New shoes

A GP advised me some time ago to purchase an expensive pair of trainers to help my ailing tendons in my feet.

So far I’ve been diagnosed with Plantar fasciitis, tendon damage in the left knee and a funny bending right foot.

Apparently the strength of tendons around the ankle can weaken, which then makes the foot appear to slant inwards mostly when walking.

I bought myself those trainers, which fit like gloves around the foot and provide no support for ankles. They are very comfortable with soft, bendy soles and thin fabric material around the foot, but when I walk in them, my left knee and hip start to hurt after only a 3 mile walk. The softer the trainers, the stronger the pain.

I’ve now ordered myself a pair of trainers, which are much stronger made and harder in material. The sole is very rigid.

Just when I started to walk, I felt a different sensation in my right foot, the foot with the weak tendon around the ankle. It seemed quite uncomfortable on the right foot to start with but when walking along, and afterwards, I did not feel any pain in my left knee and hip.

I think that weight distribution and walking technique are responsible for the pain in my left knee because my right foot has a tendon weakness.

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