Somthing’s not quite right

You know when you end up with a bad feeling but you can’t quite put your finger on it and have no proof but you feel that something’s not quite right?

This was not the worst pair they made for me, there were others

That is the feeling I got from my opticians.

Medical services go to the very heart of our sensitivity. We absolutely rely on doctors, nurses, even opticians or other medical specialists.

It’s because you really only know whether your spectacles are well made if you are an opticians. An untrained person could never know whether it’s the spectacles or the way they are made or indeed if you have a condition that can’t be corrected with spectacles.

I had this catarract operiation and shortly afterwards, I could see and didn’t need any spectacles and it felt great. But after a while, I needed laser correction because the body rejected the implanted lenses by growing a skin over them, so a doctor needed to pierce holes into that skin over the lenses using laser treatment.

However those holes then had an effect on my eye sight because of course it changes the light as it enters my eyes. That is all very complicated but the long and short of it is, that my optician couldn’t make me a pair of spectacles to correct the vision.

I was made to feel and told that I just would have to live with it.

What bothered me the most that with the spectacles I couldn’t actually see my feet and with the latest pair they made me, I could not even get a clear field of vision. Everything looked broken up and silly.

Now, those spectacles were made for me by a very famous highstreet chain of opticians and because of that, I just believed what they told me but I started getting suspicious over time because of the way they spoke to me. They were either very friendly and overly understanding or shouty and dictating.

What I did to attempt to understand the source of the problem is, I took the prescription and up-loaded it to an online spectacles service and had a pair made, very cheaply.

The spectacles that came were a revelation. I could see my feet and my field of vision was much clearer. I recommend you all try this one first before you believe your opticians that nothing can be done.

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