Exploiting weakness

Just watching Natural World about the secrets of Nature’s arms races.

https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b08n9f6d/natural-world-20172018-3-natures-wildest-weapons-horns-tusks-and-antlers and it shows how smaller males can circumvent the strong males and mate with the female by using sneaky tactics. That is with dung beetles as with cattlefish. Small cattlefish, pretend to be female, go around the strong male and mate with the female anyhow.

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com

Small dungbeetles ignore the strong male on top of the chamber, dig down beside the chamber and dig a tunnel across and whilst the strong male sits on top, the sneaky small, weak male mates with the female.

Reminds me of the tactics that ‘Extinction Rebellion’ use to justify their desire to teach young people in resistance tactics. XR even managed to get a big grant from Big Lottery to do it.

XR simply used the same terminology that Neighbourhood Watch now uses, which is improve the wellbeing of local communities.

Whilst Neighbourhood Watch wants to improve the wellbeing by introducing lawful behaviour to reduce anti-social behaviour and reduce the crime rate, XR wants to improve wellbeing by teaching people passive resistance tactics and long-term hate of the current establishment to reduce global warming, they teach their followers to stage large demos.

Yet XR managed to dupe the Big Lottery into giving them money, which is amazing as they are quite rich already.

Justice seen Justice done

Justice seen Justice done

Justice seen Justice done

I am a proud participant in this Home Office initiative trying to engage local citizens in the keeping of law and order, combatting of anti-social behaviour.

See here my official photograph taken with my certificate for attending a day long course in London. I am already booked onto a residential course for community leaders in this respect.

I have started a Neighbourhood Watch on my estate and am on the Police & Community Safety Board Tower Hamlets with distinguished members such as Paul Rickett, Commander of the Tower Hamlets Police, Mr John Biggs, City Hall representative of local constituents and others.

I am hoping to be able to get a grant awarded to enable us here in Bethnal Green North to hold an event that will attract even more residents to actively participate in crime fighting.

Crime fighting for us residents doesn’t mean street patrols or snooping, its more to do with caring for they neighbour and looking out for each other. I personally do not think we can solve all the ills but get together to strengthen each other rather than face problems alone.

I am particularly concerned about lethargy, the attitude, well drug taking happens everywhere, its normal and we can’t do much about it. We can do something about it. We can achieve change to the high Tower Hamlets crime rate by reporting suspicious events to the Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

I started off on a personal basis, when I got concerned about mostly truanting children who caused misery to others on our estates and spent years working on those problems with a very down to earth aspect to it, because its our neighbourhood, we like to live in it and we all want to enjoy our dwellings, be able to walk down our streets without problems as well.

Of course such initiatives can never be used as stand alone, a lot of other services work on this as well, such as schools who want to improve truancy rates, social services who help families with problems and after care services from the police to stop youngster from re-offending. Housing has the duty to ensure homes are adequate too. I also believe that my particular area has a high percentage of disability benefit recipients and wonder about improving employment rates.

When speaking to a local mum in a local school I was alerted to the 999 events that took place in Victoria Park regularly and how much parents enjoyed taking their children for the day out to the park. It included displays from all emergency services, had horses, dog handler displays, helicopters, stalls and music. Maybe I can get some money from the Home Office to do something like that again, as local mums love to bring their children.

 I need more input and hopefully at the next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting at the Glasshouse on 25 May local residents can give me some good ideas to bring to the residential course and to apply for funding.

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