Just came across this story of Barbados wanting to remove the Queen as Head of State by 2021.

So I’m thinking, hm Island, where is it, ah, in the middle of the ocean off South America in the Atlantic.

Then I start to calculate how long it will take this wonderful Island – if not to perish but significantly decrease in size through rising ocean levels because we do have a thing called earth warming.

An island that is surrounded by water, which is likely to rise, is probably better off with a great connection to a nation with lots of land like Britain and the Commonwealth has many opportunities for small island based nations.

I think Britain has come on in leaps and bounds to do with shaking off the past attitudes of conquerors and colonial slavery past. Even our local schools have renamed themselves to shake it off.

Well, good luck to all those who live there.

Keeping the poor in poverty

This government’s employment, education and housing strategy is mainly aimed at keeping the poor in a position of legal servitude. We have entered the age of modern slavery.

“The government had an opportunity to help support the most disadvantaged people in the UK but has instead wasted over half a million pounds,” said Lord Jay, chairman of the EU Home Affairs Sub-Committee.

The government even refuses to spend £3.5 Million of Eurpoean Union Funding for the alleviation of child poverty and already had to hand back £580.000 of unspent cash, given by the EU as funding to the UK.

So all those Brexit arguments saying we could spend money we give to the EU on ourselves, is simply a lying trick to hype up the Brexit agenda. They have no intention of making things better for our poor families.  See source article. 

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