Falling snow

Watching all films in the Snowfall series and it is a stark reminder how the drug trade is propelled by a US CIA agent who sanctions the import of cocain from Columbia via Mexico in order to make money because he wants to fund the Contras in Nicaragua.

Once local US families established a viable drug trade the US government agents allowed the trade to expand and little was done to stop and/or prosecute the drug dealers.

This destroyed a lot of lives and communities.

A local cop, who genuinly tries to fight the local drug dealers gets suspended because a lot of pressure is on the police to turn a blind eye.

Once in the drug trade it is almost impossible to get out of it. Governments who allow drug trade to go on, only allow as much as they want and then the people doing it, get treated as criminals; risking being killed by other criminals or sentenced for very long in a jail. If it is found out they became informers then the treatment from other criminals gets very brutal.

The only message those films give is to never get involved in any type of drug trade.

  • do not take drugs
  • do not deal drugs
  • do not tolerate drug dealing

The CIA agent actually sanctions the killing of other agents to fulfil his dream to make buy weapoons for Nicaraguan Contra rebels.

Unfortunately us little people have not enough influence on what’s happening in all these secret channels of governments. They are not accountable enough.

The CIA agent promises his colleague that in the end all drug dealers and networks will be stopped, once he made enough money to help the Nicaraguan Contras. The woman agent who fell for that, got killed by a drug lord and dissolved in acid in the ground, witnessed by a government agent. 

These are very gruesome ongoings and should deter anybody who thinks about it to ever get involved in drug dealing. Watch the whole thing in succession to understand what is going on in the films.

On the local level, even today, in real life, many people wonder and complain that not enough is done to stop drug dealing on our streets. We need to make sure that the police stop the criminals and do not turn any blind eyes.

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