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Labour's double standards have become apparent in more than one way

Now a new member of the Privy council has been appointed, MP Sadiq Khan. I suppose it is to keep all those Muslim voters on board with the Labour Party fellowship. Mr Kahn MP has been campaigning against the laws under which the US wants to extradite his constituent Babar Ahmad. Mr Ahmad is accused of running websites raising money for the Taleban but faces no charges in the UK.

But the double standard becomes more than obvious and becomes apparent in more than one way. When Conservative MP Damian Green had his office searched by anti-terror police, Labour has now appointed a new member of the cabinet for transport who was twice bugged for visiting a terror suspect in jail.

Not to mention here in Tower Hamlets Respect Councillor Oli Rahman was questioned at Heathrow Airport where he was held by anti-terrorist police when he returned from an anti-war conference in Cairo, Egypt. Incidentally the Tower Hamlets Labour party is urging all Respect members and especially Councillors to join Labour. See here John Gray’s posting. “Happy Days! Galloway/SWP Councillors join Labour”

In my own case left-wing Labour members are desperate to proof that I had alleged ….. connections. I left the Labour Party and do not wish to stay a member of a party that seeks to find connections to terrorism rather than individual members seeking to distance themselves.

Just look at David Osler, paid for membership of the Labour Representation Committee but is being sued by me over his posting of discussions, for which my name was used but which I do not wish to support.

I am trying to argue that so much McBride style smearing is undertaken because there is no proper logging of Internet users and in this report people are again urged to re-think their attitude towards call and Internet logging because one has to prevent the exchange of terrorist conversations, aimed to harm our communities.

There we see the double standard of Labour, seeking to enforce rules strictly against Conservative opponents and now playing with the Human Rights record of a newly appointed member of the Privy Council, who himself was bugged twice when he visited terror suspects and in Tower Hamlets Labour urges for Respect members to join Labour and one of the sitting Tower Hamlets Respect Councillors, Oliur Rahman, has also once been held by terrorist police.

Personally I do not wish to have anything to do with Labour. In my case individual Labour members want to make a connection between me and …… Of course I never ever had anything to do with them, do not know one single member, never met, never communicated in any way whatsoever. Yet the UK Labour Party members trumpet out an old article from Der Spiegel, that is defamatory and now work desperately with German left-wingers to get evidence for that alleged connection.  Even Der Spiegel has removed that article from public view and has never put on a defence of justification or fair comment for their allegations but argued no jurisdiction instead, whilst UK Labour wants to find a way to get in touch with German left-wing radicals over this issue. That just says it all, no further comment necessary.

For those who are not aware of my history, I briefly was a member of Labour then Respect and am now a member of the Conservative Party since September 2007.

What is most fascinating is the obvious scrupulous propaganda machine of Labour who do anything just to stay in power and use propaganda without any apparent threshold of any particular aim but use it just to keep voters and use it in any way to do so with no set ideological standard. The changing face of Labour.

On the more established side of Labour even Lord Falconer now queries Gordon Brown’s leadership but unfortunately also has an unrealistic outlook when he considers that the Conservatives look vulnerable, when the Conservatives just won a landslide victory in English council elections.

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