Important curb on Human Rights

That you are now getting your Jobseekers Benefit suspended, for further investigations, if you do any type of unpaid, voluntary work in your spare time, is an important breach into the Right to a Private and Family Life.

Especially Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation that forms from residents within a local area who simply want to protect themselves from crime and help the vulnerable neighbours.

That people are now not allowed to go to meetings with local friends and that such activity infringes a right to Jobseekers Allowance is an unlawful breach of an Important Human Right.

Unfortunately I have no energy, money, nor do I get any legal assistance to fight them. But if anybody is interested looking into this it would be good.

At the moment I am scared to go to meetings with neighbours because the DWP is investigating my activities and I have made a claim for Jobseekers Allowance on 15 April 2013 and that is now frozen till 18 June 2013, so that an investigation into the way I spend my time can be carried out.

I apply for about 3 jobs per day, have been to a job interview when asked to, so the DWP cannot accuse me of not following the rules on Unemployment benefit, but regardless they breach all rules just to get permission to snoop into people’s private lives that way.

Previously the DWP only suspended your benefits if you did unpaid voluntary work and refused the work through the Work Program, but I have not even been put on the work program and they already suspend my benefits for going to meetings with neighbours in my spare time for the purpose to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in my area. Neighbourhood Watch works closely with the local police but DWP doesn’t like this.

My whole family now gets terrorised by the DWP, family members get called to their office and threatened with legal action for no reason. Other family members get DWP letters on their birthdays to announce benefit changes. It is quite obvious that we are being stalked by DWP.  Important decisions always fall on birthday dates of family members.

I have not been accused of any law breaches at all, but simply the fact that I am unemployed gives the government the right to suspend my benefits if I go out of my house and do other things than shopping or looking for work.

The treatment we get is worst than being given a curfew or restricted rights via a court order. The DWP just takes over our whole lives.

What also gives them the right to investigate every corner of your life is the fact that you give a data sharing consent as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Therefore I withdrew all data sharing consent I gave to Met Police because the combination of Met Police data sharing consent and DWP investigations just about ruins people’s lives.

I hae also been informed by the Chair of the London Association that Human Rights Laws do not apply to Volunteers. So another reason not to volunteer.

Death by hand gun the statistics

People killed in 2011 by use of handguns legally or illegally are:

  1. Great Britain = 8 (Pop 62.500.000)
  2. Sweden = 21 (Pop 9.540.065
  3. Switzerland = 34 (Pop  8.000.000)
  4. Germany=  42 (Pop 82.000.000)
  5. Japan = 48 (Pop 127.500.00)
  6. Canada = 52 (Pop 35.000.000)
  7. Israel = 58 (Pop 7.950.000)
  8. United States 10,728 (Pop 315.000.000)

It must be said that the ratio of death per 1000’s of population ratio is particularly  high both for Switzerland and Israel. It would be interesting to compare other statistics alongside, e.g. deaths by traffic accident or various health conditions for example. Statistics of substance and alcohol abuse are also important.

Showing is the fact that prohibition of ownership does not stop use as Britain is an example of this but having easy access makes it an ‘easy’ solution for many to solve problems with.  The US has roughly over 200 times more gun killings than Canada and Japan but US has 10 times more people than Canada and only 3 times more than Japan when Japan is a tiny country compared to the US, it doesn’t make sense to say that close living causes the stress that makes people kill.


I do not know about the law in those countries about gun ownership. However I came across another set of interesting statistics about the causes of death and the article says that death by Baseball bat is the biggest culprit. See the picture.

Good News for children around the world

Now even Australia follows suit and starts a child abuse investigation. I am greatly in favour of stopping institutionalised child abuse, which most often starts with big institutions and has to some extent always children in care involved. Care is the ideal breeding ground for child abuse as there is no emotionally attached adult able to stop the abuse to a child. That is how families work, in a family the caring parent always helps the child because they love it. Love is something that is always missing in care environments, the right kind of love, the kind of love that loves a child without sexually abusing it. What it means to love a child is to help it to become an adult without getting anything in return.

Now I come to think that actually Gordon Brown was the big ambassador for unconditional love because all the children in the western world can thank him for initiating that process that helped free children from global abuse. Gordon Brown, the most vilified premier in British history, dared to outlaw child physical punishment in schools and by parents, which is the most important fact in the process that helped to stop child abuse generally.Incidentally was the most hounded premier by the British press.  That makes me think again. Maybe he was the most hounded and ridiculed prime minister because he put a stop to the processes that helped abuse children.

Seeing that senior Conservatives were at some time in the picture, an accusation hastily withdrawn and apologised for, too hastily for my taste, I wonder why it is that the Conservative Party has hardly gotten any of the old guard in the limelight now. That the whole Conservative leadership has renewed itself and previously unknown figures appear to lead the party, that normally would not have come out of the woodwork that quickly. Maybe the Conservative leadership knew how rotten it was and decided it was better to de-thrown the old guard, as they knew some of them were unsavoury characters.

Considering that Jimmy Savile threatened in his lifetime to take others down with him, if he gets prosecuted, it makes me very bitter to see that actually nothing ever happened during his lifetime, which makes the whole society seem even more corrupt than ever. It is very significant that only after his death things came to light, because now he cannot name and shame the powerful figures any longer, that he threatened to disclose during his lifetime.

Facts are that Savile was big in the Catholic Church, he was very well connected to all types of powerful figures too. 2 murdered prostitutes were found near his flat and somebody who was already condemned to lifelong imprisonment took the blame for that. The Yorkshire Ripper, then became best friends with Savile who visited him often. Makes me sick really.

The big drama at the BBC now, has drawn away attention from the child abuse element by putting Entwitles pay and resignation into the limelight, just anything is good enough to divert attention from the real  issues. Apparently the current Conservative government wants to reinstate more care for children again, when previously it was thought that children are safer with natural parents or other family members. And of course Barnardos is very much in favour of that.

And another resignation

The new Director General at the BBC has already resigned his post. He doesn’t seem to be able to get it right. First he was criticised for not reporting with Newsnight about a child abuse scandal to do with Jimmy Savile and now DG Enthwistle resigns because the Newsnight report was inappropriate.

The BBC has steadily declined in public confidence over the years and I think it is because they elevated themselves a little bit too much to be judge and jury of the UK in almost every aspect of our lives. At one point a BBC reporter was actually jailed for committing personal fraud by breaking housing benefit laws whilst happily trashing others on the BBC’s Rogue Traders programme.

Politically tainted reporting has steered the public mood and the BBC became much more than just a reporting service for all sorts of news but has become a moral judging ground for the public with the result that the BBC has fallen victim to its own success in the end.

We are now getting to realise pretty fast how easily press freedom works to the detriment of the media,who know that you cannot just say what comes to mind and not cause violations of public confidence at the same time.

Of course the BBC excelled brilliantly in times of foreign attack, when it merely defended the world against cross breaches of human rights in times of warfare, but now it has tried to morally judge day to day occurences in all walks of life and that simply didn’t work out at  all.

On the whole it is very positive that wrong-doings in public services comes to light and gets dealt with. Whether its abuse by church officials, broadcasters or others, it is important to curb it and rid society of two-faced evil-doers.

Austerity and privatisation don’t match

It is more than stupid from this modern Conservative government to introduce more privatisation whilst at the same time driving us further into austerity. Only a well developing economy can support more and more privatisation but privatisation can never prosper under austerity because private firms rely on profits and if they do not make profits, they cannot deliver service.

The latest attempts to further dismantle pensions are a clear proof of this. Care for disabled and elderly people has clearly deteriorated in private homes. The alternative suggested by Duncan Smith and his pals is to dismantle pensions as we know them as well and have the very old looked after by the elderly. I feel sorry for the very old already.

Just imagine what type of patchy care a very old and frail person would receive if looked after by an elderly person who themselves have greater health-care needs.

It has been established for around 200 years in the western world, and we were promised by the governments, that if we pay our 1st class, 2nd class or so contributions then we get a pension from age 60 – 65. That was then slowly dismantled by starting to close the age gap between men and women and now there is a suggestion to get rid of pensions altogether by making old people volunteer for their pensions.

Has Great Britain become a rip-off society? Clearly it is a simple breach of contract to promise people a pension if they pay insurance contributions or stamps as they are also known by, in exchange for a pension when they then don’t get a pension.

I think pensioners would have a case asking for their money back if they get their pension cut off despite having paid their contributions over their lifetime and then get their pensions reduced or cut off for any reason other than not having paid enough contributions.

Unfortunately Iain Duncan Smith is the driving force behind that move, he is currently in charge of Works and Pensions and one of the few ministers that escapes a change in the recent cabinet re-shuffle.

Of course we see also that complaints about health services have soared since health care has been partly privatised, since the NHS has been slowly dismantled and we have seen whole health care trusts going deep into the red. What is the cause of our care problems is not only increasing old age, it is the privatisation of services, lets just be clear about that.

What it means for our children

In my own, very personal view, I belief that the oncoming benefit changes will rob this nation of one very important asset and that is the talent of our children. Talents that need to be nurtured from childhood and improved over the years.

We heard it many times that artists as well as sports people have trained, sometimes since infancy, in a particular field; may that be piano or tennis. Most importantly those children that did very well in some disciplines, were enabled to do so by the adults that looked after them.

What we see now is that those parents who are forced into work but have no individual child minding available to them, will not be able to nurture their children’s aspirations, which mostly affects working class parents. Working class parents often only can afford shared child minding after school and those groups cannot bring individual children to lessons but only look after groups of kids.

Any of those kids are robbed of the opportunity to follow their aspirations or artistic and sporting talents. Whilst most high earning parents will be able to engage individual childminders or even have a spare parent to take their kids, can still afford to help their kids achieve in extra curricular activities the poor ones can’t.

I think that is the wicked way of this government that comes up with all sorts of excuses to rob the poor of achieving above the lawfully described goals, like GCSE, which can be achieved through school attendance alone for some. I think that Ian Duncan Smith is a particularly nasty man who devises schemes to rob this nation of one wealthy asset, which is talented children whose parents are enslaved in working schemes and are no longer available to help their aspiring off-spring. This also robs the nation of national treasures and the talented children go to be put onto the slow lane and into low pay and demeaning jobs.

Why do we pay Insurance contributions towards pensions and benefits when we are then told that we are not getting any benefits without working for them, not even pensions.There is no longer any point to insurance contributions when we have to work for our pensions in any case, as the other nasty man Lord Bichard suggests.


Taxing times

I think that the government has to make money to justify itself and pay its workers or civil servants wages, as it is normally the basis of all being, that you have to sustain yourself. Whether the current parliamentary or government system is a good one, is not the subject of this article.

There are several aspects to this, one is the way taxes are calculated and that is just too difficult. Have you ever tried to complete a company tax return, trying to claim all those tax allowances that you are allowed? You have to have a qualified accountant just to save on tax, which makes it good for those qualifying as accountants but not worthwhile for those trying to re-claim tax, unless they can claim so much that it compensate for the cost of the accountant.

Then there is the type of revenue and that is a point to be talked about. Governments are the sharing mechanism we have today in our socialist world. I call it socialist because governments share out to anyone without particular distinction.

For the purpose of making money government tax income from persons and profits from companies. Many rich persons have found tax avoidance schemes to stop them from contributing to the big pot and also created a secondary economy by side-lining payments directly into charities, which is not going through the general income of the exchequer and therefore creating a shadow economy.

Then there is the type of things that are taxed and that is something to be talked about because it is the greed of the tax man that often creates unhealthy habits. Governments usually tax anything that people don’t really need but often like, even if they are unhealthy. There were cigarettes, alcohol and also petrol. All three do damage either to our bodies or to the environment. But the fact that any government can make money out of such products shows that governments are not regulating world health or planetary health but they are merely generating money for themselves in a very short-sighted manner.

I think Osborne has made some commendable efforts to curb excesses and to claw back lost revenue that stops the government from fully appreciating their potential spending power on the community they, by law, have to sustain.

Looking at this from the perspective of the poor, we can see that the poorest people only ever can afford basics, just to keep themselves alive an every penny is of huge importance to any person that only earns a small wage. Therefore I think that all taxation should take this into account namely how much more any poor person will have to pay to get the same amount of value if the taxes raise prices. For example if fats are taxed then a poor person has to pay more to get a basic amount of fat they need for basic survival. The more foods are diluted and calorific value is reduced the more a person has to eat to reach a certain amount of calories. That is simply the reason why so many poor people cannot afford to eat healthily now because the prices of healthy foods are high, that is a reason why the government subsidises cheap fruit an vegetables.

It is an entirely different matter if a person is unable to control their food intake and consumes excess amounts of fats, sugars or whatever it is that causes the problem. I think taxation is not the correct way to solve that problem and the tax man should not fall into the popular consumer items taxation trap they usually fall into.

The Sun shines on us

I have followed the Sun’s arguments on many topics over the last weeks but read it only very occasionally. I can’t afford to buy a paper every day. Please don’t all send me those free coupons again.

In yesterday’s Sun was a small, but significant article on page 2 that was titled Slump in City posts and in there it says: “…institutions aren’t taking advantage of the number of ‘high-calibre’ job seekers”.

That was said by a representative of a recruitment firm. Those are the people to ask when we determine how many talented computer programmers do not get jobs but the instances of quality hacking are rising.

Incidentally in the same paper, we hear that David Cameron has finished all his Angry Birds levels. Funny I said that on Facebook the other day, that I finished all mine and now I am bored. Nobody wants to give me a job but Cam has the advantage he has got a job to fill his boredom with.

Maybe we should change the entry levels to some jobs by saying, either contestants can complete certain computer games and if they can’t they have not got a vital ingredient, or should we say that all who can play certain games need employment or positions in society? Some very popular questions for an employment questionnaire could be, what online games do you play, ho well are they maintained or what level Mafia Wars are you or how good does your Farmville look? After all it shows commitment and continuity.

I had that thought already once before when playing Commandos that nobody who cannot go through those levels without cheats should have a leading post in the army.

But the arguments about the value of newspapers and regulating them are another argument that is not so easy to answer because there are now so many laws in place that contradict the hacking initiatives of papers and simply make an argument for regulation or not.

The papers want to take on the role as society’s watchdog but that’s what we gotten the good old-fashioned Neighbourhood Watches for, we do not need the papers hacking our phones.

today’s politics make you ugly

As they say beauty comes from within but the longer today’s politicians are in power the older and more tired they look. Definitely not a beauty treatment. But then ugly politics make ugly politicians. They definitely are not people friendly and they show the strain. Change now before it is too late.

Your politics just do not make any sense whichever way one looks at it. Single Mothers and their children are made enemy of the state. Workers lost their pensions. And all those lies that are churned out each and every day.

I just wonder what is holding these people back from making sensible decisions?

I don’t think its politics that makes you old, its the type of politics that makes you old. It took Tony Blair longer to age because he was hugely popular for a few years at the beginning because he put the price of bread really low, that made people happy and Tony Blair looked happy.

Now look at the politicians that are or were popular politicians and see the difference.

Here is a quote from the Daily Express comments: “These effects are caused by constantly lying to the public which politicians have to do. They really cant tell the truth it would spell disaster for them.

They are in jobs that cannot be done successfully and they will always fail.

Any psychologist knows this will cause an increase in metabolic stress resulting in premature ageing.”

So if politics is so bad for your health they should get rid of it. All other professions or  materials that cause ill-health are outlawed. Maybe they should put on each nomination slip for an election “Politics is bad for your health” like they do it on cigarette packets. With a remark to tell them, ‘if you sell out your folks, don’t expect to look good for long.’

It can’t be bad parenting alone

Working voluntarily on the local level, I remember distinctly the many arguments I’ve had, we’ve had with representatives from the local authority, in our case, Tower Hamlets council, to ask for more properly supervised youth provision throughout the area. Youth have been undernourished for years if not generations.

Therefore the recent riots, which weren’t the first ones lately, have been the accumulations of years or youth neglect. The recent cuts can only be seen as the catapult of problems that festered in young people and came out now and again.

Even the son of a former Met Police Boss, Mark Duvall, aged 26, was arrested under suspicion of rioting. I think that proves that it cannot just be the bad corner of society, that forgotten lot. certainly Mr Len Duvall, former chairmen of the Met Police authority, is just one of those exemplary good parents, who do everything in their power and put their own personal pride into raising their children, but even Mr Duvall was beaten by the problems created by society, within society, which normal working parents just can’t beat.

Statistics show that only 1% of the rioters have been arrested in connection with drugs offences, which fills me with pride that your young people today are not wasting away on drugs.

We cannot arrest our way out of this problem, which is not the first one of its nature. The fairly recent sentencing of a prominent Pink Floyd son, caused a stir as well as the arrest of a police son rioting.

There are such deep rooted problems in society that Mr Cameron’s small talk of fixing the broken society, without any compassion for our youth doesn’t really help at all.

What are the most common problems that arose? Children in school all day, parents no quality time with their children.

Labour just wanted to solve all problems by locking kids away in schools all day and the Conservatives want to solve all problems by locking them up in jails all day. Hence we have a big problem.

The riots started in London and spread as far as Liverpool as the time-line shows. I noticed that even in Scotland a youth was remanded for spreading rioting news on Facebook.

Fact is that the government has not a clue how to even understand the situation and what they do at the moment is give us grief on unemployment, whilst importing more and more immigrants straight into jobs whilst our local unmanageable young population is made to rot away in jails. Problem solved? I think not.

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