Don’t buy more than …..

China discourages over-indulgance now with the slogan, don’t buy more than you can chew, is practical and more than appropriate.

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Personally I also practised – when it comes to shopping – don’t buy more than you can carry.

Healthy eating


Avocado Hummus and celery

Whilst one of the East Enders actresses has developed an eating disorder, (in the soap), it reminds me to be happy with my own eating choices.

Yesterday’s episode showed exactly what’s at stake. On one hand we have this motion that we need to tuck into the full English breakfast but at the other hand we do want to stay healthily slim.

I suppose it depends what one does, how much one has to eat.

There are several categories of demand on calorific intake.

  • The worker, sportster, grafter
  • The sitter
  • The average person

It is important for anyone to calculate the amount of calories they use and the cvalories that are in the food we actually eat.

There is a good case for the workers, sportsters and grafters to have that full English breakfast but for the rest of us, it is not.

For me, it also is important not just to look at the calories on the packet but what type of calories they are and what types of fats they are.

We all love to stuff our faces and we just love that binge, just shuffling it in and feel satisfied.

I’ve just taken to eating foods that

  • take a long time to eat
  • have few calories
  • are nutritious

A plate full of celery and home-made hummus is just the right start to the day, it won’t overload my calory intake and I can feel happy that it won’t make me fat either.

I’ve been diagnosed with Gout. about which I complained since 3 years with the doctor and that severely influences my mobility. It gradually gotten worst over the years, even though my life-style is really healthy. I almost cut out all alcohol since years and eat healthy and still I got it.

I got a severe gout attack a couple of months ago and that almost immobilised me. Have now been put on medication to reduce the uric acid in my blood as it has gone way to high.

That means I had a break in my usual exercise routine and I must eat less calories to not put on the weight.

The secret is to really make confident choices of what is good for us rather than go by the ads and general perception of what we have to eat.

I put a lot of blame on adverts and what’s available in the shops. It is easy to get led astray by shop displays and general myths.

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