Penned out

How can anybody be charged with an offence if the remarks made make absolutely no sense whatsoever.

It seems completely outlandish to even think that residing Muslims could be compared to Nazis in any capacity whatsoever. The remarks are so off the mark that nobody could possibly belief them.

If Le Pen actually believes what she said, and if anybody admires her for it, then they are all completely and totally crackers. Perhaps the only thing Le Pen could be guilty of is admiration of Hitler. Both seem equally mad.


The impartiality of policing

I was very concerned to read that the President of the Association of Chief Police Officers, Sir Hugh Orde expressed his concern about the impartiality of the police if budget cuts continue to bite into the forces regular funding. We heard that football clubs and stars are asked to contribute towards the cost of policing events.

But when the state pays all the policing costs, that means we all do with our taxes, then there is an impartiality in policing that allows the same rules to be applied to all rich and poor people alike.

Yet if the rich pay more towards policing directly then they become funders of service and employers of officers. Looking at  the history of police, they were invented to protect the assets of the rich in essence and not to protect the poor as much as the rich, when the rich traditionally were the victims of the crimes by the poor.

Lately though, with increasing human rights legislation, the stakes have been shifted to equal right protection for all.

I would have preferred it if Sir Orde would have emphasized his committment to impartiality regardless of costs instead of threatening the loss of impartiality if the cuts are not reversed.

Edward McMillan-Scott, back to the roots

Camerons ancestor, King William IV (1765-1837)

Cameron's ancestor, King William IV (1765-1837)

I found this article on the BBC website interesting as it represents a turning point in parliamentary policies and strategies of the Conservative Party. Ever since the Magna Carta was drawn up, the Liberal then, were the most radical party wanting to rid Britain of its monarchy, so to say closet Communists. Then followed Labour who wanted a pseudo Communist rule and that tendency was cemented into Europe with the Federalist movement.

It is therefore not surprising that a splendid Conservative Party leader, such as David Cameron, with a fine family tree that links back to King William IV would seek to want to move away from the Federalist agenda that is diluting politics not so say confuses voters as to what is the real issue.

Politics today seem all the same, nothing differs and all seems to lend a hand to Federalist and Communist thinking. The Conservative Party of Great Britain now seeks to balance out that dropping off towards federalism.

Edward McMillan-Scott is one of those Conservatives who got sucked into the Federalist agenda and is one of those Conservatives who are learning that politics is not just jumping on the federalist bandwagon that wants to rid the world of monarchy.

I think David Cameron is right to make it clear at this point that there is a difference between Conservative Party policies and Labour and Liberal Democrat policies and that the friendship with Germany and France, both of whom rid themselves of their monarchs in a bloody fashion, are only diplomatic and not deeply sincere.

Voters these days are confused, they cannot see any real difference between parties any more and think they are all the same and I think that is the reason why they stay away from the ballot box. The Conservative Party goes back to the Future with its new found historic family ties and tries to reinstate family values in the truest sense of the word, family values we have lost, replaced by policies that destroy tradition, family and all that’s natural to man and given by God.

Just what the doctor ordered

European Parliament in Brussels

European Parliament in Brussels

 As reported by the BBC today.  The long awaited and long overdue new development in the European Parliament sees a new “Non Federalist”group formed by the Conservative MEP’s.

This bold Back to the Future move at least recognises that we are at least officially again considering local choice and freedom. Govern the land we live on with people coming from that land, has been a recipe for success over centuries and this latest craze of Federalism has not been that long in use but led to plenty of warfare action (World War I and Word War II).

Today’s Federal states pride themselves of the buildings that were mastered by the monarchs who built them but gotten rid of the monarchs themselves. So to say, daylight robbery.

This important new move differentiates those who wish to be other than mere governed dictatorships, voted in ever so often but otherwise with little choice for constituents. Sovereigntists are back on the agenda. The long march through the institution has just began.

MEPs cost 5 times more than UK MPs

Robin Hood shooting with Sir Guy, painting by Louis Rheed

Robin Hood shooting with Sir Guy, painting by Louis Rheed

Just began to think that we in the UK are splashing the dosh around so freely and needlessly, we certainly do not make our MPs think they have an easy access to our money.

In my inbox just arrived is the latest issue of “Open Europe”that the tax payers spend a staggering £1.8 Million per year per MEP. Whilst it costs “only” £364.000 per Member of the UK Parliament. So what are you all complaining about.
Set that in context with her Majesty the Queen and we spend only 85 pence per person per year on supporting her Royal Highness.

My argument for a return to Royal Rule looks now even better than before.  Each Lord in the House of Lords costs only £208.000 per year, what a bargain.

Democracy is an expensive sport and even the allowances of the MEPs are higher than those of the UK representatives the cost is £363,000 against £148.297 per MP in Westminster.

Who ever thought that democracy was a good idea?

22 MEPs retiring this year share the golden handshake pot of £20.000.000 between them, in addition to a £10 million pension shared out between them.

You may comment directly on the Open Europe blog and here is the link to the original article.

Whoever complaint during the times of Robin Hood, have to look up what the taxation was like then in comparison to income. Well how do you count eggs and loafs of bread and the occasional golden coin?

I reckon we need to go backwards in time an start counting our good fortunes.
Forgot to mention I think we should call our “Democracy” a “Frequently changing Dictatorship” instead.

European elections 2009



Though here in the UK we voted on Thursday, the results are out as of tonight from 10pm onwards. This great link will show life results.

My sympathy goes for the Union for Europe of the Nations, they make the most sense to me.

I stood outside one polling station for parts of the day and thought the steady trickle of people coming to vote was positive but was told by the staff that turnout was dreadful. Europe-wide participation is estimated to be a low 43%.

Results are for the UK


EU election results for the UK 2009

Labour failed to account to the electorate during their term in office and ran away with the agenda and the UK electorate weren’t too pleased about it and showed their dismay. Labour thinks that once in, always in. They lost 5 MEPs and 7% of the vote in Europe whilst the Conservatives gained 1 MEP. Good results.




European election results for the European Partliament

For European parliament

Is it any wonder, we heard more negatives about Europe in almost every leaflet so that people did not feel that stimulus and probably thougth ignorance is better than voting.
I am pleasantly surprised by the results that Labour lost the elections Europe wide and that my feelings are not only my feelings but are shared everywhere. It’s thanks to Labour policies that the BNP got in at all and Hazel Blears, so rightly commented on that prior to her departure. Brave woman.

Even though I expressed negative sentiments for elections in a previous posting, in the case of Lebanon I welcome it because there is means real progress away from the Hezbollah led block in favour of the US led 14 March Alliance. My reservations about elections in the UK were only negative because Labour failed to stay accountable to the electorate during their term, but the UK electorate expressed exactly that by not voting Labour this time.

If anyone is still scared of the far left like The Scargill or who is scared of Crow persons, walking around you can check David Osler’s page about this, who is passionate about proclaiming that his far left niche is precious and has a chance of achieving something maybe never.

May it will help you detect some left loonies in your area and eradicate them for good.

The results for Tower Hamlets in particular, according to East End Life are: Labour Party 16,138, Conservative Party 10.393, Green Party 5,406, Liberal Democrats 5,080.
In the same issue of East End Life, 763 15, 21 June 2009 I also read that a lucky Tower Hamlets Resident has won £100 for paying her council tax by direct debit. Well, is it any wonder that this council is so popular. I have not heard of many organisations that reward you for paying what you have a statutory duty to pay.

Labour’s popularity drop

Labour’s forecasts is on an all-time low on 20% of the popularity stakes. Serves them right, its not only Gordon Brown getting less support than Michael Foot, making his the least popular Labour leader of all times, I also think this is a reflection of the actual behaviour of the local Labour Party members.

Looking at the treatment I am getting just for leaving the party, the constant smears on labour blogs, who would want to vote for a party that has nothing better to do but to worry people with unsubstantiated allegations of terrorist involvement of political opponents. That not only happened to me but to more prominent Conservative Party members.

The constant worry they put me under, they deserve every lost percentage point. 

Obviously the sticking together come what may tactic doesn’t pay off for Labour. People don’t like this attitude, people want change, want a fresh approach.

The Conservatives never ever stooped so low ever, and people show their disapproval of Labour tactics with their vote. Come out and show Labour at the MEP elections what is to come at the next general elections, vote Conservative!

Testing, testing, testing

Googles Europe map

Google's Europe map

In the European elections, it is necessary to come out and vote. I have long argued for more efforts from the main-stream parties to to encourage participation and party-hopping so people get an interest.

Only an active interest can achieve lively voting in elections and help the annihilation of undesirable, though legal parties.

In Tower Hamlets we see time and time again its low turnouts of 35% that helped Respect to win wards because the voters who would not vote for them do not come out to vote.

I personally have been running my feet sore, giving out leaflets but people just read them and forget them. They think, nothing is ever going to change, regardless of how I vote, and that the balance always stays the same but the balance can tip and when it tips it usually tips very fast.  Even Labour warns of BNP victories and ironically it is Labour’s policies that gives rise to the BNP popularity. Too much of everything is Labour’s fault. As I said Socialism always leads to Fascism.

Socialists just don’t know when to stop themselves, they always think that the whole world is the same and want to make the whole world the same. If they allow immigrants to come to Britain and settle, they fall over themselves to be tolerant and understanding, assist in helping the new additions to our society to move up the ladder of social standing and career prospect , which of course only increases the number of visitors wanting to come to our shores. But this does not mean that the countries those immigrants originate from also improve their social and economic policies. Despite Labour’s world governance policies, the world is siimply not ready to live the same style as we do.

No wonder, we become the big interntional magnet for everyone who wants to live a decent life. That is what we offer, a decent life. What we should be doing is more effort to bring it to the other countries, those the immigrants try to escape from to change their way of life.

So Labour has been meddling economically, out-sourcing to third world nations in the hope that they will pick up and that would bring world peace and their own political and economic organisation makes it more viable for people wanting to stay there.

Far from what is actually happening. Despite foreign out-sourcing the stream of immigrants has not stopped. The latest immigration argument is Female Genital mutilation from African countries. There is always some deeply disturbing reason.

We should concentrate more on worldwide negotiations with foreign governments to improve their social standards instead of giving them money that might get abused along the way and does not get to the people it is aimed for. We have achieved a break-away of many African nations who want to throw off the burden of western influence, given work to China and India, which has resulted in those nations becoming the biggest polluters on earth. Not a good one, very short-sighted strategy and self-harming in my view.

Sheer geographical overcrowding in the UK could lead to national socialists coming in, that combined with economic weakness gives rise to to it but Labour is to blame for that as they have allowed too much too fast. In Tower Hamlets at one time they even invited immigrants to have as m any children as possible by promising them larger homes, just to then suddenly change their minds, when some clever person finally realised that Tower Hamlets is only a small borough and can’t grow. One of my neighbours is still complaining that he did not get his large house promised to him.

The son’s and daughter’s policies were scrapped but have now been reinstated. First they were scrapped because immigrants felt discriminated against, now the immigrants want them back because the policy now works in their favour because they are almost in the majority or equal numbers to white families.

Whatever happens, social housing is not enough, the council now has to buy back sold homes, promises more social housing on not needed land. Show me one piece of land in Tower Hamlets that is not needed, when the overcrowding is so bad that population density is already over the recommended limits.

Slowly the benefit of the doubt has trickled towards immigrants who continually get positively discriminated for and even Labour realises that white working class families are in the worst position. Recently one of our local committees said a chairing position has to be given to a multicoloured immigrant because they are under-represented. Qualification and experience doesn’t seem to be necessary.

It’s those overly positive discriminations that help the rise of the BNP. The out-sourcing of all our local industries, the fact that we have no work to do anymore. If Labour led councils were sensible they would not stray from requirements like experience and qualifications to appoint for posts. To appoint for leadership posts just because someone is black or Asian is just ridiculous, the same as it is ridiculous if someone just is appointed because they are white. In fact race should never be a reason to jump the queue, the only criteria should be qualification. I shall make myself very unpopular at the next meeting and oppose the move to appoint someone just because they are black.

Now we come to my favourite subject education, that doesn’t get any better in my view because children do not have enough space. Poor children that is. It doesn’t matter how much money Labour spends to put equipment into already overcrowded classes, what children need is space and Labour does their best to overcrowd it.

We need to get the balance right and there is no way that a BNP representative would allow a equilibrium of opinion to swerve into the moods of our ethnic population. The only sensible solutions can come from the Conservatives who are definitely anti-fascist and economically sane and safe, have the best qualification and the best personally balanced candidates.

A BNP repesentative would cause social dissatisfaction and help social instability and fears to increase. I call on all people who can come out to vote to come out and vote Conservative. Conservatives will also give us that much wanted EU referendum, though I do not think that there is a way back out of the EU, it is too late for that. We have the United States of Europe and have to get used to it.  See here a complete list of Conservative candidates throughout the UK. Conservatives have always rejected support for or from the BNP.

Incidentally on the 4 June a selection of County Councils also have elections. See a map of those here.

Those elections will give us the flavour of the next general elections but as I know Gordon Brown he will continue in his job if he doesn’t get any votes at all, in true red fashion, job until you drop, never leave your post and that sort of stuff.

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