Right-wing extremism

the development of which is a real danger for Britain today. The Big Society is the breeding ground for extremists of all sorts.

We cannot categorise a person as left- or right-wing whether they are white or not, we have to categorise them by religion and/or traditional behaviour towards their religious doctrine.

We need to re-evaluate the systemic fascist bevaviour that may or may not be religious because the orientation towards a god-like persona, whether living or dead is the main attraction in those movements. Domestic abuse is an indicator of wide-spread day-to-day facism.

Boaz’s book of ‘The politics of Freedom’ are a symphony’ to praise venture Capitalism and with it comes the religion of exploitation of the moment to help the venture individual become rich and successful.

With the Big Society, the Conservatives developed the red herring of Brexit, a concept that runs right through their tenure of government. Whenever they needed something to talk about, it was/is Brexit.

Newsnight’s data – obtained under the Freedom of Information Act – revealed there were 322,250 RUI cases between April 2017 to October this year. Of these, 93,098 related to violence against a person and sexual offences cases.

All pressing current issues were ignored. Right-wing extremists are not necessarily white these days, they can come from all backgrounds and Usman Khan, the recent London Bridge terrorist is the dead proof of it. He got a ‘get out of jail’ card without proper scrutiny but it would have been apparent to specialists that he is definately a terrorist risk. Yet there was no money available to properly assess or monitor him as the government spent millions on Brexit preparations instead, putting all our security at risk.

_rui_offences-ncIn fact 93.000 suspectd violent criminals and sex offenders – were released since 2017 into society without restrictions. The government changed the rules on pre-charge bail in 2017. People suspected of offences including rape and murder have been among those “Released Under Investigation” (RUI). Such persons could have an immense effect on society because they may have a different attitude towards democracy and freedom of the individual among other things.

This means suspected offenders who could be part of a certain ideology could be released without jail back into society and severely affect the fabric of society.

Politics is evolving very fast and we cannot keep getting stuck to old and no longer reliable concepts. Multi-nationalism and international movement puts a stop to that.

Whenever I write to a government department, the answer that the minister is just changing prevents a meaningful dialogue. Many voluntary organisations are primarily staffed with those who can afford to spend the time and energy to do those roles. That in itself indicates, the persons are well off and from a middle to upper class background. There are a few organisations who meet through need like those around Grenfell Tower and victims of crime of some sort, who meet whenever they can.

The ability to organise these days is severely restricted through changing working patterns. The change in working patterns was orchestrated on purpose so the so-called working classes could no longer meet and organise themselves on a regular basis.

Only those who are established and well off can find the resources to dedicate themselves to the Big Society, they are also the least likely wanting to rebell.

Wealth concentration is spiralling towards a smaller elite whilst the masses are kept in some poverty and ever bigger dependance on the charity donations that fewer people are able to give.

The Labour policies currently pushed by the Labour Party are there to counter this development and it is necessary to re-establish some level of playing field for society to flourish.


right-wing, left-wing

I received an e-mail today from an organisation called 38 Degrees, people, power, change expressing concern about the future of the Independent newspaper.

There is some rhetoric in that e-mail calling someone right-wing. I must say it is this easy classification into right and left-wing that drove me into the arms of the Conservatives because they do not use such phraseology.

It has become a very bad habit of all those calling themselves left, that they call anything, they disapprove of, right-wing, as to warn their followers, that something is bad and has to be avoided.

The e-mail describes their fears of what could happen if someone called Rod Little became editor of the Independent newspaper and then there follows a description of what he has said.

The e-mail warns that Rod Little is notorious of attacking women’s rights. Aha, my mind went into immediate alarm mode, as I am one of the most independent women I know and I do not want to have my freedom of choice to be removed under any circumstances. I then read on to see and I quote from the e-mail, that quote is supposed to be by Rod Little:  “The vast majority of women with very small children are, by their own admissions, useless at their jobs.” (2005).

I thought wait a minute, I actually agree with that statement and I blogged about it before how useless I think the New Labour policy is of inviting women with newborns for job interviews, when there are no jobs and they have the nursing of their small infants to preoccupy their minds with. I don’t think it is right-wing to say that women with small children feel they are useless at their jobs and find that often enough the “left” try to brush away simple medical facts with a warning that because this is right-wing it must be bad.

It is this over-simplified logic that made me feel in the wrong place in any left-centre political environment. I disagree that women must be driven into work and have less and less time for their families and children. But I strongly want to protect the right of women not to want a family and get into a profession instead. But for those who wish to be a housewife, they should have that choice.

Then the e-mail follows on to quote this supposed remark from Rod Little: “The overwhelming majority of street crime, knife crime, gun crime, robbery and crimes of sexual violence in London is carried out by young men from the African-Caribbean community. Of course, in return, we have rap music, goat curry and a far more vibrant and diverse understanding of cultures which were once alien to us. For which, many thanks.” (2009).

Well it is a bit cynical in tone but it might be correct statistically and I think it is fair comment. But why call it right-wing and alarming when it is a mere and simple fact.

That is followed by another supposed quote from Rod Little, which reads as this: “Time for a quick update on what the Muslim savages are up to. Here’s a story from today’s Daily Mail, with a cut-out-keep picture, of Somali Muslim savages stoning to a twenty year old woman for the crime of adultery. … Incidentally, many Somalis have come to Britain as immigrants recently, where they are widely admired for their strong work ethic, respect for the law and keen, piercing, intelligence.” (2009)

This I really don’t like that Somalis are depicted as hard-working and that the stoning to death of a 20-year-old young women is not more regretted than it is in this story. There the stoning is almost excused with the fact that those people are hard-working.

After that e-mail I feel I should write to Mr Alexander Lebedev myself to ask whether I could have the job as editor, as I have been a victim of left-wing propaganda myself.

That Rod Little is thought to frequently attack the science of climate change will most likely end up costing the owner of the paper money because it is now a quite established science and worldwide accepted. I do not think that Mr Lebedev wants to lose himself readers by allowing the propagation of unsubstantiated scientific meddling. After all a paper is a business and it needs to sell those copies and I doubt British readers would buy the paper if it published indigestible rubbish.

Generally I am sick and tired of the “Arbeit Macht Frei” mentality, that one only is a proper human if one has got a job. The right and the left have both dangerous allegiances to that.

On one hand the implied attitude (my interpretation, that is how I understand the remark about the Somalians) that hard-working people are excused to stone an adultress to death and on the other the left who want women to deny their motherhood and go to work instead.

In publishing words can be twisted and interpreted in many ways and its often what is said between the lines that gives impressions and makes the reader think in certain directions that is the jest of what has been written. The context of reality can be irresistibly strained.

It doesn’t matter who says something, whether its called left or right it is the content of what’s said that is important to me and unfortunately today, it is very hard to qualify a statement because many do not know where an argument leads to and rather look at who has said it, instead of looking of what has been said.

Both camps seem to be playing a game of good cop, bad cop with us, blaming each other for all ills of this world. But this is not British is it? the British are so world-famous for their laid back attitude, the Americans are equally relaxed in style.

What happened to taking it easy and enjoying ourselves? Maybe I should start a Facebook Group, “we want our hippies back!!!”

The Hippies proved to be good business and started a huge music industry. And surprise, surprise that economic renaissance took place largely under a Conservative government. So lets bring some fun back into life and lets work, rest and play and not just be miserable for another five years under Labour.

Somewhere over the rainbow

Rainbow Flag

Rainbow Flag

The Sunday Mirror’s political editor Vincent Moss is going fishing in a paper boat that is about to be sunk. According to the latest ICM poll the Liberals are to expect more votes than Labour in the next general election, pushing Labour into third place.

David Cameron strikes me as someone in the middle of the road who tries to get everyone under his umbrella.

On 30 June 2009 David attended the event “Pride at the Paramount”, a celebration of gay pride, and in the Sunday Mirror we read that David Cameron is impliedly best friends with people like Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who said, according to the Sunday Mirror, homosexuality would lead to the “downfall of civilisation”. Is it a qualitative or better non qualitative trait of New Labour and reporters of Labour friendly papers that they indistinctly exaggerate to produce false impressions?

If we dig deep enough we’d find that probably even Vincent Moss once in a while says something that is unwise or not quite fit to be printed. Maybe a distant relation knows someone who had at some time something to do with some kind of crime like most of us do or knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else who is a member of an undesirable organisation.

Again and again we hear the Conservative distance themselves strongly from the BNP, to the point that even Boris Johnson said, during his election campaign that he doesn’t want any votes from BNP members and now the Sunday Mirror tries to create an impression that David Cameron wants to be best friends with Polish right-wingers.

Its’ a little bit far fetched, isn’t it!

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