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I have just woken up to a dire situation whereby I realised that I pay double the meter charge that I would have to pay with the cheapest offer on the market today. Even the KW unit price is available much cheaper than what I get at the moment with my current supplier.

Just wondering why do energy suppliers do it? They offer an inital cheap offer, fixed for a year, then, suddenly they drop you off that bargain price and put you on an incredibly expensive tariff.

Do they think you just keep on paying?

So we energy users are kept moving, almost yearly, from supplier to supplier because we can only get the cheaper tariffs if we are new customers who sign up online and choose online management.

So far I have not had a smart meter, apparently they do not work when you change suppliers and you have no choice but to change suppliers frequently because the prices get hiked up after the initial sign-up period.

We customers we just have to go with the flow.

Whilst my biggest spending period is now over, at least I can rest assured that my new tariff will over next Christmas and beyond.

With bigger suppliers we stand a better chance of getting green energy as their networks are well developed.

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