Emily Thornbury

I was very impressed about what Emily had to say about the Royal Family and the Prince Harry and Megan situation.

She rightly said that Prince Harry has spent all his life for the country, served in Afghanistan and now must have the right to do what he thinks is right for his family and get protection from our nation for his family.

What I do not understand is that, whilst we have all these privacy laws for normal people, royals don’t seem to have the same rights.

As a member of a royal family the public practically owns you. Where is their right to privacy?

I think that this odd situation about being unable to enjoy freedom of movement like anybody else or privacy seems to make a case for not continuing royalty.

Why should a nation of people have the right to discuss the movements of a member of the royal family and why should a member of the royal family have to ask permission from the nation about whether they can move to Canada or not?

Everybody else has the right to emigrate or immigrate or engage in business arrangements of their own chosing.

It seems to me that the Royal family in Britain is now very much enslaved to the media and public opinion rather than having actually any decisive role in this country.

Not even the fact that they have a large property portfolio makes a case against this being a case of modern luxury slavery.

U-turn about Europe

Even Armenia used to have a Monarch once.  Tigranes the Great 95 BC - 55 BC

Even Armenia used to have a Monarch once. Tigranes the Great 95 BC - 55 BC

Just had the latest Conservative election promo through my door, delivered by the Post man. In the past we had to deliver the local leaflets ourselves.  Quite a good idea to let the postman do it, as with the ever increasing numbers of flats one has severe difficulty reaching them all, especially when they have entry door systems.

The Conservative leaflet is of course very impressive just by looking at graphical layout and clarity of information.

All statements are clearly referenced too.

I love the Conservative idea about keeping out of Europe, but need to rely on European legislation in my own cases because unfortunately I am not given any legal aid, and the other side in one case is actually a German company, who spread all the rumours in the first place.

It is always hard going back a step once things have gotten into motion and I bet that is the only reason why Gordon Brown doesn’t call a general election, so his dealings about the EU cannot be undone.

I am experiencing on a very personal basis how Labour Party members are trumpeting out the story lines the German company Der Spiegel invented and so the European flair on publication is firmly cemented into the proceedings.

I sometimes think the court refused jurisdiction so that they don’t get embroiled in the European aspect of this case but unfortunately Labour has ensured it is the case.

I quite agree British independence is important because the Britishness of the past has always ensured fairness and interventions necessary to prevent foreign atrocities.  I don’t think Britain’s identity will remain quite the same if it has to undergo a personality change and even surrender its army to the EU.

I thought Britain as an island of intellectual and economic prosperity and taking away the British independence will tear on British self-affirmation.

Europe will have a negative effect on any monarchy and is therefore not open to constitutional self-regulation, as this would be necessary for the UK to continue. Gordon Brown made every effort to strip the UK of as many hereditary privileges as he could during his reign, of course assisted by Tony Blair who started it all off.

I would like to see more energy of the Royals to defend their positions and think that the UK’s residents would give support alongside.

Especially the matter of hereditary peers, it is a crying shame that history and personal determination of land should be neglected to make way for even more elected peers who have no direct connection to the land and not to the extend as hereditary ones have. I most adamant that this direct connection to the land and its social fibre to other peerage made Britain what is was today. It is often only the House of Lords that deliver decisions that defend the most vulnerable in our society.

As Margaret Thatcher so rightly determined it is the conscious and continuous personal responsibility that gives political decisions a long-term validity and provides strength and coordination. Were we merely reliant on 5 year long elected politicians we would get ourselves into even more trouble than the recent banking crises put us in.

The banking crises is reminder of what short term business and political planning will achieve.

That Gordon Brown is a tw0-faced man is quite obvious in his changing of the mind in more than a pictorial manner. His British jobs for British workers promise is in direct conflict with his political strategy and decisions, which are broadly based on complete internationalisation of political governance, and as little local power over jobs and business as possible. The man doesn’t know what he is talking about.

I have never felt so bad about politics than I did when Labour was in power for all this time. Even though having been a Social Democrateand Labour Party member for most of my life,  I now oppose the political system that restricts itself to a part-time responsibility for decision making. That is the worst by-productive of today’s democracy.

There are still 12 monarchies in Europe including the Pope.  Has anyone ever looked at Europe from this perspective of Royal connections? In the past the independence of Kingdoms was always very important to the reigning monarchs.

Crown and sceptre, symbol of power for a reigning Monarch

Crown and sceptre, symbol of power for a reigning Monarch

I can already see King Charles! Bring it on. A monarch can hardly run away from his responsibilities and the life-long responsibility ensures decisions that are made to last and not only for a term, with short-term gains for those making them. Too much short-term decision making is the downfall of our society and only individuals will benefit. This leads to corruption. Sorry to spread doom and gloom again but lets just hope for the best and Long live the Queen.

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