Just watched ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’ and it was very interesting. Sabrina went back in time to the 60s, the Hippies era, trying to enrol into a college that didn’t accept women. Another person said that men expect women to do stereotype things like household chores and having children. Then they said that in the 1560s women were only allowed to sharpen their husband’s axe, but not even allowed to catch their own dinner.

On the BBC today there is an article that tells us that soon women will be allowed to fight in front-line warfare. Is that the emancipation the Suffragettes always wanted?

Since we had the emancipation, we have replaced the old-fashioned stereotypes with new ones. Women who are married and have children now have treble workloads. Instead of just being housewives and mothers they now also have the pleasure of doing a job besides the motherly bliss.

People themselves are pressed into stereotypes because they have to do any job, absolutely any job, as long as it is vacant whether they like it or not.

Now if women in future are ‘allowed’ to do front-line fighting for the army, then perhaps if that job vacancy becomes available any women will have to apply for it because we’ll have to accept any reasonable job. Wonder what Barbie makes of it all.

Nowadays government stereotypes us constantly just that the discrimination has been removed. Now all fat people come from poor and working class backgrounds. ‘ Now all people get the same benefit entitlements and soon all old people get the same pension. If that is the progress away from previous sexist stereotypes, then we just have achieved that we now all suffer the same stereotypes.

Women just imagine if the ‘Titanic’ were to sink today, you no longer would get first seats on the lifeboats. Was it really worth fighting for this emancipation?

Death by hand gun the statistics

People killed in 2011 by use of handguns legally or illegally are:

  1. Great Britain = 8 (Pop 62.500.000)
  2. Sweden = 21 (Pop 9.540.065
  3. Switzerland = 34 (Pop  8.000.000)
  4. Germany=  42 (Pop 82.000.000)
  5. Japan = 48 (Pop 127.500.00)
  6. Canada = 52 (Pop 35.000.000)
  7. Israel = 58 (Pop 7.950.000)
  8. United States 10,728 (Pop 315.000.000)

It must be said that the ratio of death per 1000’s of population ratio is particularly  high both for Switzerland and Israel. It would be interesting to compare other statistics alongside, e.g. deaths by traffic accident or various health conditions for example. Statistics of substance and alcohol abuse are also important.

Showing is the fact that prohibition of ownership does not stop use as Britain is an example of this but having easy access makes it an ‘easy’ solution for many to solve problems with.  The US has roughly over 200 times more gun killings than Canada and Japan but US has 10 times more people than Canada and only 3 times more than Japan when Japan is a tiny country compared to the US, it doesn’t make sense to say that close living causes the stress that makes people kill.


I do not know about the law in those countries about gun ownership. However I came across another set of interesting statistics about the causes of death and the article says that death by Baseball bat is the biggest culprit. See the picture.

Abu Qatada might get bail

The Home Secretary obviously has lost the plot and in the case of Abu Qatada taken a major loss, against which Theresa May is planning to appeal. See both short and long judgements here.

Yes we do not want hate preachers in our street, we do want free speech, but what the Home Office wants is only the free speech that suits their politics it seems. Unfortunately there are many contradictions creeping up.

On one hand Theresa May has argued that crimes committed in the UK should be tried in the UK, which she said in conjunction with the extradition proceedings from the US against Gary McKinnon. It’s kind of isolationist to want to turn the back of the UK on the US and on Europe all at the same time but open our arms to Jordan because they wrote a nice letter saying they are going to be fair from now on. And pigs might fly too.

The UK couldn’t care less what happened between Mohammed Othman and Jordan, it is about getting rid of him because he stirs and causes problems to our inner security and he stirs racial hate. I do not think, that Qatada, or Othman could even flash his toilet, if on bail, without the security services counting, through various listening devices, how often he flushes it. So what is good for McKinnon, should be good for Qatada.

The Freedom of Speech issue, is so completely disorganised, because we heard at the recent Olympics, how free we all are, but that is about the only freedom of speech declaration we are allowed to make in this country; unless of course our expression complement current political strategies.

May is deepening the racial divide in the UK if she goes along those arguments and makes an appeal against this decision of Mr Justice Mitting, Peter Lord and Dame Denise Holt.

Good News for children around the world

Now even Australia follows suit and starts a child abuse investigation. I am greatly in favour of stopping institutionalised child abuse, which most often starts with big institutions and has to some extent always children in care involved. Care is the ideal breeding ground for child abuse as there is no emotionally attached adult able to stop the abuse to a child. That is how families work, in a family the caring parent always helps the child because they love it. Love is something that is always missing in care environments, the right kind of love, the kind of love that loves a child without sexually abusing it. What it means to love a child is to help it to become an adult without getting anything in return.

Now I come to think that actually Gordon Brown was the big ambassador for unconditional love because all the children in the western world can thank him for initiating that process that helped free children from global abuse. Gordon Brown, the most vilified premier in British history, dared to outlaw child physical punishment in schools and by parents, which is the most important fact in the process that helped to stop child abuse generally.Incidentally was the most hounded premier by the British press.  That makes me think again. Maybe he was the most hounded and ridiculed prime minister because he put a stop to the processes that helped abuse children.

Seeing that senior Conservatives were at some time in the picture, an accusation hastily withdrawn and apologised for, too hastily for my taste, I wonder why it is that the Conservative Party has hardly gotten any of the old guard in the limelight now. That the whole Conservative leadership has renewed itself and previously unknown figures appear to lead the party, that normally would not have come out of the woodwork that quickly. Maybe the Conservative leadership knew how rotten it was and decided it was better to de-thrown the old guard, as they knew some of them were unsavoury characters.

Considering that Jimmy Savile threatened in his lifetime to take others down with him, if he gets prosecuted, it makes me very bitter to see that actually nothing ever happened during his lifetime, which makes the whole society seem even more corrupt than ever. It is very significant that only after his death things came to light, because now he cannot name and shame the powerful figures any longer, that he threatened to disclose during his lifetime.

Facts are that Savile was big in the Catholic Church, he was very well connected to all types of powerful figures too. 2 murdered prostitutes were found near his flat and somebody who was already condemned to lifelong imprisonment took the blame for that. The Yorkshire Ripper, then became best friends with Savile who visited him often. Makes me sick really.

The big drama at the BBC now, has drawn away attention from the child abuse element by putting Entwitles pay and resignation into the limelight, just anything is good enough to divert attention from the real  issues. Apparently the current Conservative government wants to reinstate more care for children again, when previously it was thought that children are safer with natural parents or other family members. And of course Barnardos is very much in favour of that.

A moral dilemma

A recent study shows that police moral is rock-bottom and that many officers do not feel to have the support from the government.  Indeed, the most important landmark for policing in Britain is in danger of being abandoned by the police because they have to find money to cut from their budget and the upkeep of New Scotland Yard is too expensive under this government. The typical national stamina is being systematically undermined by this government. They do not stop at the usual dismantling of government powers, they also now attack one of the best assets of their own party, namely Boris Johnson, who seems to have upset the powerhouse behind modern Conservative politics, Iain Duncan Smith, whose constituents are unhappy over a dock-track that has to make way for a new housing and social development.

It has a lot of transport related conflict because also Heathrow Airport or whether it should have a third runway or not, seems to be a major discussion point.

Iain Duncan Smith’s employment policies are most likely geared on clearing Britain of immigrant workers because the Works and Pensions Secretary now wants to punish those part-time workers on benefits who do not seek to get full-time jobs, unless of course they do have care responsibilities.

Yet many of the Conservative policies are self-defeating. Increasing privatisation not only leads to less taxes being paid, and even teachers getting employed by off-shore tax heaven companies, more and more British based companies go out of business, with Comet being the latest casualty.

I think this government simply wants to dismantle this country and just bring everything into so much disarray.

Yet the backbone of this country has been a good benefits system, a great health service and the law and order that keeps everything running smoothly and with more and more cuts on police budget the very officers that kept us safe, are now feeling discouraged from enjoying their jobs.

It is a great shame that anyone government can do so much damage to this country, without us being able to stop them. the nation is facing a very difficult spring of 2013 with many benefit changes affecting a lot of households in the boroughs.

The other question that arises for me is of course, why do I always feel that the current government does harm to the nation? I felt exactly the same after Labour had been in power last time. Is it to do with the media, making everything feel gloomy because of the way they report about it all?

What it means for our children

In my own, very personal view, I belief that the oncoming benefit changes will rob this nation of one very important asset and that is the talent of our children. Talents that need to be nurtured from childhood and improved over the years.

We heard it many times that artists as well as sports people have trained, sometimes since infancy, in a particular field; may that be piano or tennis. Most importantly those children that did very well in some disciplines, were enabled to do so by the adults that looked after them.

What we see now is that those parents who are forced into work but have no individual child minding available to them, will not be able to nurture their children’s aspirations, which mostly affects working class parents. Working class parents often only can afford shared child minding after school and those groups cannot bring individual children to lessons but only look after groups of kids.

Any of those kids are robbed of the opportunity to follow their aspirations or artistic and sporting talents. Whilst most high earning parents will be able to engage individual childminders or even have a spare parent to take their kids, can still afford to help their kids achieve in extra curricular activities the poor ones can’t.

I think that is the wicked way of this government that comes up with all sorts of excuses to rob the poor of achieving above the lawfully described goals, like GCSE, which can be achieved through school attendance alone for some. I think that Ian Duncan Smith is a particularly nasty man who devises schemes to rob this nation of one wealthy asset, which is talented children whose parents are enslaved in working schemes and are no longer available to help their aspiring off-spring. This also robs the nation of national treasures and the talented children go to be put onto the slow lane and into low pay and demeaning jobs.

Why do we pay Insurance contributions towards pensions and benefits when we are then told that we are not getting any benefits without working for them, not even pensions.There is no longer any point to insurance contributions when we have to work for our pensions in any case, as the other nasty man Lord Bichard suggests.


The naked prince of Las Vegas

Obviously the person who took those pictures must be familiar to Prince Harry, as I do not suppose that this nakedness happened in a crowded room full of people but it rather looks like an intimate little party to me. The pictures have been carefully selected to cover up the lady but show the prince in a relatively modest pose. I am sure there are much more naughty snaps.

Is public nakedness now in fashion? The judge dealing with the naked rambler doesn’t think so and kept him behind bars, under lock and key pending a psychiatric assessment. Stephen Gough now has an argument in that it has become acceptable to show yourself of naked in public in one form or another whether on the street like he does or in pictorial form like Prince Harry does.

Of course the Sun is desperate to sell papers, in the light of plenty of free reading material laying around like Metro and Evening Standard.

The fight for the reader’s money bring papers to more risk taking and we are confronted with increasing nakedness and private stuff. Thanks for sparing us toilet pictures and the like.

I do not want to compare Prince Harry with Stephen Gough, I want to compare our society with Stephen Gough. We want to see naked bodies, Stephen shows it and we can’t wait to see more.

Of course good old Mary Whitehouse knew that this would happen and she was booed on many occasions for trying to prevent the obvious. Ever since nuns threw away their veils society has become more hungry for the flesh.

The probably ensuing legal case between the Palace and News International might help to define the meaning of privacy or what we really need to see as the public these days. But then the old Greeks had no problem with the naked torso; ;look at the beautiful statues.

The fantasy that ensues the onlookers mind is their problem isn’t it? Obviously not every person gets the same emotional reactions when they look at naked flesh surely it is very much an individual’s thing.

Rott in Jailhouse rock

As much as I agree with Dobson and Norris that they are not the killers of Stephen Lawrence, just from what I’ve read and watched about the case, I also have to agree  with the judge that turned down their appeal against their sentence.

The situation is in the real world that we would get an immense amount of public contention because if Dobson and Norris gotten off without the real killer being found, we are back to square one and the nation gets the impression that nothing is really done or doable to find the killer.

I think that Stephen’s mother’s nightmare would start all over again if those 2 got off and out of jail.

What must happen, is that the real killer must deliver a confession so that the guilt can be transferred, rather than just cancelled without a prosecutable person being caught.

Letting Dobson and Norris win an appeal without a real killer, would screw public tensions sky-high, lay the foundation for further rioting and huge public dissatisfaction. So put your thinking caps on and try to get the real killer to confess to his crime and then all your problems will be solved. Till then its rot in jail for you.  In the circumstances jail is probably a safer place because any release from jail without a proper suspect, would increase personal attacks on Dobson and Norris also.

A song and a dance deficit

Whilst barriers to export monies had been removed a long time ago and the UK concentrates on education and arts, it is absolutely no wonder that the widening trade deficit starts to hit us. We allow more and more housing per square meter available and close down manufacturing and business to allow that to happen.

Of course any UK based rich person can invest their money in an overseas country to produce cheap goods, which are then imported to the UK. Taxes are not paid to the UK but to the manufacturing country and the rich person themselves has changed residence to cheaper tax heavens.

Of course the international drive to exploit cheap labour markets to make more profits cannot be stopped as it is only the nature of business to make as much profit as possible. Business does not have an ethics built in, the ethics come with understanding and promotion of them, sometimes by individuals and sometimes by governments.

It’s only the biggest trade deficit since September 2011, when we already had a big deficit at that time but no remedial action was taken. Our imports from EU countries remain unchanged at £17.1 billion, which explains that we only import the absolutely necessary from relatively expensive labour markets, in European countries.

But there is hope because as soon as living standards rise in the currently cheap labour markets, we won’t be able to afford their goods and services any longer and have to seriously consider making goods ourselves once more. Just wonder where that would take place, when all space available gets increasingly occupied by housing.

Maybe we will also see a general reduction in manufacturing worldwide because increasing earth warming will remind us that it is exactly the manufacture and use of machines and goods, produced using natural resources that makes our temperatures soar.  Some Chinese residents recently dared to complain that their river is in danger of pollution if a factory is allowed to spew out waste into it, whilst previously those residents just died quietly from poisoned waters.

The other question is do we really want to be on the top of the manufacturing table? Just prior to World War I and World War II Germany was much superior in a low trade deficit and high manufacturing output, whilst Britain lagged behind.

During these Olympic games Britain has shown the world that this relatively small country cares a lot about health and fitness of its inhabitants, see the medal table to proof it.

The German propaganda hole

This BBC story epitomizes in my view what is wrong with publishing these days but it quite clearly also shows the elaborate concealment of neo nazi activity in Germany in that Germany is helped by some major English publishers to do so.

Apparently the Germans are over-interested in keeping the nostalgia about the Baader-Meinhof group alive and do anything to give everything radical the RAF slant. Yet as these pictures show there is now a considerable silent right-wing opposition that is extremely well organised by the looks of it. It takes some consent to be able to pull a mass demo on the spot, with people who are in respectable jobs, coming out all masked up for a quick demo.

But seeing that the new neo nazis get the same training routine as the former Baader-Meinhof terrorists did and my previously voiced suspicions that not all is what it seems, I think we are dealing with a huge public concealment of facts and that Germany, helped by publishers like Der Spiegel and the British free press, is sitting on a Nazi time-bomb that is probably going to go off in a space of 10 years, or at the latest when the European dream collapses.

The article says that “Human rights groups say more than 180 people have been killed in right-wing attacks in Germany over the last 20 years.

Neo-Nazis have murdered more people in post-war Germany than any other single group, including Islamists and the far left. But this is not yet reflected in official data.

Could it be that Germany’s sensitivity to its history has made it want to play down modern-day right wing extremism?”

And when I then read that “Weapons training is carried out in secret. In the Arab world, for example, with freedom movements there. The right-wing scene sees itself as a freedom movement.”and think of the fact that the Baader-Meinhof terrorists started off their careers by taking training in the Arab world I wonder whether the concealment of actual intent is almost perfect for the German propaganda machine.

And of course the article is about a group of Nazi killers and it asks ”

It turns out intelligence agencies had had the group under surveillance for years, and even found a bomb-making factory in their garage back in 1998.

So why were the trio not stopped earlier? Why were they allowed to disappear and then stay underground? And why was it that security services blamed the murders on the Turkish mafia at the time? A right-wing motive was never investigated.”

Of course there we have it, the right-wing native connection is always swept under the carpet and some illusive left-wing terror connections created to give it all a bad left-wing stint.

But then in my own case before the High court for over 3 years I exactly used those arguments when I asked, how does the Honourable Mr Justice Eady actually make out his judgement by saying that I must have been accused of left-wing affiliations when there is not one shred of proof for that whatsoever? That is just showing that even top judges make public assumptions to talk away any suspicions of right-wing activities and that is what we are having to digest, that there is no real attempt to deal with facts.

I personally was never involved in any right-wing or left-wing activities in any event but what my case really shows is that the mainstream press uses tactics to tint events to suit a publicity campaign to protect certain political movements that they want to protect and to blame something that doesn’t really exist but that is in the best interest to use in order to protect something that is brewing underneath it all.

Mr Justice Eady used his position to say that something must have been happening over 35 years ago and that he knows what happened in the minds of German authorities then and that he has the right to do so and he has been backed up by the Court of Appeal in saying that Mr Justice Eady can determine what German police thought in 1975 when that went against existing paperwork in the case.

So there we have it, a publicity machinery that blames everything on the left and the right-wing movement actually brews up under the surface to face us with totalitarian actions like the shooting of Labour youth in Norway by Breivik.

I also said it in a previous blog that I do not belief that the latest attempts to show that Baader-Meinhof were funded by the East German government are actually true but that this is just an attempt to conceal that Baader-Meinhof all along where just used to put a left-wing stint over the new terrorism in the nation.

I had put plenty of material before the high court to show that the laws then were not proof of political affiliations but that the state at the time could just about arrest anybody on the flick of a finger without much evidence needed. But that arrests had nothing to do with any type of political or religious affiliations but were just intelligence gathering exercises.  I had put plenty of evidence before the court to show that the names involved were never ever connected to any Baader-Meinhof group and still the court found it more important to protect Der Spiegel and affiliated British publishers rather than get to the bottom of the facts on the matter.

Of course then the case was defended because some thought it is more important to defend the right to spread lies under the mantle of freedom of expression. I did in fact proof to the court that non of the names involved where ever connected to the Baader-Meinhhof gang but that didn’t impress the court who still fiddled the case to allow the Big British win and the press to connect anything to Baader-Meinhof to stop people thinking in different places.

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