sacked for a re-tweet

Public responsibility has a high price. I realise this all the time. You need to know what you are doing and take responsibility for putting things around the public domain that forms public opinion.

Those Jewish conspiracy theories were around for decades and sounded plausible and fascinating at first. But then, it became very clear that those theories were spread by Holocaust deniers and anti-Jewish campaigners.

I think, I once re-published one of those articles but then shut this blog down for around 10 years. As it became clear how poisonous those conspiracy people are, I scanned my blog for articles and deleted those nasty ones, when I re-opened the blog.

We live and learn.

By now it is quite clear to everybody what those articles are about and Rebecca Long-Bailey should not fall foul of using Jewish conspiracy theories in tweets nd blogs.

Simple measure to take, never use any race, creed, gender, religion in thoughts that promote conspiracy theories about anything.

We have laws and rules that apply to everyone equally. That is the society we should promote and be proud of.

We just all need to learn the rules and live by them.

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