I love detective stories

When I watch detective stories on TV, the detectives always find the perpetrator and they don’t stop before they do.

But, when I just watched the Malcolm X films on Netflix, I am starting to understand why there are Conspiracy Theories in existence. They mainly exist in the US. The evidence presented by the program showed that Malcolm X, a Muslim, had a thought for the exploitation of women and I think that angered many men.

Detective stories are only as good as the detectives put effort into it and when a state service doesn’t do everything to find the truth, then the truth loses out. We all do. The film shows a lot of evidence.

A lot of my life the belief that we can still trust in our legal agencies and that they will ensure we get the truth was always one of my biggest motivators in life. But to see that the FBI suppressed evidence, so that the wrong person gotten convicted of the murder is unforgivable and puts the whole law enforcement into doubt. If you can’t trust them, whom can you trust. It should be unlawful that law enforcement can withhold evidence, which leads to wrong convictions.

I have gotten plenty of time whilst I recouperate from a day-care operation I had and when I am not sleeping I look at the films that are available online.

At the moment, a lot of providers aim to get our custom, Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon, Britbox.

As a child I had to sit in front of the TV when a program was streamed, I watched all the Agatha Christie and Alfred Hitchcock production, the Avengers the German versions. Now I can watch when it suits me – within reason – perfect.

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