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There are calls to phase out gas central heating systems and the use of the utility alltogether.

Years ago, I decided to instal a built-under gas cooker in my kitchen because it gave me a choice. I didn’t solely rely on electricity to cook my dinners. Yet, the price of gas is going up from next year.

Apparently, as I experienced the maintenance of the internal gas burners on ovens is very hard indeed, if not impossible.

Having gas appliances in blocks of flats is a distinct increase of risk for the whole block. And whilst I am very responsible and get yearly gas checks from the landlord – yes I am a tenant – I feel increasingly uneasy about using gas for cooking.

it is an added responsibility.

Even though, in the past experience, electric ovens tend to break down regularly, needing replacements, which are not cheap, electric cooking seems the better option overall.

Mind you, we have a lot of options to cook nowadays we have

  • Microwaves
  • Air fryers
  • Ovens
  • hobs

still the regular flat has kitchens, which are designed to hold an oven. Whether it’s free-standing or build in or under, it is the heart of the kitchen. Most kitchens have lots of cooking options.

It has become a habit and one probably doesn’t realise it but some people only have microwaves in their tiny flats and many also rely on eating out because of job placements and sheer convenience.

But, whilst I can afford to change my cooking facilities, there are many poor tenants who can’t and perhaps landlords should take it on as a reponsibility to phase out gas cookers for people and replace them.

Often tenancy conditions do not include the cookers in kitchens. They are solely the tenants responsibilities. Those are some of the very practical headaches people phase in daily lives, which hardly get a mention in the press.

Lets think about energy

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I have just woken up to a dire situation whereby I realised that I pay double the meter charge that I would have to pay with the cheapest offer on the market today. Even the KW unit price is available much cheaper than what I get at the moment with my current supplier.

Just wondering why do energy suppliers do it? They offer an inital cheap offer, fixed for a year, then, suddenly they drop you off that bargain price and put you on an incredibly expensive tariff.

Do they think you just keep on paying?

So we energy users are kept moving, almost yearly, from supplier to supplier because we can only get the cheaper tariffs if we are new customers who sign up online and choose online management.

So far I have not had a smart meter, apparently they do not work when you change suppliers and you have no choice but to change suppliers frequently because the prices get hiked up after the initial sign-up period.

We customers we just have to go with the flow.

Whilst my biggest spending period is now over, at least I can rest assured that my new tariff will over next Christmas and beyond.

With bigger suppliers we stand a better chance of getting green energy as their networks are well developed.

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