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I have watched almost all detective stories, which are available on TV. Gone through all the classic British series from Minder to Vera. Now I turn to American series. Currently it’s NCIS: New Orleans. They actually promote the best version of family thinking I can accept.

Though it is a group of dedicated individuals who are not personally strongly engaged in private and personal family living, but who see their working group as family. This is most likely necessary if persons themselves do not have families they belong to.

After all detectives spend a lot of time on crime-fighting and are almost always available. Can only compare that to motherhood, whereby we are always available for our babies.

Detectives often come out on demand, regardless time of day, no 40 hour week, no 9-5. I don’t think one could survive this type of job if one had the classic idea of working hour and personal family life, ringfenced by working hours.

At least the NCIS: type of family is for law and order and relatively clean living. Detectives have changed a lot. In the early days, they would be chain-smoking, alcohol drinking and now they promote veganism and clean environments. Again, I must mention here that The Mentalist, portraits a clean-living, tea drinking detective.

Whilst all the American detective related serials also contain gun use and violence, the lifestyle of the crime fighters has become cleaner. British based stories are more alcohol and junk food rich but without guns.

It’s often been a core line in detective stories that the main detectives generally have wives, who eventually get tired of the long working hours of their husbands. With the NCIS: series, which is less sexist, we see all genders work together in a ‘family’ without having a homely sidekick waiting for them, complaining that they do not spend enough hours with the domestic partners.

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