Chemical weapons supplied by Saudis in CIA conspiracy?

Question is can this story be true. As of today, the day after this post above appeared on Facebook, so far, none of the mayor news publishers, e.g. BBC or Al Jazeera have repeated this.

That just shows that in Freedom of speech everybody can spread any type of stories, may that be true or false. What are we to belief?

Abu Qatada might get bail

The Home Secretary obviously has lost the plot and in the case of Abu Qatada taken a major loss, against which Theresa May is planning to appeal. See both short and long judgements here.

Yes we do not want hate preachers in our street, we do want free speech, but what the Home Office wants is only the free speech that suits their politics it seems. Unfortunately there are many contradictions creeping up.

On one hand Theresa May has argued that crimes committed in the UK should be tried in the UK, which she said in conjunction with the extradition proceedings from the US against Gary McKinnon. It’s kind of isolationist to want to turn the back of the UK on the US and on Europe all at the same time but open our arms to Jordan because they wrote a nice letter saying they are going to be fair from now on. And pigs might fly too.

The UK couldn’t care less what happened between Mohammed Othman and Jordan, it is about getting rid of him because he stirs and causes problems to our inner security and he stirs racial hate. I do not think, that Qatada, or Othman could even flash his toilet, if on bail, without the security services counting, through various listening devices, how often he flushes it. So what is good for McKinnon, should be good for Qatada.

The Freedom of Speech issue, is so completely disorganised, because we heard at the recent Olympics, how free we all are, but that is about the only freedom of speech declaration we are allowed to make in this country; unless of course our expression complement current political strategies.

May is deepening the racial divide in the UK if she goes along those arguments and makes an appeal against this decision of Mr Justice Mitting, Peter Lord and Dame Denise Holt.

CIA and MI6 Libya involvement

The news were just broadcast on the BBC news channel that a Human Rights Watch organisation found a definite link between the Gaddafi regime and the CIA and MI6 who told Gaddafi about dissidents and asked his investigators to ask questions that were interesting to the western security services. Libya’s security chief Moussa got messages from MI6 thanking him for the juicy oranges he sent them.

One only has to use common logic to come to the conclusion that without western collaboration Gaddafi would not have been able to sustain his regime that long. But I am surprised how much direct influence the western security services actually had.

The whole media propaganda seems to be clearly steered into certain directions.

The whole freedom of Expression thing is often very useful to security services to see what persons have what ideology and so it is probably more in the interest of the state to allow freedom of speech than to suppress it. But it shows now how 2-faced the governments really are in that they lament about a dictator whilst under-hand they support his regime.

I am just waiting how the BBC is going to work their article about this and how long it will take the world press to take it up. The broadcast said there is evidence that speeches by Gaddafi were drafted by western intelligence and that the setting up of the NTC was also led by them.

Here is now the BBC report of 18:03,  3/9/11

Andrew Berwick the Manifesto

I just heard that the Norwegian terrorist, that killed almost 100 young people has published a manifesto to explain his Knights Templar manifesto.  There are prospects that he gets a minimum of 21 years in jail with the option of no release if he is seen as danger to the public. There are calls for a media black-out to stop his views from being published or discussed in the media.

Here we have the problem that we had so many times with lesser criminals to not allow them to publish books to make a profit from their crimes. In this case profit from publication doesn’t seem to be the problem but publication of views itself is the problem.

Is that in line with basic human rights to have views? Of course the basic problem with Mr Berwick’s action is that he killed those he wishes to defend from the influence of Islam as it seems to me that he is trying to prevent the manifestation of Islam in Europe and his manifesto, that is linked to here, tries to negotiate those thoughts. I have not read it through, have only just found it online. I read bits like Saudi Arabia has spent 87 billion US Dollars to spread the message for true Islam.

OK I completely appreciate that hardly anybody could match that amount of spending to legally influence the spread of an ideology in the world and that sheer veracity of propaganda will turn people’s heads. That at least explains the spread of very expensive Mosques around the country.

But what I would like to know why, if Mr Berwick, which is the Anglicised version of his name, wants to stop Islam from spreading, why does he shoot Christian people and non Islamic youth?

Is this a case of mixed up mind, is that the same phenomenon we had with Adolf Hitler, whereby he proclaimed he loved the blond blue–eyed people just to send a lot of them to their deaths by starting lots of wars?

I mean it seems logical that if Mr Berwick hates Islam so much that he would go out and kill Islamic youth instead of white, non Islamic youth for a start. So there the whole story we read on the media doesn’t make sense already.

I just wonder how long Mr Berwick manages to stay alive in prison because often enough prisoners have the view that they can take justice into their own hands. With the media wanting to black out the trial so that Mr Berwick’s explanations cannot become public does not help to unravel the mysteries of the logic in this very tragic case either.

It seems clear that had Mr Berwick attacked a camp full of Muslim youth, that this would have led to a large Islamic uprising. But would that not have been the ideal platform to initiate that revolution that he is said to be seeking? Why kill the people he is said to try to protect?

Nothing in this concept that is presented to the public makes any sense to me at all.

Please note I do not wish to stipulate violence against anyone but merely try to show the enormously illogical concept that is put in the public sphere.

Swift intervention in Libya is needed

I think it really doesn’t matter whether Libya accepts the jurisdiction of the ICC or not, he should be arrested in any case and a thorough investigation should be conducted about the allegations of a crime on humanity with both murders and alleged mass rapes of women as a form of repression. It has been shown throughout history that if nothing is done at the beginning of crimes against humanity they go on and on committing them until thousands of people have been killed and / or abused. I welcome and international task force to help intervene in any country of the world for such abuses.

Flirting with the enemy

I am not impressed by the joined efforts of Sarkozy and Cameron to go to Libya. The unrest in the Asian world excites both the Christian leaders of the West and the radical Muslims of the East because both parties hope that the uprisings will bring changes to the social life of the area in that  the Westerners hope better democracy will get rid of the religious stale mate but the Islamists hope that greater religious powers will be obtained, wanting to get rid of parliamentary democracy altogether.

I think that too much time is being put into this because it is just the age-old situation in that in such problem spots of the world trouble always brews and that does little to the stability of our home lands. In fact putting too much energy into this deserts our own agendas at home. Afghanistan is one of the better known areas that has been riddled by world powers trying to influence what is going on there and ended up being hijacked by militant Muslims and armies of Taleban.

I do not see much hope of the Middle East becoming suddenly like western democracies and think Cameron should know better and put more efforts into his homeland rather than flirt with the enemies abroad or even worst put more into a war effort. The world is on the edge of a World War III at the moment with so many trouble spots around the world emerging.

It is more important to keep the peace especially in the light o the fragile nature we are dealing with.

London is already reeling from the Olympic preparations. Whole landscapes are deserted and improvements not taking place fast enough to not disrupt the local infrastructure and the socia lifes. We do not want to see crime rates rising again at home and our leaders should work where they are elected to work and not pounce around abroad all the time.

Added on later

Mr Hague is also in Libya and feels inspired by the rebels but I think Mr Hague would be better off touring East London and get some inspiration here.

The Sudanese Wave

Ever since the political changes started in Sudan we hear of other related incidents and measures around the world. Sudan of course was subject to enormous human suffering and related problems.

If I remember right, Egypt played an important part in the farming strategy of Sudan. The original nomadic tribes were displaced and forced to change their lifestyle of make space for the farming of cattle to produce beef.

Incidentally today an English paper warms people to eat less steaks because of cancer risks. Thinking one and one makes two, I wonder whether there is a direct connection in the political and of course then economic changes to do with the cattle farming regions of Sudan and our ability to eat beef.  Health warnings over certain food items, can be a convenient way to encourage less demand. Of course I heard warnings about processed meat like ham before, in that we are not to give children lots of ham, as it is also a processed meat. Yet ham is made from pork and steaks are made from beef.

Beef itself is not a processed meat but a red meat. I read previously that eating too much red meat could cause cancer of the stomach related organs. Yet find the current trend to put people off from eating steak a little surprising.

Research shows that at some stage of the human development, humans divided into two groups, the meat eaters and the vegetarians and that the meat eaters prevailed as they developed greater intellect. It was put to us that eating meat stimulates brain activity.

I am concerned that contradicting reports about the benefits of eating meat might be caused by current affairs and a need to curb meat eating because of political and economic problems in farming the beef.

Of course Sudan was a major beef farming region and those changes there might have been he start of the social and political unrest taking place in the east right now. Incidentally Egypt was the first post of call, when Egypt was the most economically dependant on Sudan.

Well, hat is just a thought, and it takes a lot of research of not widely publicised facts and figures to establish the facts of the matter.

The world of football

I do have a talent in making myself a lot of enemies all at once but on this occasion I can’t resist remarking that when it comes to football even politicians seem to be living in a sphere all of their own. Perhaps that is so because politics if mostly run by men and football is traditionally a men’s sport.

But looking at it rationally I think the FIFA decision is a very good one and that giving Russia and Qatar important football events are excellent executive decisions in my view.  Qatar, looking at its geographical location, I think this will have an important effect on world peace.

I do not understand why the UK wants to have all those forthcoming football events when we already have problems financing the Olympics and Britain’s deficit is one of the worst in Europe.

I am a great fan of Boris but when he concludes that FIFA should be re-structured just because they gave the UK bid only 2 votes, then that worries me. Of course he mentions the freedom of the Press and because of personal reasons I do not wish to comment further on this one at the moment.

However I am saddened, especially for Prince William who is an excellent sports person and doubtlessly put a lot of energy into this bid that was bound to fail from the outset.

Up-date on 4 Nov 2010. The more this sorry saga develops the more pathetic the football crazy politicians appear. Across the board UK politicians behave like fools and I don’t think they deliver a good impression about the sanity of UK politics. On one hand they complain for years that our economy is getting worst, we have problems paying for the Olympics in 2012 and our economy is getting worst still and on the other hand accuse the FIFA committee of corruption because they awarded the FIFA world cup in 2008 and 2012 to countries that can afford easily to host them. The world can only shake their head at UK politicians and sports personalities.  Britain even compared itself to Greece at some point in the olympic development stage, Greece, do have been subjected to dire economic problems after they hosted the Olympics. We read it in the news how much each Greece citizen had to pay in contributions to the expensive sports event and that they could not afford to do so.

From that aspect it was a more than sensible decision to award the games to Qatar and Russia. Qatar is our main gas supplier and Russia our oil supplier, so both are very rich. I think that the UK politicians who accuse FIFA officials of corruption should be ashamed of themselves because they do not want to allow the officials to make up their minds freely.

We all promise something to somebody sometimes, as long as it is not an essential legal entitlement, just to change our minds later. The reaction of UK football fanatics is more than pathetic and they should all be ashamed of themselves. The sooner UK football fanatics realise that this country needs to work very hard to restore its former standing in the world the better.

In any case why would any smallish country, like the UK, that suffers an economic crises of gigantic proportion want to host 3 world sporting events?

BNP are left-wing

I just read this most interesting blog on Conservative Future and indeed I spent many typing sessions developing theories about the close relationship of left-wing and right-wing groups, I explained that the German National Party was a left-wing organisation and murderous to those who did not fit in with their positive criteria. Now Conservative Future says that the BNP are left-wing and not right-wing and there is a great resemblance to the ideal of National Socialist thinking in the BNP’s arsenal of thoughts. Without any doubt the BNP has much in common with the National Socialists of the Hitler era and the sooner they accept this the quicker the old-fashioned Labour radicals will realise on what a losing streak they really are.

It’s this racist element within the left-wing sphere that puts foreign immigrants off and paves the way for the crazy political scene we see in Tower Hamlets where Councillors swap parties more often than we change our winter coats.  Have any of these disgruntled residents actually thought through their political allegiance in all aspects of their way of life, history and future?

I do not hope that we will see a repetition of the previous story, that all former Respect Councillors will head back to Labour instead of chosing the  party that works in their interests instead. Any type of political movement that is based on separatist motives has no place in the UK or indeed the world.

The real effect of Labour rule

UK jobless figures have risen again. The number of people out of work rose by 43.000 to 2.5 million in the months of November, December 2009 and January 2010. That is the highest figure since 1994. That is the reality of the situation and all of Gordon Brown’s smooth talking and sincere promises are words down the pan and flush just as easily. I very much hope that in fact we flush Gordon Brown down the pan together with his Labour government on May 6th. 2010.

Whilst in the North East, West Midlands, Northern Ireland and London unemployment went down, it stayed the same in the South West but went up everywhere else, accumulating in an overall rise of unemployment.

The World economy is in a state of imbalance because we read just 2 days ago, also on the BBC that the food imports into the UK seriously deplete the water levels of the third world countries producing it.  We manage to keep everybody else busy but not ourselves. All those UK unemployed are unable to produce the food we need.

Well in the early stages of our civilisation we did have something called the three plot land management. Each householder had 3 plots of land allocated to the property and on it they grew their own food and surplus was of course sold. The 3 plots were planted in turn with different crops as not to deplete the ground of nourishment, so one plot was one year planted with clover, then with wheat and then with beetroot or left bare for animals to graze, I say this because we grew our own food at some time and now activities have parted ways, in that some regions of the globe just occupy themselves with intellectual, financial and artistic activities like we do and that is something especially encouraged by Labour, some parts of the world now do mainly manufacturing and that would be China and India (and some others) and some just grow food and that are some tropical countries, South America and the like.

Whilst we complain here in the UK that the population density continually grows, because obviously many immigrants enjoy getting away from swinging the trowel in the fields, our farm land decreases along with the population increases and we depend on food imports.  This is acknowledged by the fact that the number of people in the UK that are economically inactive also rose by 110.000 to 21.5% of the population. Those are people that study instead of looking for work. That is something also encouraged by Gordon Brown and his Labour government, that the UK should go into educating instead of work. And Yvette Cooper proudly pronounced that this is what the government actually expected. Work and Pension Secretary Yvette Cooper, said the figures were in line with the government’s expectations. I would call it making the best of a desperately bad situation by putting on the rose-tinted glasses. By the way I always wear blue-tinted contact lenses.

She then follows on to say: “That’s why it is so important that we keep increasing the support for the unemployed, but also that we sustain the overall support for the economy.” Yet what she should have said is that we drastically need to improve our economy.

Theresa May the Shadow Works and Pensions Secretary is more realistic because she knows that our local families need local jobs to keep their families going and earn and income instead of just trotting down to the job centre to sign on the dole. It does not help us that we just cash our weekly dole checks, go to the supermarket, purchase the food that has been flown in from somewhere else and then slump in front of the TV to eat it.

It would not be possible now to allocate each family a strip of land and let them grow their own food but those that can grow their own food would help reduce the import requirements of food but then again those unemployed most likely do not have the land to grow their own food. Here on our inner London estates we have some initiatives to grow food in tubs on housing estates but the amount of food produced is only a very tiny fraction of the food actually needed.

Well, here in London we are lucky that our unemployment rate fell and we do not need the local manufacturing industry because we are mainly busy with the financial industry and of course the Olympics keep a lot of people busy but the Olympics will be over in 2012.

In another interesting article I read that the UK needs to find a new world role but that is only defined in the military sense, yet it is most apparently also important in the economic sense. If we could bring those 2 areas together that would help to find a solution. In Afghanistan we see that the food related problem is outweighed by farmers growing merely poppies for drugs. One day the world leaders will have to come onto one big table and discuss those matters as part of a world council perhaps to allocate resources around the world for the best of all, reducing and in fact diminishing outright trends to grow crops for drug production and use land in a constructive manner.

Labour has not managed to make any qualitative long-term good impact on world developments but merely lingers on, borrowing money to supply those that are out of work and just about keeping us from starvation.

We can look forward to a second TV debate of the 3 main party leaders soon in that respect and the “Make love not war” attitude of the Liberals is sure to fail Nick Clegg on that occasion. Unfortunately today we do yet have that desired international cooperation of all leaders from each and every single country to work together to produce constructive negotiations at the “Round Table”. In the ideal world the President of Afghanistan would stem out poppy production on the vast fields of Afghanistan and get his farmers to grow food crops instead and there would be international agreement on Nuclear disarmament, we would not have guerilla groups that try to destroy.

What is really needed is a stock take of all the resources on this planet, especially the natural ones, taking account of people’s cultures develop an international consensus on which peaceful development of the world’s resources can take place,a s we really are all in the same boat, I mean on the same planet.

The two best suited persons organisations to do so are Prince Charles on one hand with his Rain forest project and HSBC bank on the other who have the local knowledge around the world in respect of people’s cultures in a business context.

One of the main and biggest conflicts to affect the planet are the Islam and Christian religion fighting it out between each other who dominates the world. As school children we learn how Hannibal led his elephants over the mountains of Spain to invade our lands or we learn about the Christian Knights invading Muslim countries and that conflict is still alive today. As soon as we all stop to strive for world “domination” and opt for peaceful tolerance instead the better.

The economy has lately been the biggest driving force for peace and we need to make sure that we can build on that essential corner-stone of international dialogue and build support for our populations. Yet this Labour government has not been able to strike the right balance and help us here in Britain but shifted emphasis elsewhere.  The last chance we’ll have as a planet is when the Earth warming is going to bite us harder and we’ll have to learn to work together to save us all.

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