Good old NHS

The whole threats from HM Government to withdraw benefits from British Citizens who come from European countries can easily be circumvented in respect of NHS treatment.

Not for the NHS Covid App but for the main NHS App, you need to upload your passport to be accepted onto the platform. That is ample proof of citizenship. So the NHS cannot withhold treatment on the basis of notices that you are not British, if you up-loaded a valid British passport.

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I am currently contacting service providers and also send a copy of my British passport to them in case they get notice from HM Government to stop services, despite all the phone calls.

There is no excuse for this. What government cannot keep their records up-to-date?

Or is it that somebody who has a strong hate for all Europeans, has meddled with the data and destroyed it? It really reeks of hate of Europeans and trying to make their life hard.

Britain has a not so proud tradition of racism towards migrants. The European example shows it has nothing to do with colour.

Just wonder what will happen to the new immigrants from Afghanistan in a few years times. Make sure you keep your paperwork and old passports.

New NHS app

Got this message from my surgery that there is a new NHS app. I downloaded and registered. In order to do that, you need to

  1. take a photo of your passport
  2. record a video of yourself.

Once all this has been verified they accept you as user.

But if you are worried that the police use facial recognition, think NHS.

Do NHS dentists and GPs still exist?

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Whilst many people cannot find any dentist the ones who have will find it increasingly difficult to get any NHS treatment from that dentist.

My practise is called NHS and cosmetic practise. It seems though that they are more interested in selling treatment than providing the NHS treatment that is available.

At my last visit my dentist convinced me that I need to spend £52 on a tooth clean. Further enquries then revealed that one can get a free tooth clean on the NHS when the plague has reached a stage 4. My teeth were only at a stage 2 but my dentist didn’t tell me that at the time.

Unfortunately one cannot get the money back when one has paid that to a dentist. So where is the consumer protection there? Is ther any at all?

It seems to me that a dentist now actively refuses to refer patients for NHS dental treatment, even where that is possible, when they also sell the treatment on a private basis. Of course a dentist would damage their business prospects if they referred people for NHS treatment instead.

So why do we even get this illusion of NHS dentists running NHS services from half-private half-NHS practises?

Isn’t that just another attempt to phase out NHS dental services instead?

Even one of my GP’s from a church related medical practise wanted to convince me at my last visit that American style health care is the only viable solution to provide the services patients needs.

What patients are they talking about? The rich ones, who can afford it? Certinaly not the poor ones who could not afford any services if we get the expensive ones only.

Unreliable health

Whilst I thoroughly believe that the NHS is the best organisation to supply health services, I would also like to press for timely health services.

But because many NHS services now also provide dual private services, especially dentists, I find it difficult to get proper treatment plans.

I always find myself on the back-burner of attention.

Before I got a NHS dentist, the practise I used to attend, always fitted me in between the paying patients with very little time allocated for my treatment.

Now currently, with the NHS, I have been given a date to extract a very important tooth in my mouth, the tooth holds a denture in place but no plan whatsoever for the replacement of the denture.

I have now had to pull out of volunteering both for the British Swimming Championships and the UEFA World cup as volunteer because I do not get NHS treatment plans and/or predictions on how my health treatment will be progressed.

Some organisations do not mind using older volunteers, but also the older you get, the more health needs you may have.

Last year I felt invincible and worked on many national and world class events without any problems.

Since then I developed Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot, and Gout all over my body and also have dental problems.

Gout comes and goes in attacks but I made the doctor aware 3 years ago that I feel this is a problem for me but then gotten no treatment for it. Now it has taken a turn for the worst and Internet research shows me that Gout will never go away but will progressively get worst if untreated.

It is only now that I have been given some tablets, which need several weeks to establish.

Yet the competitions are held in April to June but I cannot be expected to go there without teeth and work as volunteer when nothing is agreed on how they plan to replace my denture.

The NHS knows that my lower jaw has been deformed through previous medical treatment, yet they do not want to give me dentures that are suitable for that condition. They keep on giving me dentures which are made of metal or plastic and constantly break.

Of course that forces me to pull out and give the organsations a chance to replace me with somebody else.

All these things take time to arrange.


No GP appointment available

I am registered with a local GP practise. I rang up this morning to make an appointment. Expecting a lengthy waiting time, I was amazed to be told that I cannot make any appointment at this time as they do not have any.

Not even online, on the Patient Access site are any appointments to be booked.

It’s totally unacceptable.

My GP surgery is completely closed on Thursday afternoons.

When ringing the GP when closed you are supposed to get put through to the community health services. That put me on a loop, being put onto the same answer machine message 3 times without any recourse on contacting my GP.

On the GP website is a link to an online consulation service, asking for symptoms I answered questions. They then came up with the warning, contact your GP immediately to make an appointment.

Yet the GP does not offer any appointments nor do they answer the phone on a Thursday.

I shall make a written complaint to my councillors, the local MP and also to the GP surgery directly.

It’s totally unsatisfactory that local GPs do not offer any appointments to patients.

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