culturally pre-occupied

I think it is wrong to use the term racism when accusing the UK of being institutionally racist. The UK is culturally pre-occupied. It’s about the culture not the race.

Literally the UK allows anybody who accepts the culture top-jobs.

UK not deliberatelly rigged against ethnic minorities. BBC source.

White supremacy in British sport today

I welcome it that in Football valiant efforts are made to eradicate racism, especially within the spectator ranks. The discussion was whether to stop matches if racist attacks get too bad because players are of ethnic origin. At least football makes it easy for racial integration. Athletics is also nice and multi-ethnic with Dina Asher-Smith winning the Sports woman of the year award.

There are however other sports in Britain, which are mainly white and little effort is made to weave in ethnic participants, often because the taking part is expensive and so it happens that only rich people actually can afford it.

I won’t name any names and will make it impossible to actually identify who was involved but to share the situation with you:

A major British sports organisation, also part of Sport England, recently published a picture of a new set of sponsored sports coaches, who get trained to get active on the national level to support British sports athletes. The picture showed 95% of white males and 1 white female.

I made a comment saying that I wish more effort was made to include ethnic and/or female coaches. I did not say anything that the selected coaches were only selected because they were white males and I did not doubt that the selected coaches were excellent coaches. I merely wanted to point out that the sport would benefit from more ethnic participation.

Here is a reply I got from one who was offended:

“I have removed your comments from social media as I find them very offensive and take away from my achievement. Is there something wrong with being a white male nowadays as this seems to be the issue for many people. Hard work has got me to this level, not because I am a white male”.

I do not doubt that there is plenty of hard work involved what I want to know why there are only white males getting involved into the top coaching level of that sport. Nobody wants to take away from that person’s achievementes.

Obviously that person who wrote to me, has little understanding of the issues and seems to feel attacked by the fact that I asked why only white males are involved and doesn’t want to even think about that non-whites could get involved too.

Because it is very important to reduce crime rates in our local areas by getting more ethnic minorities involved in sport and other activities and ethnic minorities will be more likely to get involved if they can identify with their peers.

I publish this openly because I do not want to get involved in private conversations of that sort on an encrypted social media channel.

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