately.

Parasites resistant to drugs

This article I am referring to, has to do with Malaria but it could be about other illnesses that are now resisting antibiotics. We are using a lot of genetically modified crops, which will affect the ability of humans to resist antibiotics. Another new trend that endangers humanity.

Where has all the copper gone?

Whilst we have been plagued by copper thieves all around the country, I wonder where all the copper came from that the North Koreans built their statues with?

Asteroids might be connected

Having seen the big hype over Asteroid 2012 DA14,and then read the problems a smaller bunch of Asteroids caused in Russia, Urals, preceding the passing of DA14, it seems to me the 2 could be connected.

The Russian meteorites were kind of parallel to DA14 and could be some kind of paired moon type of occurrence. But this would mean that Asteroids could have brothers or moons just like planets have. Maybe some physicists could look into this because they got the means to do so.

What we can see is the damage a low flying asteroid can do to our buildings and that is extremely concerning. Imagine that happens in a built up city area with lots of window and skyscrapers.

I think we have to be extremely careful not to disrupt the natural rhythm of the planets and their paths for example the moon. The moon is at a certain distance to the earth. With each cycle it regulates the water content of this planet. Our seas have tides and if that magnetic field is not working in the prescribed order it could mean havoc for us. Yet we keep on shooting satellites around us, which could alter the force fields in place.

Also nuclear tests on earth could have a huge impact on planetary physics.

We have given our economy away

We have handed it to the Chinese, Indians and other former Third World countries on a plate. What do they expect? Of course our economies have to shrink because all our productions have been moved elsewhere. Even those companies that are naturally based in Europe but have out-sourced work to other nations do not necessarily pay tax on those gains in Europe either. Because if the work is contracted out to an overseas company they earn in their countries and pay tax there.

I have blogged about this countless times before and nobody ever took any notice. Of course now, when the slump hits us hard, then suddenly they ask, how could it happen?

Europe is not the Christmas tree of the world, Europe has to make money as well.

Here in the UK and other small European countries we keep on accepting immigrants, who take up housing space and get benefits and health treatment but we do lose that space towards productivity space because where there are homes there can’t be factories as well.

David Cameron now wants to close a few loopholes on immigration. Most of the poor that live in our rich inner cities like London will soon have to move into the hinterlands because new benefit regulations make life in the Capital too expensive. In a way it is right that those who work in an area, should also have the preferred right to live there, as otherwise people have to pay too much for commuting to work every day.

But it still does not move any new work to our shores if we just fill spaces with homes for new dwellers instead of focussing on getting the economy moving our way again. We have passed on our knowledge to those left behind and now we are the ones waddling behind others.

No beginning, no end

There is no end to the liberal thinking these days. In certain aspects we have strict laws.

When it comes to class A, B, C drugs; they have an obvious and immediate addictive detrimental health effect and so they are banned.

Alcohol has a slowly deteriorating effect and it is allowed to be sold widely, though certain by-laws now restrict the anti-social effects of it.

Eating is widely discussed and how over-eating causes a slow deterioration of a person’s health in that obesity sets in.

The overall tendency is to be tolerant and legalize as much as possible as it is thought that tolerance and freedom to choose is the sign of a free society.

It is interesting to see whether we are healthier in a tolerant society or in a restricted one. the answer is easy, as there is no comparison to older societies, which did not have the vast amount of vaccines that we have today. And even in current, more primitive societies with stricter moral codes, use of modern medicines seems to be restricted.

These days we try to solve all problems by vaccinating away the diseases that our modern lifestyles cause.

All negative transgressions of nature that cause us to have any type of noticeable illness; doctors want to find a vaccine against it. Prolonging life is the most important cause society has whilst at the same time lifestyles help people to shorten their lifespans prematurely, just for many to cry out for new solutions to their problems.

I just wonder whether there is any point in having an opinion because politicians are running away with the agenda and make law after law that dictate what we can and cannot do. In the end we just have to ensure that individuals have the right to make a free choice and are not forced into lifestyles because economic circumstances force them to.



The usefulness of snowmen

Or should I say snow person? One has to be so very careful about being discriminating and using the correct terminology to describe something. The word snowmen is actually deeply ingrained into folklore and common use; but so was the word postman, chairman etc.

Funnily enough I just thought about why the building of snowmen actually came about and even grown ups love to do it and I thought that most things we do come from very humble but once useful origins. So I thought, what could be useful about snowmen. I suppose it is the naturally build in scientist in me, with a little thoughtfulness at time.

Then I read this article about how snowmen could prevent flooding. I suppose that is a very modern day version of why snowmen were built originally. The building of snowmen nowadays could only prevent flooding if they were build in huge quantities and in various sizes  so that they melt in different time scales. That would also only be appropriate in areas where flooding is actually a danger.

What might have happened in ancient times though is that snowmen could have been used to preserve water. Because we did not have such plentiful water supplies as today and in times when water was scarcer to find people might have built snowmen to preserve a water supply. Just an idea.

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