Time is not on their side

The longer this Abu Qatada problem goes on, the worst for us because the public discussion and time delays in deporting him will only help to give the terrorists momentum and strengthens their movement but does not help to improve anything for us at all.

Threats have already been made by radical Islamists who have offered a hostage deal for Qatada’s release. Khalil Dale, a British Muslim convert, who was found murdered, was taken hostage in January in Pakistan, he was a British Aid worker.

The ECHR is not helping by halting the deportation of Qatada. This matter should be kept as quiet as possible and not allow the press to built the public imagine of that man up and not give terrorist a reason to group up around him. I think there should be a press restriction on reports about the matter. Unfortunately Labour only uses the debacle to try and gain public support by blaming Theresa May for the problems that appeared around the appeal date.

I think such problems show the weakness of the political system in that parties cannot overcome their zealous fight to protect the interests of the nation. No pictures of Abu Qatada should be shown in the press at all. He is already a living shrine to many radical elements and pictures make it worst. Crime prevention should take prevalence, we do not want to learn from mistakes after they were made, we should want to prevent other attacks on innocent people.

Can men be exploited

I am not even wanting to comment on equally on gay rights but think that the argument that men cannot be exploited by the sex trade is plainly wrong. There are many desperately poor men out there who find it even more difficult to get abode than women do. Women can always claim housing with a child but men can’t get pregnant. There might not be exploitation or prostitution on the premises but what exactly is the perimeter of a premises and what is going on around the corner or over the phone?

Equality-wise it would be wrong to exclude a gay pub just because it is a gay pub from similar rules around an area. I personally did not sign the petition against sex establishments.

this article here explains how British men are forced into modern day slavery.

Dame on the Rocks (Box)

Whilst there is in my mind no doubt about it, that it is the size of a person’s bank account that determines the elevation to Dame or Lord, in Dame Vivienne Westwood’s case it was obviously not high enough, because the good lady elevated herself even higher to address the St. Paul’s Camp. I wonder whether the Queen now regrets having bestowed that honour onto V Westwood or not. After all her Majesty is the  head of the Church of England, the very religious establishment the dame arose from.

Whether the Queen will be more careful in future whom she empowers to such titles, maybe she wants to wait a bit longer. Just because obviously wealth and titles do not stop public figures from joining left-wing protests.

So far her Majesty has refrained from joining the diplomatic row over the movement that strikes at the heart of the Monarchy, the St. Paul’s church is one of the most important symbols of British power.

Isn’t it nice and easy to join a protest once one is rich and famous. I wish I had the choice. But then I have to find a job and cannot possibly be seen near such a collection of upheaval. Of course we are all afraid of the earth warming but camping in tents outside of St. Paul’s is hardly going to stop it nor would it give the necessary discipline or ideas to cope with it.  I love the pinstripe against the redhead, so tasteful against the backdrop of the architecture. It’s like a sun down in the city. Or is it a sun rise. As the saying goes: “Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds warning.

Having once been invited to a fashion show, I was surprised that there are designers that actually want to use natural materials, which are not environmentally straining in any way, something Vivienne perhaps could turn to in her strive to be more environmentally in tune.  I have seen bracelets made from snake skin, huhuhu, lets not even go there. Maybe V Westwood thinks those protestors might want to use designer tents in future and are a new type of customer, perhaps.

Perhaps the session is just part of the normal British street meeting mentality. Solving communication problems with street meetings is part and parcel of the British mentality. We have the Big Lunch, just to name one, who encourage people to talk things over in open spaces. So the tent camp outside of St. Paul’s is nothing out of the ordinary for the British, whose homes are their castles.

unions had a cold shower this morning

What Labour tried to avoid since years could finally be just around the corner, namely split in the party between the real labour and the new labour supporters. Ed Miliband actually found the courage to tell the packed TUC Conference in London this morning that they should not strike and use a moderate approach to the problems facing the country but criticised the 50p attitude of Mr Osborne, for which he got applauded.

Yet Miliband got heckled amongst shouts of shame. When urged to support worker’s action he asked for negotiations with the government. Does the government really want to negotiate that is the question. Miliband said that strike should always only be the last option. It remains to be seen what is going to happen.

Wonder whether Miliband’s Doncaster North constituency is also due for remodelling and he is about to be merged with a Conservative area when he will stand very good chances of getting re-elected. Not even Mr Osborne’s patch is save.

It’s the thought that counts

I am disturbed by the fact that people got prison for suggesting rioting over social media. It is a basic Freedom of Speech that people can organise revolts. Whether they succeed or not is another matter. Over the ages, we all learned in history how many times people revolted against despotic rulers and sometimes they succeeded, and we all nod our heads in approval that people managed to rid themselves of despots and bad rulers.

I am certain those ancient rulers also did not like it when people congregated or communicated to organise such riots and revolts.

But if enough people want to topple a government, they can, I am sure of it.

Forbidding people to organise a riot over Facebook, is similar to not allowing them to speak about this at all to others.

Of course it keeps the police more busy and makes our lives that little more difficult but in the end, if only a tiny minority always comes together to cause damage, there is certainty that things are good for most of us. During the most recent riots in the UK some very ridiculous sentences have been passed down to show how much the government disapproves with the fact that some made a point and showed dissatisfaction with our current order. Fair enough, the rioters didn’t succeed, the majority was not on their side, but they could have joined in and toppled the government. Lets be realistic about this.

I agree that anybody should have the freedom of speech to organise a putsch and if they are in the minority, they have to take the consequences and in the case of immigrants be banned from our shores. If people protest more often it would force the government to invest more in people to avoid discontent. What we see now is more control over freedom of speech to avoid any grumbling about living conditions, which makes no happiness at all but just quenches the protest before it arises but it will simmer under the bonnets, in people’s thoughts just to break out more forceful later on.

I think the UK has to be a people’s investor and do more to teach people skills, invest in public schemes, improve live in general instead of telling people they are not allowed to voice their frustration if there is no other democratic way for them to make desired change. Maybe the processes currently in place are not user-friendly enough but our government just doesn’t want to look into this and thinks arresting their way out of this problem solves it.

It is the thought that counts and it always tarts with a thought and the more have the same thought, the less satisfaction is all around. I think Cameron has not shown any compassion for young people in Britain today.

The government simply tries to silence protest but that does not mean that the dissent has disappeared. Just because Abu Hamza has been stopped from preaching hate does not mean that this hate does not exist. It would be much more useful to look the hate in the eye and deal with it rather than driving it underground, which is what this government and current laws does.

It must be obvious that if protest stays open that it is much easier to keep track of the protesters. It must be easy for the law enforcers to follow open made protests and keep them in check but if that communication is no longer accessible easily then it is much easier for protest to stay unnoticed until it is too late.

The government thinks that people just stay quiet and eat their crumbs and sleep under bridges and die quietly without voicing protest because it is against the law.  The only difference between the UK and Syria is the fact that rioters here in the UK don’t get shot.  We however have increasing incidences where individuals get shot by armed police. But the excuse that the police can feel under threat and therefore have the right to shoot people would be valid in Syria as well as in the UK and there is little qualitative difference.

No rest for the wicked

I am glad that finally another view on stress and relaxation has become acceptable, which is that too much rest is bad for you. Even teachers in school say that children, who had a long rest usually fall back and have to scramble back up the educational achievement ladder after a long holiday. So how can it be good for you if it is regressing progress?

I just find the act of going on holiday stressful but the holiday itself is not beneficial at all other than that my mindset detaches itself from the local geography.

Not keeping up appearances only becomes more expensive as one cannot tend to the usual communications, e.g. e-mails stay unanswered, letters remain unopened and a lot of dirty washing amasses in the laundry bags.

From a financial point, why should one have to pay hundreds of pounds for a week’s worth of living when for the rest of the years, we pinch the pennies and carefully don’t overspend, just to culminate the year in a week-long excess of spending, called a holiday. Just the fact of having spent so much money must counter-act any beneficial effect the stay has as it is very distressing to digest the huge expense that has been spent.

Of course the tourism industry hates me by now and holiday providers seek revenge for ruining their hotel booking sprees. But in the end, each individual has a right to a different opinion from that of the holiday industry. Holidays are just another excuse to suck our savings out of us and leave us feeling broke. How can it possibly be relaxing to get yourself in debt over a week’s holiday in any case? How stressful it is to book a holiday at a discount at the most expensive time of year, just before Christmas?

Thinking holidays are essential is a learned attitude. Thinking that back to the future, I mean nature is the answer to all our problems is like trying to crawl back into the womb after birth. But changing our mentality and general attitude to cope with stress better is the real way forward and is also the cheapest solution to everyday stresses. Learning to cope with everyday events is more beneficial than taking time out. If its bad for school children its got to be bad for us too.  Read source article here

More threats from the “Real IRA”

Having seen with amazement how some, fat ponze read out some threats with a black mask on his face, an army uniform and an Irish accent I am still wondering what those alleged crimes are that the Queen is accused of having committed. For someone like myself who is, firstly on a diet and secondly not familiar with the Irish conflict, I almost burst out laughing when this childish performance was put on. I presume the bloke had to be lifted out of his chair to utter his utterly ridiculous words.

It would have made sense if that comic would at least read out the list of those alleged crimes, so that novices like myself can understand at least the cause of his grievances; yet the bloke obviously does not need any understanding.

I was just waiting for Mr Bean to turn up. But unfortunately that bloke is really dangerous as well as stupid.

Keeping healthy

I must admit that the debate about the NHS budget seems ridiculous taking into consideration how many simple and common sense approaches are available to keep health costs and working methods ship-shape and bristol fashion.

Just reading through some online research, and often also the small print in newspapers, even the common ones, gives essential clues to keeping healthy and effective.

Some solutions cannot be easily overcome as they are nature given like for example that pear-shaped women are more likely to have a bad memory.  This one is particularly funny because I just thought last night,why is it, that I keep on putting on weight on around the waist when it looks better to put it on around the hips.

Others like the large waist are a matter of keeping good food discipline e.g. dieting  People with a waist over 80cm increase their cancer risk regardless of anything else. 

Other risks, imposed by modern gadgets are not so easy to cope with as they are promoted by businesses, e.g. mobile phones and I read over the weekend, and I can’t remember where, that there is not enough done to remind people of the potential health risks from the use of mobile phones. strangely enough, especially business and local authority workers love to use them because customers are easy to reach.

It is quite easy to bring a solution for health care, which is,that those responsible for the health decay should pay for it. So for example if a person chooses to be overweight, they should have to be responsible for the costs arising from it and if a business chooses to sell goods that are dangerous they also should have to donate large parts of their profits for the health care. It is up to each business to carry out thorough studies before they sell a product and not be able to say, well we didn’t know how damaging it is.

When I read those Big Society plans, it would help those who tend to overeat to donate the money to charity instead but only to those who are not fat and poor, lol.

Especially in Londson  food outlets have dramatically increased when it sometimes would be much easier if supermarkets or shops selling microwave foods provide a microwave in the premises for people to eat it there and then.

MP questiones actions of MI5

I was more than concerned to read that a UK member of parliament goes against the actions of the UK’s security services and delivers a judgment about his aide, a Russian woman without awaiting the investigation of MI5 security services. That is of concern because this MP by the name of Mike Hancock, MP for Portsmouth South should collaborate with MI5 and await the outcome of their enquiries before jumping in to defend his young aide, which happens to be a Russian working for him.

An MP should try and help the security services to eliminate threats to this country and not be counter productive. Mr Hancock is an Liberal Democrat MP in Portsmouth, where there is a large naval base. How can this MP know everything his aide, a Russian woman by the name of Ms Zatuliveter, age 25, does, to be able to say that she does nothing wrong, is he with her at all times?

There is no question that we  have to be vigilant about spying activities and that is getting worst with Russia being awarded the Olympics and those concerned about security must make  a clear differentiation between an international sporting commitment and political allegiance.

The head of the snake

Gorgon Medusa 200 AD


I have read over this story many times, about Teresa Lewis and her death sentence, and being put to death because I wanted to get more background information on this story, the story of an almost retarded woman being put to death in Virginia, that has not seen a death sentence carried out on a woman in almost 100 years. 

I am asking myself what brings a county to turn onto a mentally handicapped woman like that and find no easy answers. I would incidentally ask the same questions if it was the case of a mentally handicapped man, but did not hear many stories of men in the same situation. 

Teresa Lewis has an IQ (72) of just 2 points over the official retardation limit of 70, and in my opinion a person of such low intellect is not able to create their own concept of whatever they wish to do. They cannot organise and plan their lives and depend on others to lean on in whatever they do. See expert evidence of Les Kinsolving. 

The crime of murder on her husband and stepson is despicable and deserves no sympathy whatsoever, yet the murderers got live and the almost retarded woman who seems to have engaged in loose sex with those hired murders was put onto the “scaffold” and hung up high. 

What brings a county to blame one mentally retarded woman in favour of all other guilty parties and where is Teresa Lewis’s family in all this? I found it very difficult to get any pictures of her murdered husband and stepson for a start but could read that the murdered men’s family was present but have not read anything about Teresa Lewis’s family. Did this woman not have any family to step in for support? I understand her lawyer bemoans her death sentence and so do I because, as much as I condemn the crime, I think taking somebody almost retarded as prime example of punishment is taking the very easy way out of this dilemma. 

I can fully see the wicked ways of Teresa Lewis who was a Christian and as a Christian I am deeply disturbed that another Christian can commit such a murder but then she did not commit the murder was was called the head of the snake by the judge. 

There are increasingly cases popping up that involve mentally retarded or severely learning disabled adults with crimes us normal and righteous people cannot even imagine in our wildest dreams but how do we serve society by blaming those least able to know what they are doing? Aren’t we pushing the responsibility away from ourselves and onto those that do not know what they are doing? Do we really satisfy our own responsibility for our society by blaming those that cannot be blamed? 

In my view persons of such low intellect are led by others and if they are unlucky to get in contact with people who lead them into the wrong direction then their destiny is sealed. Other vulnerable people who are lucky enough to be cared for by loving and responsible adults would not commit crimes of their own accord. 

What is most frightening about that judgment is that able-minded criminals can use retarded people to commit crimes and get away with it. This isn’t just just feeling sorry for one individual, in this case Teresa Lewis but the safety of us all, when the law neglects its duty to punish those responsible for the crime. 

addition on 25-9-10. The judge used Greek mythology to justify his decision, when the Head of the Snake comes from the Medusa saga, that can be found by clicking the picture.

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