The pompeous

Enjoyed the opening of parliament today and the Queen’s speech, which mentioned 12 years of quality education for ‘girls’. Whilst at another occasion a judge ruled it is unlawful to ask whether a transgender person is male or female.

How would one know whether a person is trans-gender just by looking at them? I spoke to a neighbour, identifying as female and she said, nobody could ever find out she has ever been a man.

So I think the definition of gender needs some serious work.

Why did the Queen mention only girls’ education? Taking 18 as the ceiling it would enable girls to enjoy quality education from the age of 5. I would ask the Queen to guarantee a quality education for each person, rather than only for girls.

Otherwise I enjoyed the pomp and circumstance. I think dressing up into uniforms and looking pompeous stops people from being aggressive towards each other and preserves a dignified atmosphere.

I am a bit disappointed that the Speaker is not wearing a wig but look forward to a less aggressive and quick to throw arguments into people’s faces kind of speaker. Hoping the atmosphere in parliament is getting more settled and qualitative improved, the kind of discussion that validates the dressing up and equals quality of words with the quality of uniforms.

Just wondering whether the Queen would ratify every election result because if I look at some progressive countries like Holland, where they have legalised cannabis and where prosecutors of drug barons get shot in the street, I just wonder whether the Queen could refuse a government that bends the Church of England rules towards humanity for example and would refuse the Eutanasia ideas of Humanists and Animals Rights activists for example.

It’s good on her though that she still can deliver those speeches, with another becoming due at Christmas. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Boris lashes out at Supreme Court

In a live interview, Boris’s cynical position now actually calls the Supreme Court as having delivered a wrong decision. Is Boris plainly deluded?

Boris is most likely not going to resign, it is a current strategy of the Conservative Government to defy the negativity and carry on regardless.

Boris still wants to leave the EU on 31. October but parliament will return tomorrow at 11:30 to have the time in the Lower House, which is normally Prime Minister’s Question time.

He does behave like a Dictator, totally unphased by calls for him to resign, unphased by having broken the law, unphased by not having a parliamentary majority. Perhaps he lives in a parallel universe but keeps to the principle carry on regardless. But ‘Keep calm and carry on’ was supposed to be for activities in the national interest and not going against the lawful intentions of government.

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