The conscience of a nation

Justin Welby brings sense and sensibility into this country at Christmas when he voices his concerns about the direction the country is travelling in:

  • the increase in homelessness
  • the domestic debt increase and inability to pay back
  • increase in food bank use

Why do we need a man of God to tell us that we are becoming less and less human?

It is probably the fault of our economic system and how we administer success. Paying for services rendered but showing little respect for people’s need of abode, nourishment and social needs.

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We have become a solely profit oriented society and the recent votes towards the political party, which masters profiteering has been given the largest majority to give us more of that.

Our laws should need to change, it should become illegal to tolerate homelessness and poverty.

Every council should have an absolute duty to house every individual in their area and business should have to pay a homeless levy.

It really doesn’t help that profit making is the ultimate goal of our society and indiviudals within it.

Less people concentrate more of the pool of money in circulation and the ever increasing poor rely on the charity of those having accumulated all the cash.

We do not need God to help us, we need to help ourselves and cynically it is a man of God who has to remind us of our worldly duties.

UK elderly among poorest in the EU

Elderly woman from Great Britain

Elderly woman from Great Britain

According to the latest EU statistics, it should concern us that not only our children but now also our elderly are classed as being amongst the poorest in Europe and we have the 4. highest level of poverty and rank behind Romania. This BBC report alerted me to the problem.

These shocking news come after 12 years of Labour government and both Age Concern and Help the Aged lobby government to boost the lifestyles of the elderly in the UK.

Almost 1/3 of all over 65’s in the UK live in poverty, and we are equal to Lithuania in our ranking here. So why do so many say, the EU is not good for us because other states are too poor? The EU average of pensioner poverty is only 19%.

I just wonder why the pensioners are so poor in Britain, is it because they never earned enough money or is it because they spent their money supporting their children instead of saving it and leaving it in one tidy lump sum upon their death?

One reason for the poverty levels is a low up-take of benefit claims because pensioners find the complicated form filling too much. It is quite true, that the average person now has difficulty to fill in the forms as they are daunting and much too complicated unless one has a university degree and a high, above average IQ.

The system must be user friendly and not just theoretically there, it must be able to serve those for whom it is intended and as the customer is always right, in this instance the customer is not even able to take up the offer of the service. Alternatively if the users are unable to use the service then help must be made available to do so.

It is a concern that one of the most vulnerable groups in our society do not get enough support. Since the large family style of living has been discarded in favour of the small family unit and pensioners now live by themselves rather than with children who continue to support them, we must make sure proper support systems are in place. In the UK we do not have a Pensioners’ Party as they exist in Israel, Serbia, Italy, Norway, Sweden, Scotland Israel and Poland.

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