Don’t memorise unless you have to

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Our brains are a little bit like a computer. We have the Random Access Memory (RAM) and the Read Only Memory (ROM). The more memory we purchase for our computers, the more we can put into it permanently.

Humans also have emotional intelligence, stuff that is recalled from our brain’s memory through emotional triggers, e.g. what is nice and what is frightening.

I tend not to memorise at all unless I have to. That is making the most use of the brain capacity I have. The more you stuff into your memory, the less capacity you have to be creative.

That is my thesis and I believe it is true.

Why punish people if they cannot recall things out of memory when it is easy to look it up in library type storage and retrieve the skill that goes with it. Why remember all this stuff?

As long as a person has flexibility to carry out activities ad hoc and do it quickly and within context, I think that the ability to recall from memory is next to useless.

I think humans may have lost the instinct for survival with respect to planet health because they memorise too much static fact and loose their instincts because of it.

Einstein had a very bad memory and he is my only hope for excusing my bad memory.

There’s a famous quote that is attributed to Albert Einstein: “Never memorise something that you can look up.” … Of course, if the story is true, that was Einstein and he had better and more complicated things to remember. He didn’t need to clutter his mind with things that could easily be looked up.

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