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Healthy air for children to breathe

I raised 5 children and have more grandchildren. Health for children is very important to me. Of course parents are now more aware about the dangers of exhaust fumes from cars and want healthy air for the kids to breathe. It is probably not feasible to close roads. We have got roads for a purpose,… Continue reading Healthy air for children to breathe

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Organic contradiction

The new Abel and Cole TV ad must be music to all the nature lovers who just thrive of environmental issues. This ad personifies all the squabbles XR demos are trying to tell us and attempt to bring solutions. It describes how our need for greed is responsible for all our ills. Abel and Cole… Continue reading Organic contradiction

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Political solutions

Councils really love it, you collect signatures for petitions, you present the petition in council chamber and they can either allow or deny the request. Often enough they deny it, but, they still love it that you came to try because it is democracy in action. Apparently it is extremely time-consuming to collect signatures for… Continue reading Political solutions

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Getting there

Road closures always cause confusion. The mapping services of road directing apps are just not adjusting fast enough to every road closure, so that all types of vehicles get stuck. It doesn't matter whether we use 'What three words' or any other Sat Nav, it depends on what is programmed into the software, which determines… Continue reading Getting there