Media perception

How well a person is portrait in common media perception is now so important to people that many wouldn’t even dare to complain about a ‘positive media personality’.

Yesterday’s ‘Law and Order UK’ dealt with a sex pest gynaecologist who abused, tortured patients. It was extremely difficult to get a conviction for rape because everybody was absolutely mesmerised by ridiculous lies and excuses.

He was this pillar in the community figure, raised money for charity and even rape support groups. Yet, he personally saw his patients as toys and even his wife committed suicide because he was cruel to her too.

A first attempt for a rape conviction failed because no other victims came forward but the officer who happened to come across him as patient. The jury found against the women, even though she had filmed the whole thing.

The only way to get others to come forward was to arrest the doctor in front of a big media contingent, who reported about the arrest in the media so the holy perception was broken.

Why is it so difficult to see rape as rape and convict a guy? Especially in a doctor’s setting, any doctor having sex with a patient in the consulting room should be struck off without even a trial.


5 years for loss of a child’s life

Baby Peter, The little Boy who got killed by neglect

Baby Peter, The little Boy who got killed by neglect

Having just heard that Baby Peter’s mother only got a minimum term of 5 years to serve, I shall comment that I feel quite¬†perplexed about that.

In cases like this I normally refrain from saying anything because I think there are learning disabilities involved and what I feel needs to happen is a structured plan to ensure supervision forever for this woman.

I do not know anything about any medical conditions involved here and therefore am unable to comment and find the news reporting didn’t help me at all to make a rounded picture about the case of the mother or the others involved.

Just having read 2 hours earlier that another man involved in this case has been jailed for the rape of a 2-year old I am absolutely appalled how so much depravity could happen. Not a good recommendation for modern society I think.

Persons with learning disabilities so severe, need constant supervision. Such persons should never be left alone with children and often take years to learn things.

Such people are often completely dependant on their peers and act as they feel is expected of them to be good.

Sticking such people into jail will not help them learn, they must be constantly supervised after and should never again be allowed to deal with children. Pretty difficult in our modern society.

In the case of such learning disability I think it is irresponsible to allow people with severe learning disabilities to have the same rights as any other adult. How to prevent such persons to deal with children is another question that is very difficult to answer. I think the best way would be to order such persons to reside in sheltered accommodation for the rest of their lives or in specially adapted environments. Such persons are often perfect liars that know exactly what the person they are speaking to wants to hear, as this is the nature of that disability that such persons are highly adaptable but have no social conscience of right or wrong and can’t even stop when their own child is concerned.

Update on 27-5-09, as I’ve just read on the BBC, the Attorney General is looking into the case papers to see whether the case should be referred to the Court of Appeal for the lenient sentencing, thanks to the Sun’s appeal, I think.

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