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What’s on the top of almost all of our agendas is the future of the planet. Many people want to get the changes into motion, that help the reduction of carbon emissions. Yet, often the clashes of ideas do not help drive matters forward.

It is easier to bring legal action against government projects and infrastructure ideas. People lament about the third runway at Heathrow or the HS2 project. HS2 is actually meant to reduce air travel.

Yet, what has brought about the biggest impacts on this earth are actual products that have been put up for sale.

I have not come across a legal action where somebody has actually tried to stop the launchy of a new commercial, for sale product because it could be harmful.

We all just buy what’s put in front of our noses on the shelves of shops or online retailers. Yet, we scream and shout as soon as the government or some other large-scale service provider wants to do a project.

What is really driving global warming is the production of things, energy consumption and fossil fuels, methane gas production through rotting food and animal production.

Yet, nobody ever brings a court case that stops such actual products and services being used.

The consumer lethargy is more dangerous and causes more problems than the infrastructure products governments want to do to improve our lives.


It’s Christmas


There won’t be a problem voting Labour for all those who want the best for their families. Since the Bank of England cut the Growth Forecast for Britain if Boris’s Brexit deal goes through, we might as well do what is good for us all.

Who could argue with free University education for our youngsters. People with children in school, planning for uni, will love that new policy.

We desperately need investment in social infrastructure, we all had enough from rising crime and falling police numbers.

Apparently both Labour and Conservatives hustle for the voters with promises of investment. Yet only Labour promises free University education; this is already in place in Scotland.

Those who come up with all those ‘Jeremy unfit to be prime minister’ can’t bring any convincing arguments for this.

Literally for free university education I coudn’t care less whether we remain or stay in the EU, but would prefer it in the EU as it doesn’t cause as many problems with the home counties, who all want to stay in. Labour promised a referendum either for Boris’s deal or staying.

It seems much more in tune with what people on the ground want, a Labour government. Moving civil servants to Middle England will help solve the London congestion. House prices are much to high in London and the counties can do with some sprucing up. As the HS2 railway will be completed by Labour nobody with common sense could not vote Labour this time around.

This will also relieve the London airports and level out investment through the British isles.

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