Emily Thornbury

I was very impressed about what Emily had to say about the Royal Family and the Prince Harry and Megan situation.

She rightly said that Prince Harry has spent all his life for the country, served in Afghanistan and now must have the right to do what he thinks is right for his family and get protection from our nation for his family.

What I do not understand is that, whilst we have all these privacy laws for normal people, royals don’t seem to have the same rights.

As a member of a royal family the public practically owns you. Where is their right to privacy?

I think that this odd situation about being unable to enjoy freedom of movement like anybody else or privacy seems to make a case for not continuing royalty.

Why should a nation of people have the right to discuss the movements of a member of the royal family and why should a member of the royal family have to ask permission from the nation about whether they can move to Canada or not?

Everybody else has the right to emigrate or immigrate or engage in business arrangements of their own chosing.

It seems to me that the Royal family in Britain is now very much enslaved to the media and public opinion rather than having actually any decisive role in this country.

Not even the fact that they have a large property portfolio makes a case against this being a case of modern luxury slavery.

Good luck Harry and Meghan

Just watched on ITV about Harry and Meghan’s visit to Africa and I wish them the best of luck with their forthcoming legal battle against the tabloid press.

They both do such a lot of very important work in that continent of Africa, it is of inmeasurable value to society as a whole and to those people in the continet.

It is kind of their job to live their lives in the public eye and the press should show respect rather than cause as much trouble as possible to create sensational stories.

Somebody on Facebook said, that Meghan and Harry are hypocrates because they mention green living but use private planes to go around.

I would accept that argument if the Royal couple were using private planes more than other similar people. In their circles using private planes is the norm and until it becomes generally unacceptable I think we have no right to over-critisize them, because we do not critisize and name and shame other users to the same extent.

I would accept a naming and shaming statistic that includes their name but not the isolating pin-pointing.

I watched this interview with a Extinction Rebellion demonstrator and she admitted on camera that she had come to the protest in her own car and she defended this because people just use cars – not electric cars – at the moment and that demonstrating against it might change the general mood against using them.

The good Harry and Meghan do in their work, definitely outweighs the bad things and I think it is more than rude to sensationalise their normal struggles as if we do not have them.


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