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The 2 meter metal pole

I have been onto Lidl before stating that some aggressive begging goes on within the realms of their local Hackney store. They duly addressed the issues and now the aggressive begging has ceased, at least when I shop there. Yesterday I cam across a new menace. A large man with a huge metal pole (at… Continue reading The 2 meter metal pole

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decision-making process

Emotional dependance is often the cause of people getting themselves involved with criminal people, who manipulate a person to commit to wrong-doing systematically. On the other hand, quick thinking and getting involved would have saved me £10 on the Lidl Christmas jumper. Yesterday it was in the shelves for £7.99, I walked past and today… Continue reading decision-making process

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Avoided a shop-lift

Lidl currently sells down winter jackets. As I know the colour is my daughter's favourite and they had it in a size 8, I reluctantly put it in the basket at a price of £24.95. At the checkout, I put the item through the scanner and once put onto the packing area, the red light… Continue reading Avoided a shop-lift

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The Amazon in various ways

What the Amazon rainforest is for the world, Amazon online is for shoppers. Just tried out Amazon fresh and the experience was definitely worth it. Superb ordering, great logistics and the food is actually fresh and on time and as ordered. I was very reluctant to even try Amazon fresh and kept on going on… Continue reading The Amazon in various ways



Why do I spend more money in Lidl when the store is much smaller than other supermarkets like Asda or the big Sainsbury? It all has to do with clutter; we just love it. The close proximity of stuff in Lidl reminds me of rummaging in a the loft of my ancestors house or in… Continue reading clutter