dodgy storylines

Just watched the new series of Innocent on ITV and it completed a day after I finished watching the Pact on BBC. Both stories were essentially a ‘who donnit’.

But I felt badly after watching the BBC story because it glorified the sticking together come what may as long as the family is intact. An old lady lies to police and admits to guilt just so that a pregnant girl doesn’t have to go to jail. It seemed similar to East Enders stories, which are also centred around family honour and sticking together and the family comes first, before the law and before truth and justice. Frightening to think though that police officers should have the ability to distort investigations to save their own family from prosecution as it happened in the Pact.

In contrast the Innocent had at least the truth at its centre and the guilty party was actually guilty and got arrested on suspicion of murder.

I just hate films when liars are able to conceal the truth and the police prosecute someone who admits to guilt just to have someone to stick into jail for a crime, so that the statistics even out. Like the motto: Every dead person needs a guilty person arrested and prosecuted in good time, so that the clear up rate looks good.

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