The cookie saturation

Just mentioned on a blog a couple of days ago that I am currently suffering from Plantar Fasciitis and promptly today, whilst I play a game online, during the advertising break, I get an ad stating that there is an ideal gadget to help me in the mornings. If I only buy this item and put it on in the mornings, my foot problems, due to Plantar Fasciitis, will be much better.

Of course that is a result of cookies and algorithms re-calling matching ads, fed into some database by companies seeking customers, that then are played during my games to me to make me buy this item.

Of course that principle of making people use free market economy solutions would work if people had unlimited amounts of money to buy what somebody produces somewhere and then get it shipped to them.

Would we really still need doctors, a National Health that prescribes established medications to those wanting certified solutions rather than promoted ones?

When I search anything into a search engine, promptly following on from that for several days, I will get inundated with ads about articles relating to that search.

It’s just like that once an interest is shown that then gets thrown back into our faces again and again with the hope that we spend money on that item.

If we would have no other option than to buy what is being offered to us in case of a need, then we would probably end up getting back to woodoo or witch-craft solutions rather than optimised nationally approved medicines.

Where is the quality control and who checks what type of products get advertised to us? Those freedom of market economy gurus would be able to set the standards if they are the only ones having the power to provide solutions.

Probably Human Rights standards is the only mechanism that saves us from those wanting to sell us anything that goes without making sure we have enough money to buy the stuff.

Dylan’s opinion no, no, no

Not even Bob Dylan is safe on making opinionated remark. How silly things have become is clear in the fact that France now has served Dylan with a notice of intend to examine a complaint. Story here.

“Blacks know that some whites didn’t want to give up slavery – that if they had their way, they would still be under the yoke, and they can’t pretend they don’t know that.

“If you got a slave master or [Ku Klux] Klan in your blood, blacks can sense that. That stuff lingers to this day. Just like Jews can sense Nazi blood and the Serbs can sense Croatian blood.”

When Dylan was asked about US history, he stated some comparisons, remarking about old, new or repeating conflicts. It has to be categorically said, that he did not remark about any conflicts that had not already existed.

Perhaps people would have loved to see it if Dylan would have given a type of stereotype and childish answer like, I wish all people could become friends and that there be no war in the world; in the good old Woodstock fashion.

It seems clear that opinions are simply not appreciated anywhere these days. That is opinion that comes freely, in a spontaneous fashion. Most other opinion, is the paid for type, the strongly rehearsed fiction or fact that tells us what we can think or say.

In this instance also Dylan compared well known groups of people he compared Klan with blacks, Jews with Nazis. In those samples he stated that the victims can sense the perpetrator of injustice, like blacks can sense the Klan or Jews and sense the Nazis but in the case of the Croats he didn’t say Croats can sense the Serbs, he said the Serbs can sense the Croats and since the Serbs killed the Croats there was an ill-feeling about the remark of Dylan.

I personally think there is no point in having an opinion, unless one gets paid for having one, then there is already a much bigger power game in play. I simply do not express any opinion at the moment, therefore my own blog is concealed. There is no point in saying what you think. They tell you what to think in the FREE Evening Standard and on the BBC news.

There is also no point in voting unless one is directly personally involved in politics or gains financially in terms of business contracts after a party has come into power. It is quite obvious that many people have given up voting altogether as the participation has become minimal. Politics have become a game of chess.

Nothing to say

I just can’t argue with stupidity.

Important curb on Human Rights

That you are now getting your Jobseekers Benefit suspended, for further investigations, if you do any type of unpaid, voluntary work in your spare time, is an important breach into the Right to a Private and Family Life.

Especially Neighbourhood Watch is an organisation that forms from residents within a local area who simply want to protect themselves from crime and help the vulnerable neighbours.

That people are now not allowed to go to meetings with local friends and that such activity infringes a right to Jobseekers Allowance is an unlawful breach of an Important Human Right.

Unfortunately I have no energy, money, nor do I get any legal assistance to fight them. But if anybody is interested looking into this it would be good.

At the moment I am scared to go to meetings with neighbours because the DWP is investigating my activities and I have made a claim for Jobseekers Allowance on 15 April 2013 and that is now frozen till 18 June 2013, so that an investigation into the way I spend my time can be carried out.

I apply for about 3 jobs per day, have been to a job interview when asked to, so the DWP cannot accuse me of not following the rules on Unemployment benefit, but regardless they breach all rules just to get permission to snoop into people’s private lives that way.

Previously the DWP only suspended your benefits if you did unpaid voluntary work and refused the work through the Work Program, but I have not even been put on the work program and they already suspend my benefits for going to meetings with neighbours in my spare time for the purpose to prevent crime and anti-social behaviour in my area. Neighbourhood Watch works closely with the local police but DWP doesn’t like this.

My whole family now gets terrorised by the DWP, family members get called to their office and threatened with legal action for no reason. Other family members get DWP letters on their birthdays to announce benefit changes. It is quite obvious that we are being stalked by DWP.  Important decisions always fall on birthday dates of family members.

I have not been accused of any law breaches at all, but simply the fact that I am unemployed gives the government the right to suspend my benefits if I go out of my house and do other things than shopping or looking for work.

The treatment we get is worst than being given a curfew or restricted rights via a court order. The DWP just takes over our whole lives.

What also gives them the right to investigate every corner of your life is the fact that you give a data sharing consent as Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. Therefore I withdrew all data sharing consent I gave to Met Police because the combination of Met Police data sharing consent and DWP investigations just about ruins people’s lives.

I hae also been informed by the Chair of the London Association that Human Rights Laws do not apply to Volunteers. So another reason not to volunteer.

They’re going home Uncut

I was just thinking yesterday, it is always easy to look at a balance sheet and then impose policies on those one has no relationship with, in this case the poor or less well off. It’s easy for Duncan-Smith, Osborne, Cameron and the like to impose sanctions against people they never see and have no personal contact with. They do not live in neighbourhoods that makes them meet victims of their policies on their way to work, so they have no eye to eye contact with them.

I live in a ‘poor ‘neighbourhood. My child is losing her best friend whose mother has to move because she cannot afford her rent any longer on her wages. I meet mothers all the time who have to turn to soup kitchens because their benefits have been cut off as their child turns 5. Mothers have had their dole money refused because they could not go to sign on because their child has had a fever. I could not possibly bring my child to school in the morning and trumpet around the playground that I think the cuts are good and encourage people into work when we are asked to contribute to food banks to feed those mothers that are penniless.

Now Uncut has taken the protest to the homes of the policy makers. This way politicians have some personal experience of the results of their policies.

Frankly the cut in housing benefit and the switch to universal benefits will reduce rent levels and all those landlords who are losing out are going to be steaming mad. All our standards of living are going to lower so that we can become compatible with third world markets and can produce goods equally cheap.

Perhaps we are soon not only going to live in shipping containers but also tents and card board boxes, so that the feeling is really authentic, NOT!!!

Thatcher tributes

Spent some time today to listen to the House of Commons tribute session. It makes Conservatives more impressive that they were there and spoke. Every time Labour spoke, especially about the miners dispute it was very compassionate and deeply impressive. Yet, if there would have been more Labour speakers it would have impressed me more but because all I have to listen to is mainly Conservative speakers, their point of view impresses into my mind.

One thing I found very puzzling, it is that a Conservative MP said that Labour did not reverse Mrs Thatcher’s policies and that is very strange because they had lots of time in power to reverse her implementations, yet they chose not to. In fact Tony Blair is still one very big supporter of her.

It seems, that local communities, which relied on very specific industry like mining, and lost their jobs because of industrial disputes, are now still wanting to turn back the clock to find work in those old industries. It was also quite apparent that certain skills became obsolete in some industries because there was little training and practise to be had. It is very unfortunate that Labour MPs chose not to attend. I would have learned more listening to them.

Yet to think that each MP claimed £3.600 to attend on the day, perhaps it is cheaper for us all the less MPs attended today’s session.

Re-arranging the police

I cannot help thinking that the government’s forced budget cuts onto the police drove them into trying to dismiss anybody who was in service for 30 years. Yet now before a tribunal the very question of whether those age discrimination workforce cuts could be justified, is being heard. The police budget was supposed to be ironed out by using Regulation A19.

I just wonder whether the government’s urgent pleas to cut police budget, whilst they involve non police officers into top posts will completely dishevel the current policing structure. It must have an immense impact if one takes out a whole age group of middle aged officers, who are the life and the soul of the force.

Seeing also that the whole dismantling of the police as we know it will also manifest itself by way of discarding landmark police buildings like the current Scotland Yard HQ in Westminster, then I think that is a strategy aimed at causing a revolution within the police force to drive it into a different direction.

The Police Superintendent Association warns against the big shake-up and I think that taking out a whole middle group of very experienced officers and replacing the leadership with inexperienced officers at Superintendent level and highest officers even from outside of the UK, means the police force is missing out on the basic knowledge that every police officer gathers over years of service.

In that respect, reinstating older officers can only be beneficial for the service as a whole and also provide those new top brass officers without police experience with appropriate senior experience in the lower ranks, that will bolster the gap between new leaders and lower ranks.

It is quite extraordinary that this government wants to introduce new work ethics and dismantle organised policing as we know it.

UK trade deficit may increase

Looking at the fact that Japan just posted a record trade deficit, it seems that the UK will follow suite in the same fashion. The value of the Pound has just reached a new low against the Euro and the Dollar. Yet somebody actually suggested that this will  help the export of UK goods. But because imports will become so much more expensive that will increase our trade deficit much faster.

David Cameron is busy rekindling the UK’s love affair with India and he asks for better trade relations. This amidst the ongoing grunting of UK banking and other customers that they do not like Indian call centres.

Obviously to me, Cameron tries to build up an anti-EU anti-dote by making the UK more engaged with Asian countries, such as India.

But why go so far when the good things are so near. Britain has trading partners nearer to home ready and waiting and even the US has intensified trading agreement talks with Europe. It is just that the current government tries to buck the trend and wants to show their increasingly cold shoulder to Europe. That will cost this country dear.

Personally I just closed an online banking account with one large UK bank. They do use Indian call centre staff who also run their online banking scheme. I got absolutely inundated with phone calls, e-mails and not even a request to stop calling me ended the at least 3 calls per day I got from these people who obviously have gotten nothing better to do. Calls asked me to look at my e-mails, to make statements whether I like the response from them to a comment I made via online banking. I gotten so fed up with it now that I closed the whole online banking account and that will give me peace. I just do not want to spend more time complaining about nothing really.

But it shows that in India staff are there at an abundance and clearly use their time to engage with customers at a rate that is not always appreciated.

But then not even the Indians themselves seem to be happy with the trading reforms proposed by their government. It will obviously destroy their current social and economic infrastructure if they get western supermarket chains. But whilst we have no choice but to use them,India still can say no.

But then most countries with mainly rural societies will see big changes coming along.

Doctors against obesity

I am really glad that doctors have spoken out on obesity and about taking positive steps to make the purchase of fizzy drinks and sweets more difficult.

Of course it also doesn’t help to constantly get junk food shops, junk food advertisements and the sweets always near the cashier’s desk at the shops.

Yet I think fizzy drinks have gone up in price. A bottle of coke is dear and so are cans of fizzy in small shops though they are cheaper to buy in supermarkets.

Often parents buy a carton of fries at the nearest take-away shop rather than prepare a healthier option at home. It is now cheaper to buy ready meals rather than cook yourself.

I can testify to this because when I raised my own children 25 years ago, it was cheaper to cook at home. Nowadays it is cheaper to purchase the ready made product, from cakes to Hot Cross Buns.

But when I make my own I know what’s in it, I choose the ingredients and I tend to cook more healthy and with a conscience.

But I would like to point out that I was at my leanest and healthiest when my washing machine was broken and I had to wash by hand the laundry for a family of 7, and could not afford taxis and had to walk 2 miles to the nearest supermarkets to get the cheapest offers. We had no computers and the TV was so small it could hardly be seen.

No beginning, no end

There is no end to the liberal thinking these days. In certain aspects we have strict laws.

When it comes to class A, B, C drugs; they have an obvious and immediate addictive detrimental health effect and so they are banned.

Alcohol has a slowly deteriorating effect and it is allowed to be sold widely, though certain by-laws now restrict the anti-social effects of it.

Eating is widely discussed and how over-eating causes a slow deterioration of a person’s health in that obesity sets in.

The overall tendency is to be tolerant and legalize as much as possible as it is thought that tolerance and freedom to choose is the sign of a free society.

It is interesting to see whether we are healthier in a tolerant society or in a restricted one. the answer is easy, as there is no comparison to older societies, which did not have the vast amount of vaccines that we have today. And even in current, more primitive societies with stricter moral codes, use of modern medicines seems to be restricted.

These days we try to solve all problems by vaccinating away the diseases that our modern lifestyles cause.

All negative transgressions of nature that cause us to have any type of noticeable illness; doctors want to find a vaccine against it. Prolonging life is the most important cause society has whilst at the same time lifestyles help people to shorten their lifespans prematurely, just for many to cry out for new solutions to their problems.

I just wonder whether there is any point in having an opinion because politicians are running away with the agenda and make law after law that dictate what we can and cannot do. In the end we just have to ensure that individuals have the right to make a free choice and are not forced into lifestyles because economic circumstances force them to.



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