Healthcare or the lack of it

People should complain about their healthcare if they are unhappy with it.

I had operations as a teenager in Germany and now can’t get proper treatment following on from that in this country, so I presume.

I had all my orthopaedic health records sent to me from the German hospital and took them to my GP who refused to even look at them.

When I got an x-ray of my spine, the consultant diagnosed a severe degradation of my spine, which is totally wrong as I had the vertebraes detached from my spine and re-attached using bone from my hip to stiffen spine. This is what was done in one of the first scoliosis operation of that kind decades ago in 1964. It’s just that the average British doctor doesn’t know about it and doesn’t know what it looks like on an x-ray. Because here in Britain spines do not get corrected using this method, they insert steel rods into the body instead.

My spine is actually quite strong, as the treatment enforced the spine and almost doubled the durability and strength. I made a complaint and was asked to come to the hospital, lay on my chest and the doctor then pressed onto my spine as to test how strong it was, after I had made a written complaint.

Now, I get symptoms. which seem to be arthritis because there is some swelling around my joints, but with arthritis also comes stiffness of the joints and I certainly do not have any stiffness, my joints are as flexible as ever.

My foot was diagnosed with Plantar Fasciitis and that restricts my ability to walk and is painful all the way up to the hip.

I also find that my dental treatment really lacks proper planning.

When I was a child I was put into a steel corset that was rested onto my hips and 4 steel rods, 2 at the front and 2 at the back were leading to head rests at the front and back of my head. These steel rods were stretched each day by a fraction of a cm for the duration of about a year. The front was pressing against my jaw for over a year. During that year the pressure of my jaw was severe. In that year, my spine was stretched by 12 cm because of my scoliosis. The following operation as mentioned above, made my spine unable to collapse back again.

Yet, the pressure on my jaw now causes problems as my lower jaw is mis-placed. Any denture I get now keeps on breaking. I have been given a metal based denture, which now also has already broken 3 times because my muscles are really quite strong.

Yet, I have not even been offered a replacement denture, I had to glue it with super glue and it is not even well glued.

So I was sent to the dental hospital and they said one of my teeth has to be removed because of a cyst around it but I have not been given any treatment plan what is to be done after a tooth that is essential to the fit of my current denture has been removed.

The metal parts would seriously damage my mouth.

I think if they cannot make me a denture that fits, they should give me tooth implants, yet my dentist so far has not even referred me, even though the hospital says they would accept a referral and assess the situation once received.

I have now come to the conclusion that only formal complaints can help me get a proper treatment plan. Because the NHS simply does not improve their procedures if people do not complain.

I am horrified when I watch those TV series about doctors and hospitals and how much time doctors spend on working out their own relationships and spend treating their own friends, I do hope that this is not real and just a drama.



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